Counter Attack Fails

Counter Attack Fails

Pistorius wins DC! Germany blames Putin, Russia hybrid attack. New $66B Ukraine package. SU-34 receipts (33 min)

Syrsky Avdeyevka Counterattack Fails, Huge Ukr Losses, Abrams Lost, Pistorius Spins Taurus Debacle (1:23 min)

Larry Johnson: A Global Chessboard New Alliances and Emerging Threats (30 min)

Ray McGovern: Germany caught off-guard by leak of secret Ukraine war talks (24 min)



Celebrities are “Frozen” In Time

Celebrities are “Frozen” In Time

Professor Hamamoto of Cultural Forensics® features special guest Ms. Lena Pu to offer novel observations regarding the persistence of such celebrities as Taylor Swift and the relative lack of new talent being introduced currently while commenting on the seeming stagnation of American celebrity culture and the possible reasons for this departure from the past system of industrial fame-production.

Why Celebrities Are “Frozen” In Time (1:05 min)


Easy Meat

Easy Meat

Rochdale the home of Cyril Smith the gross homosexual pedo politician buggering young boys (he got an MBE for that) and the home of Muslim grooming gangs.  I used to live in Huddersfield and the truth is that the police turned a blind eye.

Is Sunak in a panic along with other globalists?   Yes. But you are watching theater and controlled opposition.  Gorgeous George is not your savior.  People have no idea how deep the deception goes and the psychological nudging employed.  The cognitive dissonance induced is enough to encourage people to just accept the narrative.  Obviously  we are seeing real in-fighting but NEVER let go of the fact that there are no good guys.  One way or another they will impose the NWO on you….it is easier if you believe that the “good guys” are winning.  In the end we are all easy meat being groomed by a bunch of psychopaths.



Making “easy meat” Rochdale Great again (lolz)

George Galloway: ‘It’s my job to make Rochdale great again’ (3 min)


Fear and panic grips UK establishment (24 min)




Please Sanction Me

Please Sanction Me

The West keeps cutting their nose off to spite their face (lolz).  Why not shoot yourself in the foot as well?   The West sanctioned Germany…… I mean they sanctioned Russia.   How did that turn out?

U.S. Media ADMITS Russia’s Economy Booming Despite Western Sanctions! (18 min)

Meanwhile….in the West….

The biggest Stock Market Crash in US History is Coming. (Worse than 1929)-20 min

When that happens (and it will) they will take everything…..                                             

                                                                                                  ….they want it all….  ALL OF IT.

If They Get Financial Transaction Control They Will Go After Everybody’s Real Estate and Assets (5 min)