Get back in your Kill-box

Get back in your Kill-box

Did you know that AIDS, SV40 (Simian Virus 40 found in the polio vaccine), RSV (Respiratory syncytial  virus) and Monkey pox all come from……ta da…monkeys.  How many monkeys have you spotted lately?  Any in the last year?   Did you know that vaccines are cultured in monkey tissue.  Oh, and that CJD (mad cow) outbreak in the UK happened at a farm that was 66 km (as the crow flies) from the bio warfare lab Porton Down.  Do you see it yet?  CJD was a Prion disease and the spike protein has prion-like epitopes as well as GP-120HIV. 

DO YOU SEE IT YET? (5 min)

Rockerfella Petroleum Pills – Reloaded ftom Killuminati3420 (2 min)

And David Rockefeller his descendant is now dead after his sixth heart transplant. They all die..even Kissinger.  Where did all their wealth get them?  

Covid and the “vaccines” are biowarfare.  Just the latest iteration of them trying to cull us.  We are just useless eaters.  They don’t need us anymore. According to them we have no intrinsic worth.

What are these (7 min)

Murderous Monsters

Murderous Monsters

These are good videos.  So many of these viruses come from monkey tissue – RSV, monkeypox, SV40 and AIDS.

Merck introduced AIDS to Africa. Millions died. Africa was ravaged. We are dealing with eugenicists and psychopaths.

Did Fauci coverup the origin of AIDS? ChatGPT lays out the indisputable facts (9 min)


Emerging Viruses

Emerging Viruses

Promoting this book by Horowitz. Recommended.

"You have to give it to promiscuous gay men and sex workers if you want it [AIDS] to go viral. You can't test your vaccines on a monogamous population".   (Horowitz paraphrase video below)


The link is in the tweet but I have embedded the book below and I believe that it is also available as a PDF:


2019 Final Interview w/ Drs Len Horowitz and Alan Cantwell (1:13)

Final taped discussion between OG whistleblowers Alan Cantwell (bearded) and Len Horowitz filmed in Alan's living room in the Hollywood Hills. Alan sat in that same chair when I visited LA in 2019 to access his USC archive. He insisted I have my dinners in his kitchen each night after digitizing material on campus. Memories of pacing around his living room on those balmy August evenings, chewing through the evidence with Alan will always be with me. Alan passed from kidney failure on 1 Jan 2021 and Sherri Kane passed 6 days later on 7 Jan 2021.

It is just a cold

It is just a cold

The vaccine is dangerous but so is covid.  It is not “just a cold” as some are saying. It is a long-term incapacitating agent.

Follow up of DoE Origins Live Stream

Follow up of DoE Origins Live Stream

I know things are moving rapidly and everyone is suffering from information overload but it is crucially important that we do not become dogmatic and keep asking the right questions. Asking the right question is as important as finding the right answer. In fact you cannot find the correct answer unless you ask the right questions.   It is also OK to admit that you don’t know something.  As Scott Fitzgerald said (paraphrase) the sign of a first rate intellect is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in your mind at the same time.  That is all good and well but unless some sort of synthesis is finally achieved it might drive you insane (lolz).

We are dealing with highly specialized science where people have carved out a niche within a militarized bio-weapon milieu protected by layers of disinfomation and narrative control. No wonder people gravitate to easy answers as such answers offer reassurance and comfort.  However, I would rather know the truth than have false comfort.

So, this is intended as a summary in which I employ material  from the Raccoon Discord and add my own thoughts and a simplified overview. I operate on the KISS principle  (Keep It Simple Stupid) otherwise you drown in the minutiae.  So here goes.

On discord five groups of people were differentiated:

  1. Sars-Cov-2 does not exist. The tests have been engineered to pick up something
  2. Sars-Cov-2  exists and was spread but couldn’t cause or maintain pandemic
  3. Sars-Cov-2 is rebranded flu and the picking up of it on tests doesn’t mean anything and it’s just something we find (i.e. not causative but incidental.. Cf. Duesberg  re HIV).
  4. Sars-Cov-2 exists, spreads, caused pandemic but is not that serious (99.7% recover).
  5. Sars-Cov-2 exists, spreads, is serious and basically air borne HIV

Essentially Jonathan Couey falls into a crossover between  Group 2 and 3 and rests his theory on “Gain of Purity” and the use of clones to amplify the virus.   The use of clones is not an earth shattering revelation because it is  technique that is regularly employed and was even in the Ecohealth proposal.  Recently Jonathan engaged with a group of doctors and scientists were he was forced to  adjust his hypothesis and apologize for coming across as hostile. He later removed the video from his website (    This is not about who is right or wrong.  These are complex issues and we have to adjust our hypothesis as more data becomes available.

