A review: On Earth as it is in heaven

A review: On Earth as it is in heaven

This is a review of the video On Earth as it is in Heaven  which presents a postmillennial view of eschatology. The video is highly recommended whatever flavor of Christianity you profess. It is thoughtful, historically enlightening and will provoke you to examine eschatology critically which is something you should be doing anyway. This is the kind of definition that is usually given for postmillennialism:

In Christian eschatology (end-times theology), postmillennialism, or postmillenarianism, is an interpretation of chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation which sees Christ's second coming as occurring after (Latin post-) the "Millennium", a Golden Age in which Christian ethics prosper.

There are many beliefs held regarding the millennium, the rapture the tribulation etc. and supposedly they all come from the Bible (lolz).














If anything, this should tell us to cast aside dogma and take a more nuanced approach and a systematic (holistic) approach. For example, the “Kingdom” was typologically portrayed in the OT as the nation of Israel. It was a theocracy with Yahweh as King and with a human monarch appointed as the earthly divine representative. In this Israel was the “same” as the surrounding nations like Egypt who had a divine (god)-king in the institution of the Pharaoh’s (elohim/ruler-judge). The people of Israel rejected Yahweh as King just as in the time of Christ when they declared “We have no King but Caesar” (John 19:15). They wanted to be like the other nations (1 Sam 8:20) and after a period that saw the rise of tribal Judges (Ruth 1:1), they selected a monarch with the divine warning ringing in their ears that this would result in the abuse of power (I Sam 8: 10-22). The establishment of dynastic aristocracies always leads to corruption. Monarchy is probably the oldest form of government on earth and all monarchs claim divine authority to rule in the name of their “god(s)”.

From its very beginnings in the wilderness the nation had rebelled and apostatized against the rule of God and his in-dwelling tabernacling presence among them (Exod 32:1-6). They rejected his Kingship and Yahweh compromised by allowing them a human monarch. The monarch chosen by God to reflect the people’s desires (1 Sam 9:1-2) was a failure and Saul was replaced by David in whom the covenant promises vouched safe to Abraham concerning a messianic heir were invested. David was promised not just a dynasty, but a son who would rule forever (2 Sam 7:12–17).

The Temple

David functioned as a king-priest in a Melchizedek role, and he wished to restore worship and centralize the cult in Jerusalem.  On his own initiative he decided to build a house (temple) for God because all the other gods of the nations had temples didn’t, they?   Why should the God of Israel live in a nomadic tent?   The answer that David received via the prophet Nathan was that God did not want a temple and was perfectly happy with a tent (2 Sam.7:6–7). A tent is a temporal dwelling place that can be deconstructed and erected once the destination is reached. [1]  Nevertheless, Yahweh conceded with David’s desire to build a temple (just like he compromised with the desire of the people to have a human monarch), however, Yahweh turned the temple building project on its head and basically told David….so, you are going to build a house for me?   Nope…I am going to build a house (temple/dynasty) for you. I will give you a son who will sit on the throne forever (2 Sam 7:13).  The Temple of God becomes an individual in which the Spirit of God dwells.  The Temple is Jesus Christ who referred to himself as the temple (John 2:19) and whatever your understanding of the millennium might be, the millennial temple is Jesus Christ the Davidide (Rev. 21:22).   The church becomes an extension of his body and therefore the saints become the building blocks and pillars of the temple (1 Cor. 3:16–17). John sees a temple-city (the New Jerusalem) consisting of people descending from heaven to earth (Rev.21:2).  A temple-city that not only has twelve apostolic foundations but twelve tribal gates (Rev 21:14-15).  It is the perfect merging of the old covenant and the new covenants.

When David’s son Solomon built the temple the stones where hewed and shaped to size away from the building location (1 kings 6:7).  When ready the stones were transported to the build location and slotted together in a perfect fit.  Likewise, the saints are being chipped and shaped off-site and prepared to slot together when the final temple-city is revealed.

