12,000 Year Disaster Cycle

12,000 Year Disaster Cycle

The situation in Pakistan is a harbinger of what is to come and they are all jumping on the bandwagon blaming “man made” climate change which we know is a big fat lie.

Pakistan’s devastating floods:

– 1350 people killed
– 50M people displaced
– 900K livestock deaths
– 1M houses washed away
– 40+ reservoirs breached
– 220+ bridges collapsed
– 90% cropped damaged
– $10B loss to economy
– 1/3 country underwater

Source – PDMA / NDMA

The idiot leader of the Australia Green Party (Adam Bandt) tweeted about it as did many others in an ongoing Green campaign and he even said….imagine what will happen when the Greenland ice-sheet melts (it has actually put ice on and is thicker).  People are so stupid they do not bother to find out.  We are in a crisis but it is not man made (only partially man made with geoengineering).  The weather will get weird with the changing jet streams.  Cold in some places. Drought in other places. Flooding elsewhere.   Nothing can be done to stop it. The “climate change” campaign is coordinated across the different political parties and is driven by the globalists and WEF. There is a crisis but they are lying to you about the cause of the climate crisis just like they lied about the origin of the Covid pandemic. They are liars, murderers and psychopaths.



EARTH JUST DODGED A LOT OF CMES: It Seemed Like Sunspot AR3088 Would Never Stop Exploding! (6 min)

12,000 Year Disaster Cycle Questions (6:04)

Not watched this yet but I do not believe the outer mantel will decouple nor do I think their will be a global tsunami. There will be a huge global earthquake, local tsunamis etc brought on by our sun doing a micro-nova.  We will see volcanic activity, giant hail and crop failures in the lead up.   They cannot stop what is coming. Have faith and pray.  Eyes wide open do not fear.




Johnny cab

Johnny cab

What could possibly go wrong?  There is a time and a place for electric vehicles but they will never replace fossil fuels.  What is going to happen when solar activity increases and electric power supply fails?



9 out of 10 deaths jabbed

9 out of 10 deaths jabbed

9 out of 10 lurgy deaths last year were jabbed

Vaccines and menstrual cycle 2 – COVID-19 vaccines update 57 (13 min)

Just watched this…did not know it was going to plug transgenderism (lolz).  Yes, we know there are unfortunate people who are genetically different and do not clearly fall into the XX or XY category.  Genetic defects and mental disorders  should be treated with compassion not  promoted and standardized for ideological reasons.


God’s Banker

God’s Banker

Pope Moves all Church Funds to Vatican Bank (Sign of Larger Financial Markets?) -7min



The Crash Is Here (12 min)

What is the End Game?

What is the End Game?

Zelensky’s Kherson Counteroffensive. Boris happy, Zaluzhny not happy (40 min)

Putin JUST told us what’s coming next for Western economies | Redacted with Clayton Morris (16 min)

Poland faces COLLAPSE if they don’t stop right now | Redacted with Clayton Morris (10 min)

Tuesday August 30th 2022 – News From Saint Petersburg (1:04)


Is Iranian Gas the Only Hope for Europe? (4 min)




Collapse of Ukraine, collapse of the West, collapse of the vaccine narrative. Expect them to expand the war in order to cover up.

Clayton Morris: We are watching the West collapse right before our eyes, and it’s all their fault (25 min)

Estonia to SEIZE Real Estate From Russians. Coca Cola Rebrands In Russia. IKEA To Return.(14 min)


Russia Repels Ukraine Attacks in Kherson, Advances Kodema & Donetsk; EU Continues Slide into Crisis (33 min)













The climate is changing

The climate is changing

This video from 2016:

Piers Corbyn: Electrical Weather | Space News (8 mins)

This from today:

Eight M-Flares In 36 Hours (M8.6 Peak) – CME’s Arriving At Earth – Geomagnetic Implications Revealed (8 min)

Solar activity impacts your heart (so do the jabs)

Near X Class Flare, Solar Heart Impact, Climate & Pole Shift | S0 News Aug.29.2022 (5 min)

Extreme weather will lead to crop losses:

The Real State Of U.S & Global Crop Losses (13 min)


They know what is coming and they are front-running the problem with geoengineering and social engineering.  They aim to have us locked up and eating bugs by the time that the changes manifest.



Vaccine Cover up

Vaccine cover up


This is very good and very clever.  The headline of the video blames the excess deaths on the vaccines but the video itself emphasizes the lockdowns.  Not only that but it emphasizes that Trump warned about the cure being worse than the sickness even though Trump took credit for the warp speed vaccine.  Do you see it?   Do you see the slight of hand?   They are all guilty. Did the lockdowns cause damage?   Yes, of course they did….but they want to shift all the blame onto lockdowns.  Look over there….

My prediction is that war is imminent.  They know the worm is turning in the West and they are being exposed so get ready for the next disaster.  They will not allow you time to think.

You need to be critical of everything….even alt Media…

We CAN’T let them get away with this vaccine cover-up | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (25 min)


Damage Control

Damage Control

Jeffry Sachs (another Ashkenazi) sits on the Lancet Commission looking into the Origins of Covid and here he is being interviewed by JFK junior from the Children’s Health Defense organization. The only reason that Sachs is back pedaling and throwing some crumbs to the hoi polloi and it is only because people like us pushed back but it is not enough. We won’t stop. Keep pushing and exposing the criminality. Kevin deconstructs the interview (lies).

Jefferey Sachs Blows Whistle On DoD – Damage Control Mode Engaged by WEF! (4:00 hours)

Original Interview:

The defender show Episode 64: The Origins of COVID-19 With Jeffery Sachs