BA4 & BA5 Omicron

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BA4 & BA5 Omicron

We look to one of our favourite groups of scientists once again for their latest prediction of the future variant to take over in the world: this time being the BA.4 and BA.4 Omicron variants. Will they be correct once again? We also mention their new work developing SARS-CoV-2 mutation-proof antibodies that could neutralize any future variant.

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We have moved on

Sorry but we have moved on now (lolz). Omicron is old hat. We now have hepatitis and monkey pox.  This is your new normal. I warned you.


I can only speak for myself but as far as I am concerned they can all rot in hell.  I would rather bleed from every orifice than touch one of their vaccines.  I really don’t care. I will take my chances and leave my life in the hands of the Almighty. Whatever will be will be but I will not bow to their health tyranny. Que Sera Sera..