A literal temple

To build a literal temple now and re-commence animal blood-sacrifice would be an abomination to God.  It would be like a dog going back to lick up its vomit (2 Pet.2:22). We already have a memorial (a better covenant, Heb.12:24).  To understand the vision of Ezekiel’s temple as a “millennial temple” is a complete misreading of temple theology.  The vision vouched safe to Ezekiel was meant to make them ashamed and spur them on to build a magnificent post-exile temple. Instead (after much cajoling) they built Zerubbabel’s temple (causing the old men to weep for the former glory, Ezra 3:12). Zerubbabel’s temple was later upgraded by the Edomite Herod and turned by the priestly sons of Zadok (Sadoc Ezek 48:11) of Ezekiel’s vision (the later Sadducee priests in Christ’s days) into a corrupt money-making machine.  So much for the faithful Zadokites and the Jewish (Edomite) temple.  Even so, Jesus still considered the temple as his Father’s house (John 2:16) while recognizing that he would replace the temple (John 4:21). To sum up, the video is correct.  There will be no reintroduction of temple-worship and animal sacrifice.


The Church

The Church triumphant consists of one fold and one shepherd (John 10:16) without distinction between Jew and Gentile for all who do the “works of Abraham” are his children (John 8:39). Abraham was able to keep the whole law before it even was given (Gen 26:5) because he believed that God would keep his covenant despite Yahweh asking him to do the one thing that would destroy the promise – kill the precious seed (Gen 22:2).  The works of Abraham are therefore not the keeping of the law (works of the law) they are the works of faith.  In other words, all the law and prophets are fulfilled by faith in Christ. Abraham had faith in the character, trustworthiness, and mercy of God.  He was willing to put everything on the line. He was obedient but it was not blind obedience.  His faithfulness was counted as righteousness (Gen 15:6).

There is then no replacement of Israel by the church because the Church Triumphant is and always was Israel.  There will be no more Zionist-state and there will be no more Jerusalem.  Instead, there is the New Jerusalem (the city of the Great King). The old things have passed away because God makes all things new (Rev. 21:5).  You do not put new wine in old skins (Matt 9:17).  Similarly, the New Covenant (Jer 31:33) had new wine (1 Cor 11:25) making the old obsolete (Heb 8:7-9).

You do not resurrect a failed, rebellious nation-sate and an obsolete system of worship (which was meant to fulfil a pedagogical function) which taught the Jews nothing but instead highlighted their carnality and self-righteousness. If animal-sacrifice did not bring them to Christ it was pointless.  Will there be a Jewish presence in the land?  Of course, there will be.  There will be a Jewish monarch and there will be descendants of natural descendants of Abraham and spiritual descendants of Abraham. Abraham becomes the father of the faithful (Rom 4:16). The video rightly points to Romans 11 and the relationship between Jew and Gentile and the conversion of the Jews being a pivotal moment.[2] However, before conversion comes repentance. When the threat becomes existential, some (not all) will recognize Christ as the Messiah.

Repeat Patterns

The mess that Christians make of eschatology is a failure to distinguish between the “already here/not yet”.   The kingdom of God is “already here” it is “among you” it is “within” it is a mustard seed that grows into a great tree (Matt 13:31-32), a stone that grows to fill the whole earth (Dan 2:35).   It is therefore a process.   However, the Kingdom of God is “not yet” because we are still awaiting the return of the King.  Does Jesus already reign?  Of course, he sits on the throne already, he already has been given the gentiles as his inheritance (Ps 2:8).   In the first century it was Jesus that opened the seals (Rev 5:2) which brought the persecutions, martyrdoms and fall of Jerusalem.  The assurance the the saints was that no matter what happened Jesus was in control.

So, the Kingdom of God should be considered punctuated equilibrium. The normal stasis is broken when the sovereignty of God shatters the course of history and is openly revealed as it was in the Christ event.  That was the in-breaking of the kingdom of God into the domain of man’s rule. It only lasted 3.5 years but was a world changing event.  The citizens of the kingdom are being selected and shaped in the present time. Chipped and polished as temple stones ready to be assembled when the trump sounds.

