Willfully Stupid

Willfully Stupid

I quote one of our politicians. You are willfully stupid and do not deserve medical care. Never Forget.

Vaccine Mandates Unlawful! – Ruling from Australian Supreme Court (10 min)


The Voiceless

The Voiceless

Extremely Powerful Voices for the Voiceless in #Palestine #Gaza (16 min)

Dispelling Confusion about Zionism | AM Wakeup w/ Richard Grove (clip)-4 min

Israel’s Famine Against Gaza Forces People to Eat Animal Feed (56 min)



Ukraine Destroyed

Ukraine Destroyed

EU Leaders Isolate Macron, Scrounge MidEast/Africa for Shells; Ukr May Coup Rumours; Rus Orlovka(1:19 min)

BREAKING! New details in Navalny’s DEATH revealed by Ukraine | Redacted w Natali & Clayton Morris (16 min)

Scholz & Macron fight. FT, Western forces in Ukraine. Elensky road trip. Biden loses to uncommitted (28 min)

Colonel Douglas Macgregor gives his insights on the Ukrainian war (37 min)

You‘re LIED To About The Syrian War | Syriana Analysis (60 min)

Only available on YouTube:




Banksta’s Paradise 2.0

Banksta’s Paradise 2.0

Banks and Mega Corporations Rule. They are your government and they are in the hands of a small dynastic, aristocratic cabal of psychopaths.
















O.D.D TV Banksta’s Paradise (Gangsta’s Paradise Remake) Truth Music (4 min)

“I Found Out The Banks Run Everything!” – Fmr U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss (8 min)

Coming Clean: Snap Out of the Big Bank and Big Tech Trance with Carolyn Betts (2 min)

PREPARE YOURSELVES! BE READY! Things Are Going From VERY BAD To MUCH WORSE Rapidly… Mannarino (11 min)

EU war economy utopia, Eurobonds and direct taxes

Close Encounters of the Retard kind

Close Encounters of the Retard Kind

It seems to me that we are on an accelerated course to Idiocracy.  You are being programed but at least the music and movies are good (lolz). Latest video (Episode 2) by Matt Ehret and his missus Cynthia on how the UFO phenomenon is a rebirth of the occult for the “modern” world (lolz).

I thought a deadly virus was meant to kill the Martians but instead the humans are dying???  We need new script writers.


Hidden Hand Behind UFOs Ep. 2: H.G. Wells’ War Of The Worlds and the Dawn of a New Age


Regional War

Regional War

The blacked out videos will only play if you click  watch on YouTube because one is age restricted and the other is using a setting which makes it unavailable to other applications (I left a comment asking if he would stop doing that). If people are promoting their website they should not restrict their videos.  Rather foolish if you want to spread a message.

NY Times Hired Fake Journalists To Spread Hamas R@pe Lies On FRONT PAGE! (20 min)

Aaron Bushnell’s Extreme Act of Protest & Why the World Would be Better if He was Still With Us (12 min)

Netanyahu’s Coalition Wants Regional War: What It Means for the Middle East | Syriana Analysis (51 min)