UK Column News – 27th November 2020

UK Column News – 27th November 2020



Brian Gerrish and Patrick Henningsen with today’s UK Column News.

00:37 – U.S. Election 2020


Election 2020 Live Blogroll: –

Pennsylvania Halts Count: –…

Trump Statement: –

06:09 – Ofcom Find BBC Bottom of the Impartiality Ratings


Ofcom Report: –…

GuidoFox Article: –…

08:30 – Silicon Valley ThanksGiving Weirdness


Youtube (Google – Alphabet) Unthanksgiving Thread: –

13:46 – No New Worlds


Plymouth Live Article: –…

Mayflower Day of Mourning: –…

24:05 – NHS Vaccine Agenda Driven Data Handling

32:00 – NHS Response To Accusations of Not Protecting The Most Vulnerable


NHS Article Response: –…

Times Article: –

Dr Nikki Kannani Apology: –…

39:22 – Project Fear Continues In Tiers 


Boris Johnson Press Statement: –

Nucleic Screening Paper: –

CEBM Research Article: –…

Portuguese Ruling Article: –…

48:50 – The Lancet Editor Imagines Our Futures Based Upon No Science At All


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EuroNews Article: –…

WEF Article: –…

Reuters Article: –…

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Iodine Observation: –

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54:21 – Action Conquers Fear


Secretive Task Force Article: –…

Munera Mirza Wiki Profile: –

56:02 – Identity Politics Policing


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Kevin Hurley Tweet: – 

58:40 – History Revisionism Based Upon Identity Politics


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Intersectionality Described: –…

Is the Church Following in Footsteps of Nazi Germany?

Is the Church Following in Footsteps of Nazi Germany?

This is a warning that all Christians need to heed irrespective of your denomination.  This is following a similar game plan as we saw in Nazi Germany.  Christians are being played and are being obedient to the Government rather than Christ. They will make Christians turn on each other like they did in the past.  Those who are not submissive and obedient will be portrayed as reckless criminals, selfish or conspiracy theorists.  They will be treated like criminals and unenlightened Christians will also turn on them.  As the apostle Paul said…we are aware of Satan’s devices.  Now is the time to stand up and speak out.  When they open up the quarantine camps it will be too late.  If anyone does not understand this is a hoax let them ask God for wisdom.








Is the Church Following in Footsteps of Nazi Germany?

Dutch Warning

Dutch Warning

11/28/2020 — Massive 50,000ft. high Volcanic blast DIRECTLY @ TODAYS WARNED AREA – Lewotolo Volcano

A seismic warning was issued for the area around Lewotolo Volcano on November 28, 2020 for potential very large activity. See the warning which was issued earlier here about 6min into the video:…

See video of the blast here:…

Now today, November 29, 2020 (international time in Indonesia) a very large 50,000 ( FL500 ) volcanic blast has occurred from Lewotolo volcano. This is a direct hit in the middle of the area where the warning was given.


11/28/2020 — Whole plates shifting in one days time — Major seismic unrest due next several days

The spread of seismic activity is undeniable, and can be seen over a 24-48 hour time period perfectly lining the whole series of plate boundaries West and East of the Pacific ( as a whole ).

The deep earthquake event has displaced the Pacific as well as adjacent plates West and East (Australia to India and Central to South America).

Large activity due between current sets of quakes .. magnitudes should reach above 6.0 in several locations with at least one M7.0 likely due in the middle of the whole region to the West of Fiji reaching to Indonesia where the new volcano just erupted (Lewotolo volcano)..







Trump purge

Trump purge

Trump team removes members of Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board, including Kissinger, Albright.  The purge was done quietly earlier this week, on the eve of Thanksgiving.

Eleven members of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board have been abruptly booted by the outgoing Trump administration, according to a new report.







Iranian Assassination

Iranian Assassination

#IRGC affiliated Telegram Channels are reporting that #Iran|ian Nuclear Scientist Mohsen Fakhri Zade has died due to an assassination in Absard, Damavand County, #Tehran. Reports are unconfirmed at this moment in time.

The Middle East is About to Up in Smoke

The Middle East is About to Up in Smoke


Very interesting Intel and some prophetic points but as Steve himself says much of it has already been fulfilled (and we need to contextualize correctly).  Never the less, we are dealing with repeat patterns. As Mark Twain famously said…. History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.


In case you missed the video link:

Story Links:

Turning the Tide

Turning the Tide

The tide seems to be turning against the globalist fear mongers and propagandists.  The truth is still getting out there. There is no room for complacency because we are at the most dangerous point.  They will throw everything at it now.

The Test

Just a few points.  The PCR test is being challenged: Dr. Pieter Borger will be submitting a Retraction Paper regarding the Covid PCR test to various medical journals worldwide. Dr. Borger, together with several other prominent scientists analyzed the so-called Drosten paper [1]. The Drosten paper forms the basis for the current PCR testing policy in the Netherlands and many other countries world-wide. Dr. P. Borger has discovered several gross errors in the paper [2]. Furthermore, there is nothing that indicates the Drosten paper has been read critically by other scientists to determine what has been written is correct (peer review). An essential step in publishing an article correctly. The way in which the PCR tests are now executed means that the reliability of the test result is almost NIHIL. Many results are false positives: A positive result when this is actually not the case. The consequences are substantial. With the retraction paper (now co-signed by some 20 fellow scientists from various countries) Borger wants to ensure that the Drosten paper is withdrawn. This would question the test policy completely. [1] [2] For a detailed explanation see:

 John Hopkins publishes then retracts the truth

I came across this today.  It was withdrawn (hidden) by John Hopkins but I managed to get a copy on the wayback machine and convert it into a PDF.  Sent it to John Cullen for further analysis.

