US Agit Prop

US Agit Prop

I have not watched this three hour stream yet (starts at 13 min) and I have embedded it from the new “We talk you listen”  platform.  So we will see how the new platform works. It is a streaming and chat platform without censorship.  The only rule is no porn.   This is the real deal and no holds-barred so you can say what you want but be prepared to defend it. You can also stream yourself from this platform (contact Kevin).  You have to join via Discord or via an email to the Dojo.    Boxcast will soon be gone as will all the videos that I embedded from that platform but they can still be found on the Dojo. So join the new platform and fight for free speech before they shut everything down.


Mendacious US Agit Prop for War Against Russia, Bog Brush Wilson’s War Also Going Badly (3 hrs)

Filthy,rotten Liars

Notification: Filthy, rotten liars

YouTube and others are trying very, very hard to remove and /or suppress

the video by JC and Mat and Rixey.


Here is the Bitchute version in case you have not seen it. We will also be putting it on other platforms and Dr Kevin McCairn is busy building new infrastructure.  We will not be silenced and we will not go quietly into that long dark night.

Defense Medical Epidemiological Database Story with Charles H. Rixey Gigaohm Biological




These are interesting videos.  Just parking them here to watch later:


129. Ukraine Pre-Planning | United States Of Europe | How To Fight The WEF 4th Industrial Revolution (1:18)

130. Ukraine, Secret Service Scandal, 911 & The Dancing Israeli’s (1:46)

Are Sanctions on Russia Working?

Are Sanctions on Russia Working? (19 min)

I bring you two different views.  In my opinion Russia will suffer (obviously) but they are tough people used to deprivations.  On the other hand the West has become self-indulgent trannie soy-boys.  As the saying goes…weak men make hard times…hard times make strong men …and so the cycle repeats.

Whatever the case this will hasten the multi-polar world and I believe Russia is more resilient than Europe.  Food is the most important thing as is energy…the rest is non-essential.   Russia has both and can therefore meet the needs of it’s people.

Now for the opposing view:

RUSSIA – SANCTIONS are DESTROYING Russian Economy. Economic & Technology RECESSION, INFLATION Soars (27 min)

Pure blood or mad cow?

Pure blood or mad cow?

Hold the line and watch the narrative crumble.

If you ask me the whole mad-cow thing is suspect…  they have been messing with biology for decades. Scum.




The Minster of Truth

The Minster of Truth

The Biden administration has appointed a new minster of truth Nina Jankowicz to root out disinformation.  Can’t find out much about her ancestry and personal details, except for the fact that she is 33 years old was a Fulbright fellow in Kyiv, working with the foreign ministry of Ukraine.

She is so proud of her ancestry that she keeps it private but I am calling it….another Ashkenazim Jew helping Biden cover up the crimes in Ukraine. This is what I found on her Twitter thread:

She is obviously unhinged

These clowns are not funny they are dangerous (and can’t sing either)

The Modern Day Ministry Of Truth With Alicia Powe (10 min)

You can’t kill the Truth…it is indestructible. As a Jew she should know that you can’t bury the truth:

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me". (John 14:6)


Chemical Warfare

Chemical Warfare

I held back on posting this out of respect for Mark and his loss but I have seen it posted elsewhere and I gather that Mark wants the message to  get out.   Thousand are dying from drug -overdoses in the USA.  I believe that more have died from fentanyl than from covid. Fentanyl is a potent synthetic opioid, which, similar to morphine, produces analgesia but to a greater extent. 

Mark wears gloves and a mask to protect himself from the  sample he has because fentanyl is extremely potent and can be absorbed through the skin or breathed in. Someone who has never used it before can be incapacitated or killed just by breathing in some “dust”.  I saw a video of a policeman faint and go into cardiac arrest at a traffic stop (because he breathed in fentanyl). His colleague had to administer Naloxone.  It has become the scourge of America.   Both Michael Jackson and Prince died from fentanyl overdoses.

China is the number one supplier of fentanyl to the United States. China is also the main supplier to Canada and Mexico. Cartels in the latter usually then smuggle it into the United States.  China’s revenge for the Opium Wars?   They have long memories.  Empires clash and psychopathic megalomaniacs want to rule and they don’t care how many lives they ruin along the way. Ordinary people always suffer…whether they are American or Chinese.

I am so sorry for your loss Mark.  I hope your message helps others.

Real vs fake OxyContin – The fentanyl that killed my child (18 min)


"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." (Rev 21:4)