Ground invasion imminent

Ground invasion imminent

Turkey delivers its terms to US, ground invasion imminent (18 min)


Ukraine Faces Bakhmut Defeat EU Commission President Ursula Speaks of 100k Ukrainians KIA in the War (52 min)

Wednesday 30th November 2022 – News From Russia (1:08)


An explosion occurred at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid: CNN reporter Chance showed on video heavy shelling of Artemivsk in the DPR by the Russian Armed Forces: The Russian Armed Forces completely liberated the village of Andreevka in the DPR: Naryshkin announced Poland’s plans to annex parts of three regions of Ukraine: Poles killed in Ukraine to get ‘American’ burial: The Poles were outraged by the speech of Zelensky’s wife in London: Moscow Helps Humanitarian Aid Collection Points to Appear in Moscow Parks: The temperature was raised in the city heating system in Moscow due to a cold snap: UK expands anti-Russian sanctions list: Financial Sanctions Notice:… Zakharova invited Ukrainian politicians to visit Crimea: Zakharova predicted problems for the whole world because of the price ceiling for Russian oil: Google “Alley Of Angels” Search results: Wikipedia deletes Alley of Angels: Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Alley of Angels: The European Commission removed data on losses among the Ukrainian military from the statement: Statement by President von der Leyen on Russian accountability and the use of Russian frozen assets:

Nice Weather

Nice Weather

Actually it is a nice day today and I will be doing more planting and gardening this afternoon.  All you can do is prepare, be thankful for every day and keep the faith.   Are we seeing the start of a mini-ice age?   A rapid warming?    A solar micro-nova?

Our weakening magnetic shield allows more cosmic radiation to penetrate, hence more seismic and volcanic activity.

10-15 Feet Of Snow Predicted For The NW – 40 million+ Under Severe Weather Threat – Mauna Loa Update (22 min)

11/29/2022 — Large M5.9 Earthquake and swarm at Alberta Canada Oil + Gas Ops & Mauna Loa Update (25 min)

The situation is made worse by the constant lying.

A Manufactured Disaster (5 min)

Will it get colder and stay cold?   The cold is far, far worse than warmth.  Ice-ages cause more droughts than warm periods.

Solar Storm Forecast, Tornados, Earthquakes, D-O Events | S0 News Nov.30.2022 (3 min)

Magnetic Pole Shift | Q and A Nov.30.2022 (6 min)


Not watched all the videos yet but I believe that it will get colder until the solar micro-nova kick starts a brief warming cycle.


Do you Xi it now?

Do you Xi it now?

Is China really collapsing?   That is what they want you to believe.  It looks like it to me  but….  

I am always wary.  I don’t trust anyone.

China’s People Go Absolutely Insane As Grocery Stores Run Out Of Food Right Now (14 min)

Hang on! So China can’t do BRUTAL lockdowns but we can? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (19 min)

And yet the people of Taiwan vote to be part of a country that is starving and persecuting its people?    Go figure.

Elections in Taiwan, ruling party suffers massive defeat (16 min)




Uniformity is false

Uniformity is false

It can be difficult (but liberating) to discover that just about everything you were taught about physics, geology , biology and history is up for grabs.  That does not mean that the scientific method is false just that it has been distorted to fit an agenda. The rationing of knowledge allows certain groups to retain power.   Science has brought great benefits to mankind but also created many problems. The approach embodied by reductionist materialism is far to simplistic for such complex systems.

To believe that physical changes on earth are due to incremental, gradual changes (like erosion) is complete nonsense and contrary to all evidence which shows that change is sudden and rapid.  Previously we featured a video which showed the year with no summer in 536 AD in which it was speculated that it was caused by a Krakatoa eruption.

History is shaped by catastrophe

Here follows two fascinating videos by Diamond from Magnetic Excursion and Oppenheimer Ranch.  The first video argues for asteroid impact in the Gulf of Carpentaria (top of Australia) in 536 AD which is the same region as Indonesia (Krakatoa).  There is no reason why such an impact could not have triggered volcanic eruptions as well.  One does not rule out the other and the impact energy has got to go somewhere.   The second video is about an Indian tribe who constructed a giant serpent on the spot of a previous impact and then hundreds of years later the tribe was wiped out by an air-burst (lolz).    Were they worshiping comets as “gods”?   It is almost as if they called one in.  Very ironic.

Giant Meteorites Slammed Earth Around A.D. 500 – Double Impacts Caused Mega Tsunami & Global Cooling (57 min)

Serpent Mound and the Hopewell Airburst – Archeoastronomy, Earthworks and Cosmic Catastrophe (56 min)

The Science

The Science

There is an awful lot wrong with the science.    There is an awful lot that the science just does not know or cannot explain.

Mel Acheson: Deconstructing Stephan’s Quintet | Thunderbolts (10 min)

Advanced Metaphysics 101 (a lecture by: Jonathan Barlow Gee) 32 min

Very good thread:


Laurel Canyon

Laurel Canyon

Now for something completely different.    Shape the culture, shape the people.   How much of the Laurel Canyon scene was spontaneous? 


The Byrds – Turn! Turn! Turn! (4 min)

The Doors – Riders on the Storm (7 mins)

“Laurel Canyon: A Place in Time” | Documentary 2020 (2:30)

Taiwanese choose China

Taiwanese choose China

A lot of Taiwanese actually work in China (they commute).  Can someone explain to me why the Taiwan voters would choose China when millions are being locked down by an oppressive regime?   Do Turkey’s vote for Christmas? 

Something does not smell right.

Taiwan Voters Choose China Over Independence! (8 min)