Eat Meat

Eat Meat

We are built to eat meat.  We have eaten meat for thousands upon thousands of years. We need meat in order to stay healthy.  In fact after the deluge it is specifically said, “Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things” (Genesis 9:3).   We know that Jesus ate meat (fish and Passover lamb).   Everything these people advocate is “unnatural”.  The Techno-Gnostics want a utopia like Eden where only vegetation is eaten and where Adam and Eve are “one flesh” (no gender or transgender). Only God can recreate Eden.  Man is too stupid and evil to create his own Eden.

10,000 Years Ago We Stopped Eating This and It Was a Huge Mistake (34 min)


The Shutdown of America

The Shutdown of America

As we look effects of the bridge disaster we can see disruptions across many industries, but the disruptions are what was planned for our world according to the Davos crowd. Stoppage of coal and automobile exports , limiting import of nitrogen fertilizer, changing the worlds bunker fuel laws to low-sulfur standard and a host of other economic blow backs.

Shutdown of America Has Begun (1/2 The Boat) -23 min

Brother War and Genocide

Brother War and Genocide

Tell me again that we are good guys…..

Zelensky put on his cleanest green T-shirt and would like to talk to Russia.  I thought he passed a law forbidding talking with Russia?  He obviously wants to delay the inevitable with a ceasefire.  Russia is no longer listening. Zelensky will soon have a Kinzahl up his bum.

Huh?  I thought Russia was just a gas station with nukes?  Germany banned the export of washing machines to Russia because they were using chips out the washers for military use (lolz).  They had so little ammo they were fighting with shovels?  The absolute garbage that people believe.

Terrifying! Putin Visits New Tu-160M Bomber Factory (8 min)

Russia Sends WARSHIPS To The Red Sea! (9 min)


Elensky, ready to talk 2022 borders. Lavrov, Macron WW3 distraction. Ukraine, cancel Bulgakov (40 min)

Rus Prepares Blackout East Ukr, 2 Ukr Towns Falling, Ukr Troops In Trap; Zelensky Syrsky Interviews (1:20 min)

The Bloom | Russian Promotion Along The Entire Donetsk Front | Blackout | Military Summary (22 min)

Kyle Anzalone : Ukraine on Life Support (24 min)

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson : The State Dept Lies for Israel (26 min)

Distraction and Deception

Distraction and Deception

A follow up on three of the narratives that are hijacking public consciousness while the world burns. Whether they are psyops or distractions…who knows?  Welcome to clown world (in the circus the clowns are always brought on when something goes wrong).


BREAKING! Boeing bosses fired after Whistleblower murdered | Redacted with Clayton Morris (13 min)

Now King Charles is MISSING or in HIDING? WTF is happening | Redacted w Natali & Clayton Morris (11 min)

Dali Timeline from Data Recorder in Striking Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, March 26, 2024 (31 min)


The following article sees the destruction of the bridge as symbolic because the the bridge is named after Francis Scott Key who wrote the star spangled banner anthem.



Trump and RFK

Trump and RFK

An update on Trump (the victim) and RFK Jr who has now chosen a running mate.  As if these two will drain the swamp.  Yeah,sure (lolz). I can still see these two getting together. A unified ticket.

CNN Guest Shocks Panel: “Prosecuting Trump Will Cost You The Election!”-14 min

Good article:


Cui bono?

Cui Bono?

Lavrov, cui bono? Elensky, Putin invade Kazakhstan, half Germany. Clinton, Obama, Biden; 500K ticket (40 min)

Does the Fate of US Arms in Ukraine Create Pause for Thought Ahead War with China? (22 min)

Big Rus Missile Strike Rocks Ukr, Power Cuts, Rus Taking Novomikhailovka; Crocus Inv Ukr Crypto Fund (1:07)

On RT to discuss Israeli aggression against Aleppo, Syria (6 min)