House of Cards

House of Cards


Former BlackRock Portfolio Manager, Edward Dowd, gives Del an explosive financial perspective about everything from why he believes Pfizer and Moderna committed fraud during their clinical trials, to the dam that is breaking on the concealment of covid vaccine injuries and deaths.


It is only a matter of time before it all comes tumbling down. This is the biggest crime in history and has already killed and maimed thousands and I don’t care whether you blame it on Covid or on the vaccines (transfections).  The same people who were behind Covid are also behind the vaccines.  There will be a reckoning.  The next few years will see many more injuries.



This is really very good.  Canada was meant to be a test-bed but they jumped the shark and woke people up instead.  I have started to connect more dots. Mark Carney was the governor of the Bank of England from 2013 to 2020 but before that he served as the governor of the Bank of Canada from 2008 to 2013. He is a real tool who more or less said that business that would not comply with the Carbon Zero would be punished.  We are starting to see their ugly faces now.

Mark Joseph Carney OC (born 16 March 1965) is a Canadian economist and banker who served as the governor of the Bank of Canada from 2008 to 2013 and the governor of the Bank of England from 2013 to 2020. His wife Diana Fox Carney is an advisor to various companies working to accelerate the world’s transition to net zero greenhouse gases. She sits of the Advisory Board of growth equity fund, BeyondNetZero, and Canadian ag-tech company, Terramera.  They are all globalist pukes.  You will own nothing (and freeze).

Look at the Central Bank advert for digital where he says, “Highly regulated and trusted” that gave me a belly laugh.  They are crime syndicates.

Trudeau, Freeland Upset World Economic Forum Plans For A Digital ID In Canada! Ends Emergency Act!!! (24 min)

The Trudeau Government woke us all up to the fact that your assets are not safe from seizure without Due Process. This has really upset the WEF who wanted to slip in a Digital ID. No thanks you Globalist shill! Article plus Links.

MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: Expect This New “CRISIS” To Be Drawn-Out, Milked For ALL Its Worth. Mannarino (17 min)

Another cracking video by Greg

TURKEY – Collapse Imminent as Foreign Currency, Electricity & Gas All RUN OUT & Businesses Shut Down (23 min)

In this video I explain why the Crisis in Turkey has become much worse over the past few days and why the economy is now on the BRINK OF COLLAPSE. President Erdogan has just announced that the GAS supply problems may last for another 15 days. Turkish industry is already on its knees and this could be the last straw. INFLATION is now above 50%, Turkish LIRA is under pressure and Turkey is running out of FOREIGN CURRENCY which it needs to buy GAS to keep the country supplied with ELECTRICITY. Turkey is fast running out of road.... Thanks for watching and please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. If you like this video and are would like to buy me a coffee please click the link below. THANK YOU it is very much appreciated. Chapters: 
  • 0:00 Intro
  • 19:42 Summary & Conclusion

(Starvation Cycle) Real Reason Global Events Are Happening (10 min)

Money is only good for buying food.  Once the food runs out the chaos starts.  I have been warning (as have others) that the hunger games are about to start.  They are using food as a weapon just as they used the virus as a weapon. They are leveraging the coming natural changes and front running them.  These people disgust me.

As our world entered a fertilizer and herbicide shortage that would have reduced global agricultural yield by 12% in 2022, you would need to couple that with losses from shifting jet streams from this Grand Solar Minimum. Now suddenly energy prices are running sky high and so many events are playing out to explain away global food shortages from now through 2024. The events in Europe are just the beginning. 

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This is getting weird’: GTA to see record-high gas price of $1.60/L by Sunday… The 10 Public Companies With the Biggest Bitcoin Portfolios… Chip Delivery Times Hit Record As Shortage Worsens… How Winter Fashion Has Changed in 100 Years (PHOTOS)… Biden Admin To Regulate Bitcoin ‘As A Matter Of National Security… Largest-ever power cuts hit Turkey’s industrial production: Report… ECB Urges Haste on Crypto Regulation in Wake of Russian Sanctions…

Gigaohm Biological (27 Feb)

Gigaohm Biological (27 Feb)

