Backdoor Boys 2

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Backdoor Boys 2

This video by Brendon O’Connell was originally meant to live stream on the Sunday but he encountered all sorts of problems. He was kicked of YouTube and his other platform ceased to work.

It is now up on his Brighteon and Bitchute channels. Well worth watching only moderate cussing (lol)   Long story short he demonstrates that Israel has a backdoor into all chips and therefore Rad group controls all infrastructure.  They have the kill switch.   Here is the original article followed by the video:

Backdoor Boys


A bunch of new “backdoors” into Intel chips have been found by researchers. here are the initial links to peruse.

0-10:40 – Intro, the limited hang out gang continues.
10.40-16:00 – Refresh…Russian GRU assets in Israel.
16:00-21:45 – Intel chips have a new backdoor in microcode
21:45-32:28 – What happened to Intel & 10nm…really?
32:28-35:15 – Saviour, Intel, Covid and work from home.
35:15-38:19 – The key narrative.
38:19-45:58 – Critical infrastructure, Zohar Zisapel and RAD Group, the ususal suspects.
45:58-57:06 – I hope you will now understand what is going on now.
57:06 to end – Conclusion, going over the big picture.