Prion Rap and Prion Gaming

Prion Rap and Prion Gaming

Dr McCairn is a domain level expert in systems neuroscience and his observations regarding the science have been data driven and nuanced.  He has resisted the corrupt science institutes by using unconventional methods to neutralize  one of their main weapons which is the wielding of woke critical Marxism as a blunt club to shut people down.  If you “notice” you are immediately ostracized as antisemitic or racist or…..   The only way to counter this strategy is with humor, memes and anti-woke language.  You do not play by their rules especially when they gate-keep the science and disallow any contrary evidence to be published.

In the first video Dr McCairn is being slandered by Mark from Housatonic who has teamed up with J. Couey in an effort to defame Dr McCairn.  According to them prions don’t exist or are harmless. In their paranoia they accuse Dr McCairn of going over to the dark side and running a PsyOp.  Mark lost his son recently in the fentanyl wars (chemical warfare) and J.C.was sacked by the RFK Jr Children’s Health Defense team (after doing the dirty on Rixey).  Their attack is suspicious and it looks like they caved to deep state pressure.

Their accusations are nonsense because Dr McCairn’s streams are throttled to ensure that their reach is limited.  They are not boosted as you would expect if they were supported by the establishment. Moreover, Dr McCairn is setting up a lab to inject hamsters with vaccines in order to induce prionopathy  or amloidogenic responses and to investigate methods to control or prevent prion cascades.

We know from sequencing that the spike protein contains prion-like domains as well as GP120-HIV1.  We know that these epitopes cause different pathologies in different people that can on the surface be as divergent as brain disease, heart disease  or immune collapse. Although they manifest as different sickness they have the same root cause. There has been a huge uptick in excess deaths and neurological diseases. Dr McCairn admits that we cannot say with any certainty if we will all be overwhelmed by prion disease which is why he is perusing lab work.

I have included two streams (starting after the intro). The stream with Stephanie Seneff and Joachim Gerlach is the more serious discussion about prions but below is the take down of Scooby-do (J.J. Couey who believes he has cracked and unveiled the villain). But first some fun with two short 2 minute videos –


Prion: Infection – Official Game Trailer – Steam

J. C needs to stay of the Scooby Snacks. Doing science while whacked not a good idea (lolz). Better to rob banks.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Scooby Snacks (Official Music Video) -4 min


The Take-down (ouch):

You Spin Me Right Round, Like a Giga-Spiral – Housatonic’s Shit-Tier Takes – 4/29/2024, 4:09:29 AM (2 hours)

“In the chaotic world of online fame, Gigastoned Judas Couey and Mark Jewsatonic, two useless YouTubers known for their dimwitted and often contentious content, are desperate to boost their dwindling viewership. In a reckless bid for viral success, they target Dr. Kevin W. McCairn, a well-respected neuroscientist renowned for his groundbreaking research on amyloids and prions, predicting their potential weaponization in bio-warfare scenarios.
As Judas and Mark spiral into paranoia and misinterpretation, they launch a series of misguided attacks on Dr. McCairn during live streams, accusing him of conspiracies and malpractices, hoping to stir controversy and capture attention. Unbeknownst to them, their actions spark a broader a further precipitous decline in their viewership.”

With serious -head on:

PRIONS With Stephanie Seneff & Joachim Gerlach- 4/24/2024, 4:52:27 AM


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Crimean Bridge obsession

Crimean Bridge obsession

Recommended interview with Kervork (last video) very good.

Love them or hate them, call them Tokyo-Rose or whatever but their reporting has so far been correct. They  are certainly not Baghdad Bob. From the start they coined the term “aggressive attrition” to describe the war and said that the framing of the war as a failed “blitz Krieg”  was wrong and that is was not about gaining territory but in the first instance about demilitarization.  They also stress the point that Russia has been provoked and betrayed by the West who don’t want peace or peace negotiations.  In this they are also certainly right.  The West thought that Russia would collapse like a house of cards under their sanctions and threats. They were wrong and the Duran team were right (again). Moreover, I always enjoy Alex Christoforou and his ability to point out the utter hypocrisy of the EU and the American Deep State and Biden regime with his clown worlds. Are they putting out propaganda for Russia?  Probably.  I am not a Putin fan and certainly not a China fan but so far the people who have tried to kill me are in the West and they having been attacking us for decades.  