Show starts at above 5 min and is worthwhile listening to Johnathan talking about his personal situation while the show is being set up.   At one point in the show Johnathan gets very emotional when someone posts in the chat that Bret Weinstein mentioned Jonathan on his popular show (Bret and Heather 116th DarkHorse Podcast Livestream: Selling out the West). So it was actually Bret who commented in the last show. He served as a professor of biology at Evergreen State College and is a podcaster and author he is among the people referred to collectively as the intellectual dark web.  Bret is one of the good guys who spoke out and it is great that Johnathan should get some recognition after losing his job and only having the support of his wife.  Let us hope that more traffic is sent Johnathan’s way. The video is divided into roughly four sections:

  1. Where are we at?
  2. The Firehose
  3. Transfection by LNP
  4. Orthornavirae

The important section for me was the mention of MSH3 Homology and Potential Recombination Link to SARS-CoV-2 Furin Cleavage Site at 53 minutes followed by the clip with Moderna CEO Steven Bancel on a News program suggesting that [Covid/FCS]  could have been a mistake (lolz)..they had a patent we warned from the very start that the virus did not have natural origins.   This was no accident.  That is like saying the twin towers were an accident.

Johnathan looks at this article A monoclonal antibody against staphylococcal enterotoxin B superantigen inhibits SARS-CoV2 entry in vitro In which they recently discovered a superantigen-like motif, similar to Staphylococcal enterotoxin B (SEB), near the S1/S2 cleavage site of SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein. And at approx 1:07 he discusses Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line which demonstrate what was said from the beginning, namely that it can enter the nucleus and change DNA. In other words it is gene therapy.

Reminder: the videos only stay up on Twitch for about six weeks but this channel tends to mirror them:

Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Stream: Weekly Wrap Up and Firehose (1:41)

Clown show

Clown show

Let me introduce you to the chief clown Jewish comedian and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. I don’t know who this guy is but I enjoyed his video:

THIS ISN’T NORMAL! “What Is The Truth?!” Why is the Media Glorifying This Crisis? (20 min)

Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box


It looks like George Webb is Co-Intel. I did my own investigation and sent him this tweet (so far no answer):

Here is a video but it has no CC or translation but the articles are all in English and the links are under the video (just select watch on YouTube)


This video is a shocker and someone like Mark from Housatonic needs to do more digging.  In this video George Webb suggest that the Russians were conducting an Operation Sea Spray before the fall of the Soviet Union (the Americans tried something similar on San Fransisco in the 50s and 60s see here: )  This leads to UP8 (Ukraine Program 8) in combination with Fort Detrick.

At 10:25-  "We also have information that Peter Daszak father may have been involved in this Operation Sea Spray .....when it was a Russian operation before the fall of the Soviet Union there was a natural desire to spray some of the people in key places Turkey in the Dardanelles and Turkey in the Bosporus but not kill the good guys at that time which were the Ukrainians and Russians.So it is thought that Peter Daszak's father could have slipped straight over into...after the fall of the Soviet Union and became the head guy for this program.That would explain a lot why Peter Daszak says it came from a bat a not from my dad.


Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF)

So that made me look up CCHF.The disease was first characterized in the Crimea in 1944 and given the name Crimean hemorrhagic fever. It was then later recognized in 1969 as the cause of illness in the Congo, thus resulting in the current name of the disease.

TPC #719: George Webb (Ukrainian-US Bio Labs) -1:32

1:22 – WW1 was all about banking interests

A funny old war

A funny old war


If you think the next meme is a joke look at the NATO diversity policy. I bet the Russian spetsnaz are terrified. We are facing nuclear annihilation and death by Covid and the heads of NATO are meeting to discuss transgender bathrooms.   Putting the DIE back in diversity. (lolz)  Might as well wave the white flag already. The cultural Marxists have completed their long march through the institutions.  Nobody finds it strange.  I hope they paint rainbows on their gay bombs. See if you can spot the guy with the gay dog tag around his neck (lolz).  What happened to the West.

Now the same people who gaslighted and shamed us about covid are making jokes about it.  They are trying to walk it back.  Pretending they were on our side all along. Now we have a war to distract us and take all the blame.  People have the attention span of a gnat.   Not going to happen.  There will be a reckoning.

Who are the good guys?

Who are the good guys?

The answer to that is simple. None of them are good guys and both sides are showing you propaganda.


