Mike Pence meets Zelensky

Mike Pence meets with President Zelensky in Kyiv (2 min)

I think it is important to express Christian values like burning Orthodox Churches and arresting priests and stealing their relics. Did you tell him that killing Russians is money well spent (like Lindsay Graham did). Did you get a chance to meet any Azov Nazis while you were there? Congratulate him for killing Donbas civilians for eight years?

These people will do anything for power.  Such hypocrites. Appalling.

Parkinson’s Disease and CJD

Parkinson’s Disease and CJD

Discussion of a scientific paper and a roundup of the latest news.

Ukro-Mercs & Frontal Fails, RFKjr Townhall, Parkinson’s Disease & CJD, Similar or Different? (1:56)

RFK Jr is saying all the right things:

Russia: 50 soldiers, 2 Generals, 20 foreign mercenaries killed | Russia-Ukraine War | WION News (2 min)


Nature has last word

Nature has last word


I still have to watch these videos:

Derecho With 100-mph Winds Rips Across Midwest As well As Canadian Wildfire Smoke – Crestone 4th! (15 min)

A Superflare Will Wreck the Ozone | S0 News June.29.2023 (3 min)

6/29/2023 — Major Earthquake Update — Seismic spread taking place now — Volcanism in USA? (1:33)

SUPER VOLCANO In Europe Before Eruption! Phlegraean Fields are Worrying…(27 min)


What the Media Won’t Tell You About the Canadian Wildfires (11 min)

Cattle Destroying The Climate (8 min)

Does eating MEAT really hurt the planet? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (25 min)

James E. Kamis: Geological Impacts on Climate | Tom Nelson Pod #121 (1:08)

Putin losing Iraq war

Putin losing Iraq war

According to Biden Putin is losing the Iraq war (lolz) which stacks up with the German Defense minister saying that the “Russian coup demonstrate the fragility of the German regime” and Zelensky having to cancel democracy (lolz) in order to save it.   Increasingly bizarre but not as crazy as Greta visiting Zelensky because nothing says “environment” more than causing methane leaks (blowing up Nord stream), flooding (blowing up the dam) and radiation damage (depleted uranium shells). No matter, the rich earth can be fertilized with Russian and Ukrainian blood.    These people are beyond the pall.

BREAKING: Putin clearly losing war in Iraq. Biden and Romania. Meloni, EU must ditch China. U/1 (23 min)

NATO to offer security ‘promises’ and Ukraine must keep fighting (33 min)

What’s Next for Wagner and Prigozhin After “Insurrection”? (16 min)


France on Fire

France on Fire


Geoengineering Lawsuit

Geoengineering Lawsuit


Solar Maximum Could Hit Us Harder And Sooner Than Predicted. How Severe Can The Sun’s Cycle Peak Be? (9 min)

These Changes Are Hidden So You Don’t Panic (15 min)

Humans & Dinosaurs Together, Big Sunspot Keeps Growing | S0 News June.28.2023 (3 min)


Geoengineering Lawsuit with Reinette Senum and Jim Lee – Pt 1 (1:34 min)

Beautiful Day For A Wildfire – 3Canyons Permaculture Front Row Seats – Pre Evacuation Orders Issued (2 min)


Western Australia Spiral Geoglyphs – Evidence For An Ancient Global Civilization (44 min)