Lab Chronicles: Streaming with Rimo

Lab Chronicles: Streaming with Rimo

Refresh your browser now and then as I will probably add comments.  Your money bought more lab time to repeat the experiments.  Previous experiments found no Phosphorus but Kevin suspects that the method is not sensitive enough, even so we need to repeat the test before trying a different analysis.  Below are some tweets and  the WTYL and YouTube versions (link).   The first 5 minutes of the video is bad audio, echo and feedback but that will get sorted. Start at 5 min.

Live Lab Session – Streaming With Rimo Yoko 08/08/2022 (3:45)




Dum Dum wants Gum Gum

Dum Dum Gum Gum

This post is about Gumby Gumby and garden hacks.

This is tagged under Garden Health but includes my adventures with “bush-tucker” and my discovery of  Gumby Gumby which apparently means woman, woman in aboriginal language because the leaves were used for various female ailments.  I live ten minutes away from a shopping mall but also ten minutes from a nature reserve where I recently encountered Kangaroos.  When we go for walks we try to identify the flowers and plants. My son used a phone app that he downloaded afterwards and it Geo-located the plants.  That is worrying because it means that the app accessed the location data (after the walk) and was able to map the location to the plant.  Ingenious but also worrying. We took lots of photos on a three hour walk and among other things found a black olive tree and wild onions but the medicinal properties of Gumby Gumby interested me.  I tried the fruit before finding out if it was poisonous (which is Dum Dum) but a little taste showed it was extremely bitter. Despite its astringent taste the birds eat it so it is not poisonous just inedible but apparently the aborigines made flour from the seeds?   In any case the leaves are brewed into a tea so I picked some and will report on any experiments (if I survive).


Garden Hacks

I already do some of this.  Just poured out my coffee grounds on my onions.  I already save the plastic bottles and cut them down. My tomato seedlings (Russian Red) are growing well outside in mid winter.  I have them in hanging pots (off the ground to keep them warmer) and have put a cut down plastic bottle and cane mulch around them.



This is a great channel:


Game changer

Game changer

What Putin and China just did to the WEF is a game changer | Redacted with Clayton Morris (12 min)

It is a shame that this video ended up as an advert for gold although they are right about Precious Metals being a good hedge but unless you hold it in your hand you do not own it….and even then they can forcefully confiscate it.  As for investing in gold mines and pensions/IRAs there will be none of that.  The whole thing is coming down. However, the rest of the video is good…a big shift is happening.

Putin and Erdogan meet in Sochi, cooperation deepens amidst many disputes (26 min)

Scott Ritter: Global Recession – Failure of the West?(12 min)

There is no doubt that Israel and her backers (Rothschild) plays a big role in the shifting geopolitics but the situation is perhaps more complex than O’Connell’s analysis warrants. After-all China kicked out Soros and his ilk and Russia has curbed the power of its Jewish oligarchs and brought in rules about dual citizenship in Government.  Even Kissinger is getting cold feet about the Ukraine proxy war. So things are complicated.

148. Ukraine & Who Will Cause A Civil War & Chaos In The United States? (45 min)

Fact Check

Fact Check

Whenever anything is “Fact Checked” by Main (Lame) Stream Media you can be almost certain that it is a lie. Something so big is happening that it is changing our magnetic field but the climate is changing because cow farts.

Watch the videos in the tweets.


Magnetic Changes

Magnetic Changes

SpaceX vs The Sun, Magnetic Change, Climate Errors | S0 News Aug.7.2022 (5 min)

Current Sheet Analysis, Pre-Earthquake Signals, Space Weather | S0 News Aug.6.2022 (4 min)


Iceland Eruption Update – Lava Samples Reveal Similar Composition To Last Years Eruption (6 min)

8/06/2022 — Earthquake Update — Japan now moving below + Gulf of California hit (45 min)













Monkeypox Sores

Monkeypox Sores


“Band-Aid Your Monkeypox Sores And Come On Down!” Say Gay Fetish Festival (8 min)

China’s Taiwan Military Option

China’s Taiwan Military Option

A very good analysis.  All China has to do is sit back and blockade Taiwan.  They can deny the US access to the area.

China’s Taiwan Military Option – How and Why? (1:00)

@00:00 Intro: How the US is Trying to Prevent Reunification & Provoke a War:@00:46 NBC – War Games: The Battle for Taiwan:… @03:07 Wilson Center – Joint Communique between the United States and China (1972): https://digitalarchive.wilsoncenter.o…

@04:30 US State Department – U.S. Relations with Taiwan (2022):…

@06:17 Harvard’s Atlas of Economic Complexity – Taiwan 2019:…

@09:56 Military Review – Deterring the Dragon (2020):… Voice of America – US Nearly Doubled Military Personnel Stationed in Taiwan This Year (December 2021):


@16:37 Preparations:

@19:20 USNWC – Logistics Support for a Cross-Strait Invasion:…

@20:42 Business Insider – China’s air force has big plans for its biggest planes (Y-20):…

@22:07 RAND Corporation – War with China, Thinking Through the Unthinkable (2016):…

@23:04 RUSI – The Return of Industrial Warfare:…

@26:48 Chinese Military Operations: Overview:

@31:13 Election Study Center, National Chengchi University – Taiwan Independence vs. Unification with the Mainland(1994/12~2022/06):…

@31:54 Key Chinese Military Capabilities:

@34:31 Diplomat – Russia Completes Delivery of Second S-400 Regiment to China:…

@38:37 CSIS – How Are China’s Land-based Conventional Missile Forces Evolving?:…

@39:35 CSIS – Missiles of China:…

@46:00 Business Insider – China’s new rocket launcher system is its most powerful ever, and it’s looming over the Taiwan Strait (Type PCL-191 launcher):… @48:12 Army Recognition – First combat use of Chinese made VT4 tanks:…


@49:24 The National Interest – How One Argentine Submarine Kept The Royal Navy At Bay During The Falklands War:…

@52:14 CSIS – Are China’s Military Logistics Better Than the Russian Military’s?: Conclusions

@55:01 US National Endowment for Democracy – Taiwan’s Destiny: US NED – Taiwan Foundation for Democracy Taipei:…

@56:08 Forbes – The Countries With The Most STEM Graduates [Infographic]:…

“Taiwan Is China” | Scott Ritter on Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan (11 min)

Klaus Schwab and Sagan

Klaus Schwab and Sagan

Mark Kulacz makes another connection between 911 and the Covid Pandemic and between Moderna (Sagan) and Schwab (WEF). The common denominator is  Danny Lewin.  Did he know too much?  Was his divided allegiance a problem?

Ep 91.L : Klaus Schwab and Sagan : 911 to CV19 (23 min)