Of course, the West is innocent and is only fighting for democracy and has no blame at all:

So fundamentally, we have to ask why our elites hate Russia. As noted in my 2014 article, a major reason — and indeed by far the most important reason at this point — is Russia’s foreign policy in the Middle East in support of Iran and Syria (where Russia’s support turned the tide in favor of the Assad government against the U.S.- and Israel-backed rebels). A Russian defeat in Ukraine would dramatically change the balance of power in the Middle East in favor of Israel and its client state, the U.S..

“Russia and the PRC also want a world order,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said Wednesday. “But this is an order that is and would be profoundly illiberal. … It is an order that is, in many ways, destructive rather than additive.” (emphasis in original)

Cited from the tweeted article below (recommended):


Both sides use propaganda as a tool to sway public opinion.  Remember Julian Assange?  He said that they need to lie to the public because most people do not want to go to war.  Do you think ordinary people want their loved ones killed and their property destroyed?  Assange rightly came out and accused the media and journalist of war crimes. They have blood on their hands because of their lying.  They need to ferment outrage and anxiety so that people will kill each other.

The first casualty of war is truth.  The whole process is driven by disinformation on both sides.  There are no good guys. And behind all the death, all the personal ambition and expansionism, the dreams of grandeur are the fat bankers and degenerate arms dealers making blood money.

Here a report from channel 4 (UK).    I have no doubt ordinary Ukrainians are being egged on and being used as pawns in the great game.   I hear Germany’s defense budget just got an enormous boost.   Cold War 2.0 here we come.  The money printing and debt can now be ramped up.  The bankers and arms dealers are rubbing their hands.  Remember believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see.  Your real enemy are the bankers, the elites and their media.   They love war.  It is good for business.


Tsar Wars

Tsar Wars

Well that was a play on Sars, Tsar and Star Wars because this stream has a bit of everything.  A 6:11 hour stream covering Sars, science, the Ukraine and blood work by Dr Richard Fleming who is repeating and confirming the work done by Kevin. We can see a clot forming mechanism and the de-saturation of the heme. It may well be the LNP is entering the blood cell and causing the hemoglobin to loose iron. In any case the effect is visible and should not be happening.  The stream starts with Kevin showing us the shed he is building which will be used as a laboratory for doing independent analysis. Kevin has also (with the help of others) built a streaming and video platform to go alongside the Discord server. This is necessary because of the increasing censorship and labeling of any free speech or “wrong think” as terrorism. The platform is here. It is all self-funded so if you can support the work with a donation.

The Dojo only has a few linked time stamps

I have some more here but they are only rough times and they are not linked:

37:00 Putin Covid Zombie
40:00 Grain ships hit in the black sea
46:00 Ukrainian Bio labs
54:00  Science: vaccine uptake by liver (see Dojo link above)
1:19 White blood cell count drops
1:30 Vaccine investigation Dr Fleming
2:04 Chat etc
2:20 Diversity NATO (lolz)
2:32 New Platform:
2:33 Chat and war footage
2:39 A lesser war
2:50 Discord censorship policy
2:55 More war footage
3:03 Dr Flemming
3:10 Kyiv more war footage
3:20 Bio-labs
3:21 Historical footage Tet offensive
3:31 Budo -Khazar chat clips etc
3:42 Dead soldiers (Ukrainian?)
3:52 Taiwan
3:55 Russian invasion maps of Ukraine bio weapons
3:56 Dilyana Gaytandzhieva bio labs
3:59 war
4:12 phantom honking
4:30 Experiment de oxygenating blood and chat etc



Dilyana Gaytandzhieva

These labs are co-run by Fauci’s EcoHealth Alliance and rumor is Russia’s entire military operation right now is unofficially to either secure and/or destroy these labs and gather evidence.

Bio-labs resources

Are US-run biological labs in Ukraine one of the reasons behind Russia invasion? Read how Russian govt had raised ‘bioweapons’ alarm
Feb 25, 2022

Research reveals new details about US biolabs in Georgia and Ukraine
Jan 27, 2021
Alternative link:

Ukrainians ask themselves what biolabs supervised by the US Department of Defense might be doing in Ukraine
Apr 23, 2020

On April 23rd the US Embassy in Ukraine acknowledged that there are biological laboratories in Ukraine that are under the control of the Pentagon.

The statement of diplomats came after an open letter from people’s deputies about the threats posed by these research centers to Ukrainians.

Biothreat from US on the Rise
Jun 03, 2020

He added that 15 laboratories had been established in Ukraine since the so-called Orange Revolution in 2005.