The Apocalypse, indeed, the whole of scripture is repeat patterns.  The Olivet prophecy is directed at the events of AD 70 and elements of Olivet are repeated in the Apocalyptic seals because they are foretelling the same event.  Does that mean that it is all already fulfilled?  Certainly not.  Once again interpreters fall into the “already/not yet” trap failing to distinguish between primary and secondary meanings and the recursive nature of the patterns.  The Apocalypse also had a fulfilment in the events of the Kochba rebellion and final realization will occur soon.  The prophetic clock started ticking when Israel returned to the land and God rejected their prayers for national atonement in 1973 (Yom Kippur War). The trumpet blowing on the Day of Atonement saw the commencement of the trumpets.[3]

The Great Commission

The gospel (Good news) was preached to Abraham (Gal 3:8), was vouched safe as a preaching commission to the disciples (Mark 16:15) and is associated with martyrdom and triumph by the angel that proclaims the preaching of the everlasting Gospel to the nations which leads to the inevitable fall of Babylon (Rev 14:6).

The fact that the Bible has been translated (at least one book) into 3,312 languages and the NT itself into 1,551 languages is witness to the spread of the message and the video shows that (in season or out of season) many devout Christians risked danger and hardship to preach.  Who are we to dismiss their efforts on the grounds of dogma? God is the judge and judgement begins first with the household, and we should not denigrate the efforts of fellow Christians for furthering the gospel however imperfect we might regard those efforts.  Any purity test will be applied by God (not us) and it is God who draws once the seed is planted. As the apostle says, “Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will… What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice” (Philip 1:15-18).

Last things (eschatology)

We are approaching the end of an age and the start of something new.  With endings come new beginnings.  The earth and humanity will not be destroyed but civilization and the old way of doing things will be gone.  The question is what will it be replaced with?  There are those who want to replace it with Noahide laws and temple worship controlled from Jerusalem.  Nation states will still be allowed some autonomy if fealty is shown to the ruler (anti-Christ) but the gentiles will be subject nations and second class citizens with limited conditions under which they may practice their religion.  There are others who want a globalist transhumanist secular utopia (dystopia) and probably some sort of Luciferian or New Age Gaia cult.   The choice either way is bleak.

It seems to me that the end of things is known in certain circles and was probably carefully guarded knowledge passed down by a priestly class and or magician-astronomers in different cultures.  This knowledge is reflected in ancient mythology which often worshiped the stars and was aware of the of 25,920-year precession cycle.  Our lives are but a single day in the Babylonian 360-degree cycle of destruction and creation known as The Great Year.

Gog and Russia

Finally, Russia has been consigned the ultimate role of the end-time Gog bogeyman in eschatological prophecy by equating the Gog of Ezekiel with the Gog of Revelation.[4] However, the Gog of Revelation does not come from the north but from,”The nations in the four corners of the earth” (Rev 20:8).  It has become what G. B. Caird termed a “true myth” an eschatological rhetorical symbol of perpetual hostility against God.  In reciprocation the LORD will be at war against Amalek (Agag/Gog) from generation to generation” (Exod. 17:16).  In the first instance Amalek represents sin (hence the sign of the cross defeated Amalek in the wilderness) in the last instance Amalek (Agag/Gog) represents all human opposition (in the form of nation states) gathered against the Lord and his anointed.






[1] See: Why does God like camping?
[2] See: The Repentance of Israel and Turning away ungodliness from Jacob
[3] See my Commentary: Pattern Recognition in the Apocalypse (PRITA), Biblaridion Media, 2018, 695 pages or PRITA online
[4] See: Ezekiel 38-39, Inter-textual analysis (Part-I) and Ezekiel 38-39, Russia (Part-2) and Stylometric Analysis (Part 3)

W.H.O. are you?

W.H.O. are you?

Lead Singer Roger Daltrey, guitarist and singer Pete Townshend, bass guitarist and singer John Entwistle, and drummer Keith Moon in the 1978 song Who are you? They don’t make them like that anymore. Bring back the 70s and 80s.

Who are you?   1978 (5 min)

The Citizens Party (of Australia) produced an article this week in their Alert magazine with the title “No, Australia is not losing sovereignty to the WHO next week”.  The article points to Clive Palmer’s twisted lies and deliberate confusion because they are voting on Biden Administration’s amendments to International Health Regulations which would empower the WHO to unilaterally declare an “actual or potential” public health emergency without the agreement of the country in which the outbreak occurred. According to the article the WHO is a toothless tiger anyway and has no power to implement measures which are not to be ratified until 2024 anyway.  So basically a storm in a tea cup and brouhaha about nothing mixed in with a dose of anti-China propaganda. I am glad that is cleared up then.  Nothing to see here move along.

