The scramble for Africa is well and truly on.  Africa is spectacular, blessed with an abundance of natural resources and a very young population. The curse of Africa has been western colonization and the exploitation of tribalism.   Africa will be the worlds next grow zone but I fear for her as she becomes a play thing in the Geo-politics of the globalists. Watch the video by David DuByne but first listen to the song by Toto. Those who have traveled around Africa fall in love with her and never want to leave.  I can understand why.


I  follow this channel on Twitter which highlights the different villages, customs and nature of Africa.  Have a look at the channel. Truly spectacular.

What’s Going on in Africa (Match on a Glacier)

Looking at Africa a few head shaking events are piling up with China building a 7500 mile long communications system outside of western control, Kenya halting corn imports, Ivory Coast starting its own commodities exchange to set global pricing for African production. Globally screaming north food prices are about to upset the global balance of power.


●▬▬▬ Story Links ▬▬▬● China’s 7,500-Mile Undersea ‘Peace Pipe’ To Connect Belt And Road Countries… Food-at-home prices increased in all major food categories, except fresh fruits, in 2020… Food prices steadily climb nearly 1 year into pandemic… Food Prices Are Soaring Faster Than Inflation and Incomes… FAO: Global food prices rise for nine straight month in February… Kenya bans all maize imports over aflatoxin… Ivory Coast to launch agricultural commodities exchange in March… Commodities index…

A new scramble for Africa


East African Federation: A New African Superpower?


They all have their claws in Africa.  China (and Russia) are interested and the EU (the ex-colonial powers) want a presence in the Sahel.  They all know that Africa will be the next grow zone for earth. The coming climate change will benefit Africa, especially the Sahel area.They all know that Africa has huge natural resources and a pool of young vigorous workers. Africa seems to be moving to new ways of payment (digital?).  Africa will outperform China and the West.  I am afraid though that it will be exploited and indebted like it has been in the past.  Interestingly, the East African Federation proposed in the above video is roughly the area that will be split from Africa when the Great African Rift tears itself loose. So much for the The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (Millennium Dam).    Although Africa will thrive in the coming millennium it will be completely reconfigured.  It will become a food bowl as will the arid Middle East.  Neither China, nor the EU, nor any other earthly power will control the fate of this region. It will blossom and bloom like never before under the auspices of the Great King.

More quakes

More quakes



All their plans will fail.  They are going to get one hell of a slapping down.

My notes:

See: Pole Shift Acceleration, Where Earth Breaks First | S0 News Nov.7.2020

Newly forming underwater volcano discovered near Mayotte



11/10/2020 — California Earthquakes at OIL PUMPING OPERATIONS and Volcanoes — Seismic spread

Time stamps by Heather:

Tap on the blue timestamp to be instantly directed to the portion of the video you wish to see. I recommend watching the entire video as I do not timestamp everything and could miss something important.

1:44 “D” Deep earthquakes explained & locations

3:44 / 10:11 /12:50 plate boundary

4:00 Mt krakatau M5.0 🎯

4:22 /9:38 Mt Sinabung 🌋

6:00 Mt Merapi ⚠️🌋

6:22 South Japan 🌋

7:00/ 10:00 Russia 🇷🇺

7:40 New Zealand 🇳🇿

8:00 ⚠️ Wellington 🇳🇿

8:17 ⚠️ Guam 🇬🇺 GTFO😳

8:40 Taiwan 🇹🇼

9:11 Japan 🇯🇵

9:40 China 🇨🇳, Bangladesh 🇧🇩, India 🇮🇳, Myanmar 🇲🇲,

11:00 Afghanistan 🇦🇫

11:00 Iran 🇮🇷

11:08 Iraq 🇮🇶

10:08 Nepal 🇳🇵

12:22 Italy 🇮🇹 , Greece 🇬🇷

12:40 / 14:08 Switzerland 🇨🇭

13:30 Croatia 🇭🇷

13:40 Bosnia 🇧🇦

13:33 Romania 🇷🇴

16:44 Europe 🇪🇺

17:17 Mayotte island 🏝 🌋

19:11 Africa 🇿🇦

19:38 ⚠️ Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 coast

19:55 Central/ South America

20:38 USA 🇺🇸

20:38 Virginia

20:48 Colorado

21:00 🌏 North American Craton earthquake path

22:40 Rhode Island 💣 2015

25:25 West- East coast

34:00 ⚠️⚠️ California⚠️⚠️⚠️

45:45 Cali/ Nevada border

51:00 ❗ Lesson of the day

53:33 Oklahoma 🎯

57:40 Earthquake plan 😳 Please 👍 Subscribe Share 😎✌

Reset Dynamics

Reset Dynamics


Silver prices set by the U. S Mint are at $67 and not available, for regular normal liberty one ounce rounds. Time Magazine shows N. Africa as a new grow zone moving into the Great Reset with underground water resources as the key. Paypal sees 3X demand for cryptocurrency than estimates as the globe pivots to digital currency.

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Rona rumble

Rona Rumble

You heard about the rumble in the jungle…well the Rona rumble is starting.  They are going to lie, cheat,shame, embarrass etc you into getting the “voluntary” vaccine.  They will do just about anything to get you vaccinated. That is how much they are concerned about your health.



Melinda in Africa

After all, they have done such a good job in Africa why should we miss out?



Sick of the lies?

If you are as sick of the lies as I am….then watch this. It always makes me feel better.