Donbass falling. Crimean Bridge obsession. $320B Reparations Loan (32 min)

Berdychi Lost, Ukr Retreat; MSM Ukr Soldiers Expect October Defeat; West Response: Seize Rus $300 Bn (1:26 min)

Putin can sense fear. Reuters, $61B not enough for Ukraine. EU flags at Georgia protest (35 min)

🔴 The Surprising Link Between Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Gaza Conflicts | Syriana Analysis (1:17 min)



There is a slew of conversions to Christianity. Even the died-in-the-wool atheist Richard Dawkins is talking about the importance of “cultural Christianity” by which he means “traditions” not genuine faith.  The trigger has been pulled and you will see many conversion or should I say con-versions with “con” being short for confidence trick.

They are preparing for the New World Religion and false Christianity is part of the mix.

The Days of Noah stream is nine hours long but the back half was responding to the chat discussing cultural phenomenon , movies etc.   The first section is about the Campus protests and the section on Christianity starts at 58 minutes.

Russell Brand is a tool and a Free Mason. Among other things, Dayz of Noah discusses Russell Brand,Candice Owens,David Icke and Omnism (truth is found in all religions).



Candace Owens Becomes Catholic – Is THIS Why People Are Turning To Christianity? (26 min)




Beheaded, cooked in ovens, killed in incubators, caught on bayonets…

These grubs keep repeating the same lies even when they have been debunked.  This tool manged to get more money to Ukraine and Israel so that the brother-war and genocide can continue.  Apparently it is OK to occupy Palestine but not OK to occupy a campus.

This is timestamped to start at the lie so that you don’t have to watch it all.  Such despicable people. Psychopaths with no empathy.

Speaker Johnson speaks at Columbia University…

Elon Musk also sings from the same Hymn Sheet after his “reeducation” during the Auschwitz trip (lolz).  Now you know who has the real power.  The ones who you are not allowed to criticize for committing genocide.


Here was a typical response (not from me):

This is what happens when ignorant fucks like Musk lead conversations: he makes ridiculous points that sound smart. A stupid man’s smart man.

What Israel is doing is illegal, unjust and tyrannical. Israel is an occupying, apartheid state. There is no ethical framework within which Israel is not wrong.

To show the ridiculousness of Musk’s argument, the ‘weak side’ doesn’t define the ‘strong side’ — it is the oppressor who defines the relationship by virtue of their oppression. Because Palestine is ‘weak’ here doesn’t mean it is ‘right’ and therefore Israel is ‘wrong.’ Israel is occupying and oppressing Palestinians and depriving them of their basic human rights — that’s what defines Israel as ‘wrong,’ their very own actions.

This isn’t defined by who the Palestinians are. Whether the Palestinians meet your perceived framework of virtue literally doesn’t matter — oppression is always wrong, no matter who is being oppressed. It is *LUDICROUS* that we’re even having to have this conversation.

There can be NO meaningful conversation on virtue until the occupation ends, the apartheid ends, and Palestinians have the same rights and liberties as the rest of the world. NONE. And Musk likely knows this, but uses his platform to further oppress one of the most oppressed people on earth.


What student protests say about US politics, Israel support (10 min)

Gaslighting Detectors For Oct. 7th Claims | #GrandTheftWorld 179 (Clip) (14 min)

“LOCK THEM UP!” (11 min)


By the way….there are Muslim “protests” in Germany to establish a Caliphate.   ** If you think that the Caliphate protests in Germany are genuine then you probably think that a man in a cave planned the Twin Towers, that JFK was assassinated with a magic bullet and that babies were beheaded and cooked in a pizza oven

Room with a view

Room with a view

About time. Right on schedule. I thought they were falling behind the eschatological play book.


This is NUCLEAR madness and Putin isn’t bluffing | Redacted with Clayton Morris (10 min)



Seize the assets

Seize the assets

Western assets in Russia: Kremlin threatens fiscal retaliation (4 min)

Putin HITS BACK Over Threats To Seize Russian Assets (7 min)


BRICS Currency Announced! Is it Gold Backed? (7 min)



Unveiling Wealth Control: Highlights from ‘The Great Taking – Peak Prosperity (16 min)



NATO started this, Russia will finish it

NATO started this, Russia will finish it

John Mearsheimer: Ukraine Conflict, is American Trap – A major war Russia vs. US-NATO (29 min)

‘It’s to conceal from the world that this has been a FAILURE’ | US Colonel SLAMS Ukraine aid bill (18 min)

The Bloom | The Russians Captured Kyslivka | Netailove Has Collapsed. Military Summary For 2024.4.28 (18 min)

Ukr Panic, Rus Advance; Syrsky Confirms; US/Ukr Crimea Bridge Attack; Xi Blinken When Will He Leave? (1:24 min)

Syrsky, fighting Russia is hard. Lithuania hints Crimea bridge attack. Dr. Jill Stein arrested (33 min)


Georgia, Armenia and the death of the NGO state (16 min)