Note this…from their official statistician.  John Hopkins News Letter:

…..not only has COVID-19 had no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people, but it has also not increased the total number of deaths.

Their lies are falling apart as we speak but I know what they will do next.  We are going to get blackouts and the internet down.


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Asymptomatic Spread

One by one every single prop around which they built their  whole edifice of lies is disintegrating.



Covid concentration camps

The Vaccines


Eugenics = Murders

The Mockery


Dutch earthquake update

Dutch earthquake update

11/25/2020 — New M6.0+ earthquakes develop — Deep EQ unrest underway = HAVE A PLAN                        Nov 25, 2020


🦃🦃Tap on the blue timestamp to be instantly directed to the portion of the video you wish to see. I recommend watching the entire video as I do not timestamp everything and could miss something important.

1:40 “D” Deep earthquakes explained & locations

4:10 🎯M6.0 ✔ 4:18 /14:30/ 1:27:30 Plate boundary map 🗺 (path of earthquakes)

6:00 Mt Krakatau

6:11 Mt. Sinabung 🌋

6:22 / 1:10:05 Volcanos 🌋

7:35 M5.5 7:58 Guam 🇬🇺 region 🎯M5.5 ✔

8:00 /1:30:10 Japan 🇯🇵🎯 M5.5 ✔

9:00 ⚠️⚠️⚠️

8:44 Africa 🇿🇦

9:08 Gulf of Aden

9:17 Iran 🇮🇷

10:14 ⚠️🦃Turkey 🇹🇷

10:16 ⚠️ Crete 🇬🇷

11:05 Romania 🇷🇴, Poland 🇵🇱, Italy 🇮🇹

11:42 France 🇫🇷

12:15 Switzerland 🇨🇭

13:00 Europe 🇪🇺

13:50 ⚠️Chile 🇨🇱 off the coast

14:22 Antarctica 🥶

14:50 South Sandwich 🥪 Islands

15:01 Argentina 🇦🇷

15:50 ⚠️⚠️🎯

16:05 Central America

18:30 Cayman 🇰🇾 🎯✔

19:00 ⚠️Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

20:00 “U’ve been schooled”💡lesson of the day. “Terremoto warning”

20:30 Canada 🇨🇦

24:44 🇺🇸

25:00 Pacific Northwest

25:30/ 55:44 🐌 slip map 🗺

26:33 Juan de Fuca fracture Zone

31:44 Oregon hot spots 🔥

36:38 💣 🤔

37:44 🍒 pick 😅 Mt. Rainier 🗻

39:24 Yellowstone 🐻

47:34 California

55:44⚠️⚠️🎯M6.0 increase?

56:44 Cali/ Nevada

1:12:29 ⚠️⚠️⚠️on Nov 29th(my🎂)😱

1:13:05 LA 🎯✔ (during broadcast)

1:19:00 “U’ve been schooled” 💡 2nd lesson of the day “slow 🐌 slip”

1:23:50 North American Craton edge

1:24:00 Texas

1:26:44/ 1:28:11Oklahoma

1:26:51/ 1:29:10 Tennessee

1:27:38 Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬 🎯✔M5.3 – M5.5

1:29:45 power🔋 lines ⚡/🎯

1:33:33 Forecasting/fulcrum points

1:39:20 Have an EQ plan 😳 Please 👍 Subscribe Share ↪ Have a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving 🦃




UK Column News – 25th November 2020

UK Column News – 25th November 2020


Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s UK Column News.

00:21 – Rishi Sunak Spending Review


ONS Net Borrowing Figures: –…

01:57 – The UK Government Censorship and Disinformation Creation Operation


Laura Dodsworth Thread: –

Thread Reader Link: –

Damian Collins Statement: –

Carl Heneghan Tweet: –

Spectator Article: –

Eatern Partnership Conference 2017: –…

MIP Ukraine: –

DisInfoLab Conference: – 

Stratcom Event 2018 Workshop 3B: –

UK Column Integrity Initiative: –

Integrity Initiative Statement: –…

Theresa May Statement to the World Economic Forum: –

Matt Hancock Statement: –…

Matt Hancock Statement 2: –

Andrew Parker Speech: –…

UK Council for Internet Safety Working Group: –…

The Rapid Response Unit: –…

Oliver Dowden Statement: –

HUT Eighteen: –…

Not Led By Science: –

30:47 – Charles Walker Point of Order on Brave Arrest of 78 Year Old Lawful Protester

34:42 – Only the People Can Be Violent


Lord Walney Appointment: –…

Spi-B Threats: –…

38:09 – German Police State Emerges


Dr Gauland Address: –

UK Column Tweet: –

The Final Days: –

42:54 – NHS Alarming Flu Vaccine Fake Scarcity Demands


NHS Informed Consent Policy: –

Dr Nikki Kanani NHS Profile: –

Kings Fund General Advisory Council: –

Kings Fund Who We Are: –

Kings Fun Corporate Partners: –

Richard Murray Profile: –

Kings Fund 2019 Annual Report: –…

Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan Tweet: –

57:30 – Intersectionality


Wikipedia Version: –

Guardian Article: –…

NY Times Article 001: –

NY Times Article 002: –

UKC One World Governance Articles: –