Welcome to Country

Welcome to Country

Welcome to Country is a made up aboriginal ceremony meant to induce white guilt in Australian citizens.  The globalist-leftists are using the indigenous as a tool to grab more power.  They don’t care about the aborigines.  In fact they attempted to force vaccinate them and  the millions of aid that has been lavished on the indigenous has made little difference.  In whose pocket did it disappear?

Let us put up a few facts before we continue.  It was the British Crown that colonized the land not ordinary people.  Many people were sent here as prisoners.  They had no choice.  Many were sent because they were dissidents against British colonialism or were starving because of imperial policies (the Irish).  Many of these people were killed by the Aborigines.  We are told about indigenous genocides  but not about the thousands of white civilians who were slaughtered.    Many more people immigrated (fled) to Australia from other countries after the imperial wars of WW1 and WW2.  They built the country.  Finally, the aborigines should have rights and they already do. They can be elected to Parliament.   They already have a voice.  They have existed on the land for 70,000 years but they lived as hunter gathers.  They did not need property rights because they never  practiced agriculture or built cities.  So the question of ownership was a moot point.   The fact is that the indigenous are being used and exploited by globalist oligarchs and institutions such as the UN and WEF who want to remove property rights and sovereignty for all of us.


Welcome to no Rights


Welcome to no Investigation into deaths

Welcome to no power

Welcome to no protection


Welcome to your concentration camp

First Nation

First Nation

This is about our common humanity.  They want to clear the remote areas and urbanize and control the population.  Aborigines have lived on the land and survived catastrophes for +70,000 years.  We can learn a lot from them.  They are survivors who respect the land.  Governments do not want them becoming a focal point for independent communities.  They have done everything to undermine and control them.

Terra Nullius

Terra nullius means “nobody’s land”. This doctrine has existed in the law of nations throughout the development of Western democracy. The fact that it is a Latin phrase gives us the clue that it is derived from Roman law – the concept that ownership by seizure of a thing no one owns is legitimate.



Seems like the corporations want the remaining Aborigine land.  A lot of resources still in the ground up there and clean, pure water.  Great potential.