Amyloid fraud

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Amyloid fraud

Dr Kevin McCairn already talked about this in one of his previous streams but it is important to highlight it again because I missed something important.  This is not just about fraud….one of the comments on the Raccoon server caught my attention:



Now it's all the fault of Sylvane Leslie in 2006 misleading 16 years and billions of research into amyloid treatments of course, because no one even thought of asking themselves any questions on the matter and the veracity of the paper, nobody until recently "trying" to replicate the theory, i find it "rich" and i have a hard time believing it.

Response: I think this is the kind of judo move that I'm talking about. discredit this and amyloids are NOT mad cow. Amyloids are tools that have been maligned by fraud. amyloids have tremendous economic and biomechanical potential! think of the prosthetics!? don't worry, we'll tune the amyloids from your shots to make you a better person

I find it highly suspicious that just as scientists like Dr McCairn are warning about neurodegeneration caused by the virus and by the vaccine they suddenly admit that 16 years of research is based on fraud. Very convenient.