BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11

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BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11


This short video went up 7 years ago but is just as valid today. I copied some of the comments underneath.  This is not coincidence.  They have planned this for decades. Perhaps they have developed some sort of quantum linked remote viewing technique. Who knows?

BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11 (13 min)


One thing that is left out of the video...In the 30 year period between Back to the Future and The Walk, Robert Zemeckis made 2 films specifically where the main scene is a plane crash: Cast Away, and Flight. So along with all of the coincidences in BTTF, he created 2 films about plane crashes and 1 about the Twin Towers.

Another curious bit I noticed when last I watched BttF: when Marty comes back from the past, with the cinema having transformed into an Assembly of Christ, the actor playing the role of the homeless sleeping on the bench is George ‘Buck’ Flower. Three years later he would again play a homeless drifter in Carpenter’s ‘They Live’ and was camped outside a church, where the protagonist finds the sunglasses that allow him to see reality.

Even Marty's suit in the beginning of this video, resembles the architecture and steel beams of the towers. George upside down could represent the unfortunate jumper, that infamous haunting image I'm sure we could never forget

The video also forgets to point out the fact that Future Biff looks a lot like Trump.

If you watch Back to the future 1 right at the very end when marty wakes up out of bed (just before he meets the doc and goes to the future)... the clock says 10.28 - the EXACT time the twin tower collapsed!

I know this is kind of a stretch but the actor that is in “The Walk” (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) also plays the role of a police officer in the Dark Knight Rises (released 2012) and he says something along the lines in that movie “there’s no such thing as coincidences.”

Also, in the scene where Marty says CHECK OUT THAT 4X4, to the right of the truck there is a sign that has the word WAR in bold letters. Underneath there is a 1.19 or 911. WAR 911.

Seeing this was incredulous. I noticed one more thing also though not mentioned. When the Doc is on the clock tower it is 10:03 which is the exact time flight 93 crashed into the field in the final hijacking. Just an observation.