People are being guilt-tripped into voting in favor of the voice. This is not about giving indigenous people a voice, this is about using aborigines in order to change land and property rights. Indigenous people already have a voice and can be elected to parliament  (and some have been elected). The formation of a new body will result in apartheid and they are not even defining what new powers the voice will grant. Apparently it is only “consultative” but the true nature of what you are voting for will only be revealed after the vote.

They are trying to use “white -guilt” by referring to land theft and they want white people to make reparations by paying “rent” to aboriginal tribes for land use or water and that is already happening in places.  Firstly, many of the white settlers going back generations were deported from the UK as prisoners.  They had no choice and Australia was a penal colony. Many prisoners were political dissidents against British Imperialism. After the first and second World Wars many hardworking immigrants came to Australia.   They built the country.

The indigenous people were hunter gatherers. They did not own land, build cities or  practice agriculture.  They used the land and the natural resources but then so do the kangaroos and wombats.  Should we pay the kangaroos rent for using their land?  Once they set a precedent they will declare huge tracts of land out of bounds.  That has already started.

This is a move by the banks and the WEF etc to change property rights. It is the thin edge of he wedge. As for the indigenous, literally millions of dollars have been spent on improving their plight to no avail. What happened to all the money?  It is an industry that made everybody involved rich except the aborigines.  The bankers don’t care about the ingenious..they don’t care about white people either.  It is time that people wake up to their divisive, underhand tactics.


Australian Government Will Pledge Support To Ukraine For As Long As Necessary… (2 min)


Cosmology Still in Crisis

Cosmology Still in Crisis

Everything you thought you knew is probably wrong (told you so).

Ghada Chehade: Cosmology Still in Crisis 2023 | Thunderbolts(20 min)


James Webb Telescope FINALLY Proves The Big Bang Theory Is Wrong! (24 min)


The Gnostic Parasite

The Gnostic Parasite (2:11)


This is very good and James Lindsay although he self-describes as an atheist  comes across as more of a Christian than many Christians I have encountered.  See what he says about faith and Hebrews 11 at about the 50 minute mark.  Highly recommended.  He is correct. We are dealing with a Gnostic Parasite.





Nevado del Ruiz Eruption Warning

Nevado del Ruiz Eruption Warning

Nevado del Ruiz Eruption Warning – Tornadoes Rock The Florida Panhandle – Spring Flooding Increases (15 min)

The Ice and the Truth (5 min)

Filament Eruption, Moon Fail, Earthquakes | S0 News Apr.28.2023 (3 min)

4/28/2023 — LARGE DEEP EARTHQUAKE — M6.6 down below West Pacific — Solar Storm effect on schedule (49 min)

Potential Impact on Our World as Civilization Cycles Repeat (57 min)


Bye, Bye American Pie

Bye, Bye American Pie

Biden gets the Korean PM to sing a song about the assassination of JFK the day that the nation died. Very ironic.

NATO, Russian forces bigger today. Zaluzhny needs tanks. EU wants Serbia RT ban. Powell prank. U/1 (29 min)

Is it the end of South Korea? Yoon sacrifices SK & sings like a clown.antagonising China Russia & NK

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