No Good Guys

No Good Guys

Just a quick reminder that there are no good guys.  I believe that the “beast” is now dying (the Anglo-Zionist control system) but what replaces it (the image of the Beast) will be worse. Trump is not a “good guy” and the coming control system will be worse.  It will be worse because many people will cheer it on.  It is not the Great Awakening it is the Great Deception.

Biden Good Over Evil (3 min)

Notification: Channel

Notification: Channel

This is just a notification on behalf of the Magical Mystery Church Channel. I think they do an excellent job on tracking the inroads of Gnosticism or New Age Religion into Main stream Christianity.  You may have noticed that I am a bit slower at posting and keeping up and that is because I am making an important debunking video which consumes a lot of my time.  Hopefully it will be completed in the next day or two.

QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT- May 30, 2024 (3 min)

Gaza Disaster

Gaza Disaster

How Zionists Changed Their Names to Hide European Heritage | #GrandTheftWorld 185 (Clip)-17 min

More & More Allies Condemn Isr@eI (8 min)

Israel Zip-Ties And Blindfolds Citizen For ‘Liking’ Pro-Palestine Social Media Post (13 min)

Even CBS Reporter Now Grilling White House Spokesman (7 min)

This Gaza War Update Is A GIANT Disaster (16 min)


Connect the Weather dots

Connect the Weather dots

G2 Geomagnetic Storm Watch – Reykjanes Volcano Eruption Waned Significantly – Earth’s Rotation Speed (17 min)

Grand Solar Minimum – First Forecast Cycle 26 (3 min)

Solar Impact Coming, Volcano, Sun & Weather | S0 News May.30.2024 (3 min)

World Events Interconnecting to the Point of Being Obvious (22 min)

No Reverse Gear

No Reverse Gear

Fighting Russia which is a nuclear power on home ground is different to fighting desert Arabs.  The neocons have no reverse gear.  They keep poking the bear.  They think Putin is bluffing.  The Russians feel that they are under an existential threat and Putin is not bluffing.  If they carry-on and attack Russian home territory the nations who facilitated this will get a response.

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: How Dangerous To Threaten Nukes. (34 min)

Scott Ritter: Russia’s Strategic Advances (31 min)

Prof. John J. Mearsheimer: How Ukraine War Started. (30 min)

Dr. Gilbert Doctorow, PhD. : How Close #Ukraine Is to Defeat.(30 min)

Rus Buffer Zone May Include Kiev, Warns West Missiles; Czech Ammo Plan Debacle, Rus Missile Strike (1:21 min)

NYT, US missiles will land on Russian targets. ‘Ukraine finished’ title change. Ursula Pre-Bunking (44 min)

US/NATO escalation to strike Russia (45 min)

“NATO is cooking up something big” and Putin is ready for all out war | Redacted News (17 min)

Ukrainians booted from Germany (18 min)

Kim Iversen: Former NATO Analyst & Top UN Official Says THIS Is The REAL Reason For War In UkraineKim Iversen (13 min)

Support for Israel

Support for Israel


Phil Giraldi : How Deep is DC Support for Israel? (26 min)

Aaron Maté : Biden and Rafah: More Deception (31 min)

🔴 All Eyes on Rafah: Netanyahu’s Dystopian Vision for Gaza | Syriana Analysis W/ Vanessa Beeley (57 min)

Russian Momentum

Russian Momentum

The Russian Momentum is back (23 min)

Putin Warns Strike Europe Missiles Hit Rus; Nuclear Risk; US Backs Off; Rus Reaches Ukr Supply Bases (1:26 min)

Putin warns West. Macron humiliates Scholz. Guardian, ICC stalking. Elensky, Biden not strong (46 min)

INSANE VIDEO: Victoria Nuland Says The US Should Bomb Russian Cities (30 min)

Putin & King of Bahrain; Ready to mediate in Middle East (16 min)


Modern American Imperialism Part 2: Building Eager Armies Helping Colonize their own Nations (31 min)

Is it just me or does yseali (young south east asian leadership) initiative look like ysraeli ? (lolz)


Putin WARNS Russians prepare for NATO attacks along border | Redacted with Clayton Morris (21 min)

Mark it on your calendar so that you don’t miss the end of the world (lolz) on  July 18