Putin is now being portrayed as anti-globalist in the same way as his best buddy Trump is anti-globalist.  Are you picking up what I am putting down? The moral of the story is be very careful.

Many countries are blocking Russia Today because it is propaganda (which it is) becaue the West, on the other hand, always tells the truth.

Direct link (you may need VPN).

Catherine Austin Fitts

Catherine Austin Fitts

Former Assistant HUD Secretary and Wall Street Dillon Read & Co. Partner Catherine Austin Fitts returns to the Dark Journalist show and reveals how the Central Bankers and the Deep State have implemented a worldwide surveillance and transaction tracking infrastructure to harvest humanity physically, financially and spiritually. Catherine sees this as a time to choose between freedom and tyranny and suggests we have a limited time to restore the Constitution and Rule of Law.

Dark Journalist & Catherine Austin Fitts: It’s Happening Now! Global Control Coup (1 hour)


TURKEY – UKRAINE Crisis Accelerates COLLAPSE in Turkey. LIRA Falls 5% and INFLATION now above 50% (22 min).

When news of the Russian invasion of UKRAINE broke the TURKISH LIRA fell 5% and the exchange rate against the US DOLLAR fell to 14.6 to 1. Turkey is highly dependent on Russian NATURAL GAS but there are also a variety of other issues that will impact upon the Turkish Economy. In this video I review all of the issues affecting Turkey and asses the likely impact of this conflict on Turkey. For more details check out the list of Chapters below. Thanks for watching and please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. If you like this video and are would like to buy me a coffee please click the link below. THANK YOU it is very much appreciated. Chapters:


I like Catherine Austin Fitts and she talks a lot of sense.  It is quite clear that the financial system is on the brink of collapse and about to be replaced with something.  We know that a digital bock chain currency has been planned for decades.  We also know that many people are pushing to get away from a debt based system and they want sound money. All the problems that we are seeing (virus,climate agenda, war) are related to two things:

  1. Financial system
  2. Incoming catastrophic physical changes

They need to secure and reduce the populations before this happens otherwise they loose their power. Everything that you see now (including geoengineering) has been done to achieve this end. Now these people are not stupid and they have run the financial system for 500 years.  You don’t think they plan decades ahead?    You don’t think that they know that huge physical changes are incoming?  They control everything.  They even control the opposition.  Do you think these people do not understand that such vast changes cannot be made unless they are accepted by the public?  You cannot force your will on 8 billion people. They have to chose it as the lesser of two evils.   So they offer you something unacceptable and then they offer the solution.  It is called the Hegelian Dialectic.  Like they  say, “we will change your behavior and you won’t even know it.”    Frightened people make bad choices.

Is Catherine Austin Fitts controlled?   Are they all controlled? Perhaps.  More likely that their opposition is genuine and is being indirectly promoted to further the banker agenda. They now use A.I. to measure and qualify the public social responses and they can direct policy accordingly.  Call me cynical but they will get you where they want you and you will think it was your idea all along (lolz).  Place your faith in God any other substitute is false hope,


Intel report or Q?

Intel report or Q?

Now we know (or we all should know by now) that much of the Patriot Intel is based on Q psyop information and that all sides are owned and run by the bankers.  Nevertheless, there is some truth because you cannot build a credible position without having at least some truth at the core.  This video is correct with its assessment of the Ukraine which is a  deep state swamp. The video mentions NESARA and GESARA which are the National and Global versions of  Global Economic Security and Reform Act  which is basically about going back to a gold backed currency and reforming taxation etc.  In other words a new financial system.  Trump is supposedly using NESARA / GESARA to stop New World Order! US Government corruption, COVID19 and China’s masterplan in investment & ownership of a vast number of Corporations, Investment & Real estate companies in order to control-takeover the US.  Now you can guarantee that whatever happens has been planned by the bankers. Do I trust Trump?  No.  Are we going to get a gold backed currency?   If such a thing is introduced it will be combined with a digital blockchain currency and the bankers will have achieved their goal via a different route with all the “patriots” cheering “sound money”.   Here is a bit of advice:  They will never level the playing field and they will never let the currency be controlled by the people.  

So, the video is here as a source of information.  It is good to know how all sides are thinking.  Watch it critically and take away what you need.



Putin Orders ‘Demilitarisation & De-Nazification of Ukraine’ (1 min)