Thin end of the Wedge

This “small amendment” is the thin end of the wedge which will be leveraged the next time emergency powers are needed letting national politicians off the hook. You can bet that once it is adopted it will be fast-tracked because we face (fill in the next bio scare here).  What we need are enforceable inspections and treaties into bio-warfare. We need monitoring and transparency.  The “Health” issue is a red herring and the Citizens Party know it.  The WHO failed miserably during Covid 19 and they deliberately changed definitions and procedures. They are not independent but beholden to globalist corporations. They go to every location were there are pandemics or should I say that outbreaks follow wherever they go?


It is not just Clive Palmer but Parliamentarians such as this EU minister who sees the danger of “mission creep”.   We know how these people work.

The treaty amendment has been defeated but it is only a temporary reprieve. These people do not give up and never take no for an answer.

However, the likes of Boris Johnson is continuing to support drafting a new treaty with the compromised WHO to be legally adopted in May 2024 the UK will continue to support the treaty, refusing and delaying to debate it in parliament, and refusing to let the public decide by referendum. Does that sound above board to you? There has been massive global push-back against this treaty and unfortunately the Citizens Party have shown themselves on the wrong side of this. Barwick has become a Sinophile rather than a neutral observer.  There are no good guys in this story – neither the Communist Chinese (founded by Jews) nor the Anglo-Zionist west.   A (monkey) pox on both their houses. We have had enough of globo homo, banksters, Anglo-Zionist craptocracy and ching chong autocracy.

Full film exposing the agenda behind WHO (39 min)


The Snowball Effect

The Snowball Effect

He could have called it the avalanche effect.  Russia will win this war on the ground but it could be turned into a strategic defeat if the Zelensky Govt refuses to negotiate thus forcing Russia to conquer the whole of Ukraine dragging in Poland and NATO.  This is what Kissinger warned (and dirt bag that he is, he is right).  It seems that the madmen in charge are determined to have nuclear war.

The Snowball Effect by Jacob Dreizin (24 min)

Russia Moves into Severodonetsk, Ukraine Suffers Heavy Losses in Kherson, EU Split on Russia Oil Ban (32 min)

Denmark To Be CUT OFF From Gas. Russia Announces DEBT FOR ROUBLES scheme – Inside Russia Report (8 min)


No US Long-Range Rockets For Kyiv l Putin’s Troops Storm Severodonetsk l Mass Graves In Mariupol (6:47)

Is the Ukraine psyop already wearing off (Part 1) ( 9min)

ONLY 70 days left

ONLY 70 days left

Do you think we are joking? This is enemy action not an accident. You better be growing your own food.

There are ONLY 70 days left until catastrophe | Redacted with Clayton Morris (11 min)

Will There Be Enough Food For The World This Year ? (22 min)

Are you starting to detect a theme?   They want you hungry, cold and afraid.  They want you confused and helpless.

Fear Porn

You ain’t seen nothing yet.  They want you to be a blubbering wreck so that you will do as you are told.

British Media ‘FEAR PORN’: Nuclear APOCALYPSE! & “Power cuts…affecting 6 million” (22 min)


Winter forecast Oz

Winter forecast Oz

Getting ready to plant some veggies for winter I looked up the longer range forecast and one thing led to another so put the pieces together as a short video but first this:

Cold front set to sweep through south-east parts of Australia

We have had a lot of rain in the past two days and it has been cold. Put some onion seeds in the ground and believe it or not I have some tomatoes in hanging pots (off the ground) and protected with plastic covers.  Potatoes seem to be doing well.  Anyway I made this video and was interested in the earthquake activity around New Zealand (and tsunami warnings).  Also the location of the geomagnetic south pole is directly opposite where I live (about 3,600 km away) in a prime place to catch any tsunami (lolz). Listen to it at 1.5x speed because I talk slow.

