Blinken, Israel needs a plan. Bulgaria blocks Zakharova. Ukraine on defense. THE PUTIN winning. U/1 (40 min)

The Fall | The Russians Captured Marinka And Timkovka. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.12.01 (27 min)

Zelensky Admits Counteroffensive Defeat, Hints Mobilisation; Shoigu Ukr Lost 125K Troops 6 months (1:07 min)

Putin says Russian history is continuous. Hints at Ukraine endpoint (25 min)

“We need 20,000 men per month to survive!” Ukraine’s top General admits DEFEAT | Redacted (8 min)

Operation Trojan Horse – SITREP 12.1.23 (30 min)

Why Afghanistan is still at war (21 min)

Afghan quake

Afghan quake

Afghanistan 6.3 Earthquake: 120 killed and 1,000 Injured – Kīlauea Volcano 320 Earthquakes In 24 hrs (11 min)

Sun’s Magnetic Reversal Begins, Coronal Hole | S0 News Oct.7.2023 (3 min)

Abu Hureyra – Comet Airburst 12,800 Years Ago Initiates Agriculture – Solar Polar Field Reversal Now (56 min)

Iran vs.Afghanistan

Iran vs. Afghanistan

Something tells me that water is going to become more precious than oil as the climate rapidly changes. Some regions will become much drier and others will be much wetter. This was a very informative video:

Why Iran and Afghanistan are headed to war (16 min)


What Is Ukraine Really About?

What Is Ukraine Really About?

Another video by Brendon O’Connell.  He  makes some interesting points and is right about many of the internet operations but he has become disillusioned and somewhat repetitive and has made unnecessary enemies. Nevertheless some very good material but Brendon does not have all the answers.  I don’t think anyone has all the answers…some players have gone of script and the situation is complex and evolving.

Two important issues need some deep thinking.  First is the withdrawal from Afghanistan during the Biden admin and the abandonment of weapons.  That was extremely hasty and uncoordinated. Are we to believe that this was done to stop the Belt and Road because if anything it had the opposite effect. The Chinese were quick to come to agreements with the Taliban.

Beijing is unlikely to step in militarily; it considers Afghanistan a strategic trap. Instead, China’s weapon of choice for gaining leverage, which it has honed with the multi-continent Belt and Road Initiative, is to become an indispensable economic partner.

The end goal of China’s Eurasia strategy, reasons Nadège Rolland, a senior fellow at the National Bureau of Asian Research, is a situation “where the multiplication of dependencies to China have created enough positive incentives and coercive leverage to ultimately compel regional countries to defer to Beijing’s wishes, and constrict their ability and willingness to defy and resist against China’s power.”

China prefers the soft-power option and is increasing its influence in the area by recently extended a 2.3$ billion loan to Pakistan turning them into a client state. See this website for more articles on China and Afghanistan.

Did the US anticipate a bio-weapon threat in Afghanistan?  Is that why they withdrew so hastily?  They certainly did not withdraw to make life difficult for China. Perhaps the troops were needed elsewhere?  At about this time Biden was sealing off the White House and Washington.  Did he feel threatened internally or was he drawing down troops for a possible move in the Ukrainian theater?   Who knows?  Whatever happened Putin anticipated the Ukrainian operation and took decisive action.

As far as air defense are concerned Russia’s are layered and provide in depth cover for the grinding artillery war they are fighting.  And they are winning and I believe the West did not anticipate this.  Of course, NATO could have provided air cover but that would have led to full on war.

The fact that Kissinger wanted to sue for peace while other elements want to use Lithuania to escalate by using  Kaliningrad as a wedge speaks of disarray and different camps. This is a complex and shifting situation. Putin is not a good guy and neither is the West. I believe that Putin has gone off script and is the fly in the ointment, the monkey in the wrench and the pain in the ass of the globalist planners.  The US policy was always to keep Germany down and keep Russia out of the EU.  They are terrified of the Mackinder World Island forming and the policies they are perusing are bringing about the very result they fear.  The next step is probably all out war.  Expect an uptick in bio-warfare and more social unrest.  I believe that we are dealing with supra-national entities who have penetrated the Deep State. The Central Banks and the Rothschild are at the heart of this and they released Covid.  They are panicking.  It s not going according to plan. Good.

139. What Is Ukraine Really About Simple Question…Simple Answer (1:33)

Brendon Premiere Afghanistan

Brendon Premiere Afghanistan

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As a Patreon member I can already view this but it goes live on YouTube within the next 38 hrs.  I will update this page when it goes live….



Both Glenn Greenwald and Michael Moore – one on Fox and one on MSNBC – mouth the same rhetoric on Afghanistan. What are they missing? What is everyone missing? Except Steve Bannon? Where is the rhetoric on Wall Street? Davos? Michael Moore actually praises Biden. I also note the current love of ‘The Cliche Left’ for then President Eisenhower. Why? Because they know there is a large pile of VERY peeved veterans in America who want to know how America and the rest of the world got from A to B. Forget that, just know with the end of America’s wars, she will now be focusing on giant infrastructure projects. Especially Smart Cities and empowering people by imprisoning them in cleverly disguised FEMA camps, with fast 5G and free porn. If the worst case hysteria on vaccines comes true – then having everyone locked up will be very handy. Glenn Greenwald: The Afghan war was a lie for years… Exclusive: Michael Moore on Biden Ending War In Afghanistan | MSNBC, The Beat With Ari Melber… A New Sustainable City For 5 Million To Be Built ‘From Scratch’ In US Desert… I have only ever seen Steve Bannon tell ‘almost’ the entire story.

The covid Bridge and vaxx Road

The covid Bridge and vaxx Road

The latest video from Dr Kevin McCairn starts with geopolitics connecting covid with the Bridge and Road and the fiasco in Afghanistan.  A rough rundown of my compressed version:

0-14: Afgahnistan-China Bridge and Road proxy war
14-21: culture war on the military
21-26: vaccine war on health insurance
26-31: Nigerian scam variant
31-32: Iceland and Israel vaccine failures
31-41: Nucleocapsid Vaccine, Kev was right

Find the article that Kevin refers to below the video as well as the link to the scientific paper that he analyzes.



Nucleocapsid Vaccine Elicits Spike-Independent SARS-CoV-2 Protective Immunity


The Afghanistan situation

Here follow some recent news articles and videos on the current situation:


It looks like China has fallen out with Israel.  Perhaps it realizes it has been stabbed in the back.  Follow the Haaretz link.


Taliban Near Capture Of Lashkar Gah, As Fighting Reaches Kabul