Dark Winter Oz weather forecast (25 min)

Australian weather forecasts


In winter, average temperatures drop to between 8- 16°C. Looking back, autumn was the coldest in Australia since 2015. Temperature-wise, winter is likely to be warmer than usual for northern Australia, southern WA, populated SA, Victoria, Tasmania and much of NSW.
It’s unlikely the mercury will plummet overnight either – just about the entire country can expect warmer than average minimums. Adelaide drier everywhere else wetter

Winter 2022 forecast for Australia: The next stormy winter, in SE Australia relatively good snowy conditions, Oceania still with La Nina pattern

Antipode calculators



Geneva Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 46.433334, 6.550000

Geomagnetic South Pole Coordinates





Russia ‘Storming Severodonetsk’

Russia ‘Storming Severodonetsk’

Russia ‘Storming Severodonetsk’, EU Leaders Call Putin as West Runs Out of Options (32 min)

Kissinger’s Controversial Idea: Would Ukraine Giving Up Land to Russia Stop War?(16 min)

Finland & Sweden Risk Nuclear War with Russia | Scott Ritter & Richard Medhurst (4 min)


Rampant Inflation

Rampant Inflation

A ship of fools….or clown world…take your pick.  They are shooting themselves in the foot.    This is deliberate destruction of the economy. A lot of people are going to die from the cold and lack of food. The Deagle forecast for the UK was a reduction of population by 2025 to 15 million.  But go get your jabs your govt loves you (lolz).

RUSSIA – $1 TRILLION Increase in Home Energy Bills. Rampant Price INFLATION Hurts Global Economy (19 min)

She is either stupid or thinks you are (3 min)

“I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY’VE BEEN SANCTIONED!” – The New Russian Supermarket Gameshow! (3 min)


The world’s worst financial thief (10 min)




Highly recommended for Christians.

This was very interesting and worth watching.  Very informative and thought provoking even though I do not agree with everything.    I watched it and will add some notes when I get time…probably best if you watch it unbiased before I add notes.


UK Column News – 27th May 2022

UK Column News – 27th May 2022

Been meaning to catch up with the UK column to see what is happening in the UK.  Not featured for some time because I was disappointed with Patrick Heningsen been taken in by the “viruses are not real crew”. Never the less, the news and analysis is generally good.


Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Alex Thomson with today’s UK Column News.

00:28 – Cost of Living Crisis


Sky Article: – https://bit.ly/3PLB3qd

Ofgem statement: – https://bit.ly/3Gowqho

Rishi Sunak Statement: – https://bit.ly/3Go1Q7y

03:58 – Financial Sanction Lunacy


AJ Article: – https://bit.ly/3a5XA0I

Kyle Shostak Statement: – https://bit.ly/3GrA5uV

10:40 – Soros Defines The World At Davos Snoozefest


George Soros Statement: – https://archive.ph/CE1Gm

Australian Commissioner: – https://bit.ly/38N12wV

WEF Coalition: – https://bit.ly/3wRKITA

Article: – https://bit.ly/3GqY5hF

25:46 – When Billionaires Feud


BI Article: – https://bit.ly/3MYFmww

28:24 – World Health Assembly Or Is It?


Sajid Javid Statement: – https://bit.ly/3MU00hb

38:17 – Europeans Support WHO Global Governance


Norwegian Government Article: – https://bit.ly/3z2mYPb

JR Article: – https://bit.ly/3MV67C2

DontYouDare.info: – https://bit.ly/38Rfgww

Stopthewho.com: – https://bit.ly/3GnUtNq

46:16 – G7 Minister Thinks Disease Is Spread By Leopard Bites


GoV Article: – https://bit.ly/3MX1HdZ

49:33 – Pharma’s Global Experiment


21CW Article: – https://bit.ly/38TOyUa

NTI Article: – https://bit.ly/39Xm8J4

58:17 – UKC Interview With Sheikh Imran Hosein


Part 1: – https://bit.ly/3lMVcOP

Part 2: – https://bit.ly/3lQ41HS

01:10:40 – Ukraine vs Russia Update


Meduza Article: – https://bit.ly/3al0zSR

Neil Hauer Tweet: – https://bit.ly/3wSVDfD

EN Article: – https://bit.ly/3z3VQ2q

01:18:44 – Rouble vs Dollar


Reuters Article: – https://reut.rs/3NFRdQ1

01:19:31 – The Atrocity Crimes Advisory Group


ACAG Statement: – https://bit.ly/3PMsWcN

Observatory Thingy: – https://bit.ly/38RBVZL

01:22:24 – Agitating For Further NATO Expansion


Liz Truss Statement: – https://bit.ly/3lNiog3