Sars-CoV-2 is not a rebranded flu but is a long term incapacitating agent.  It has a supposed  “recovery” rate of 99.7% but accelerates senescence activating vascular thrombotic pathways and neuropathy.[1] So although you may have had a largely asymptomatic infection it could be a dormant trigger waiting to be activated by other environmental factors (or by “vaccines”).

Furthermore, the picture is complicated by the constant administration of “vaccines” (sic) coding for the same Spike Protein and leading to similar pathologies which are difficult to distinguish from the original infection. How many people have died without proper autopsies?  It is even likely that the vaccines amplify the effect of the original infection.  So I would probably fall in group 5 (as many raccoons) with the added observation that the vaccines are causing viral shedding and they are a way of maintaining the pandemic “quasi-species” swarm and probably preventing it from attenuating into a harmless variant.

This from the Discord:

In JC's latest stream, he showed a video where David Martin read the following section of a paper from 2015 titled "SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence": [,]

Using the SARS-CoV infectious clone as a template (7), we designed and synthesized a full-length infectious clone of WIV1-CoV consisting of six plasmids that could be enzymatically cut, ligated together, and electroporated into cells to rescue replication competent progeny virions (Fig. S14). In addition to the full-length clone, we also produced WIV1-CoV chimeric virus that replaced the SARS spike with the WIV1 spike within the mouse-adapted backbone (WIV1-MA15, Fig. S1B). WIV1-MA15 incorporates the original binding and entry capabilities of WIV1-CoV, but maintains the backbone changes to mouse-adapted SARS-CoV.

And then David Martin said: "Let's stop and get this really clear. The thing that killed Americans and continues to kill Americans was engineered from an infectious clone. It was not a naturally occurring phenomenon, it was in fact something that by their own admission was engineered, and not in China - it was engineered in the United States." [] However I don't know if David Martin is saying that regular RNA viruses can't sustain a pandemic or that COVID was caused by a release of infectious clones. But it's suspicious because David Martin was one of the four speakers that Jane Ruby booked to an event she held last year, and the other three speakers were Sasha Latypova, Karen Kingston, and Mike Yeadon, who have all said that COVID was not caused by a virus: (Henjin)

The question of Virus Isolation

The question of isolating the virus according to “Koch’s Principles”  is not a new one and can be traced back to the AIDS/HIV controversy. Unfortunately isolating the virus has been conflated with understanding the virus as the cause of AIDS.  As they like to repeat…correlation is not causation.  Just because you find the presence of a HIV virus does not mean that it causes AIDS. Neither does the presence of amyloid protein mean that amyloid causes dementia. However, the presence of those markers is important. Both  Mullis and Duesberg challenged the consensus and  Dr. Luc Montagnier  who won the Nobel prize for discovering HIV also adjusted his  perception and focused on oxidative stress.  There is no doubt in my mind that HIV/AIDS was the precursor to the Covid Pandemic and two suspect plane crashes confirm this.

The AIDS Controversy


Henjin comments: Duesberg said is that HIV exists and it has been isolated and sequenced, but that it’s a harmless passenger virus which is not pathogenic. That’s why I differentiate the neo-Duesbergians from the no-virusers. The neo-Duesbergians say that SARS 2 exists but it’s not that dangerous or it’s not capable of sustaining a pandemic, and that COVID was caused by a release of synthetic cDNA clones (JC), by nanoparticle bioweapons (Latypova and Kingston), by aerosolized bat vaccines (Kingston), or by some kind of a release of toxins (Latypova). For example in 1997 Duesberg sent a reply to Stefan Lanka and Eleni Papadopoulos-Eliopulos et al. where he wrote the following: []

I am honored by the profound and passionate reactions of Hodgkinson, Lanka, and Papadopulos-Eleopulos et al. to my letter on the existence or the non-existence of HIV (Hodgkinson, 1996; Lanka, 1996; Papadopulos-Eleopulos et al., 1996) . However, I cannot surrender to the HIV-non-existentialists for the following two scientific reasons: > 1) The weakest point of the HIV-non-existentialists is their failure to explain the origin of "19 sequences encompassing the full-length, 10 kb-HIV-1 genome" (Papadopulos-Eleopulos et al., 1996) and "19 full-length HIV genomes" (Hodgkinson, 1996) . Hence Papadopulos et als unanswered question: "Can one exclude the possibility that the 19 "full-length HIV genomes" described so far, even if they all had the same length of 9150 bp and identical sequences are nothing more than a chance finding among the many molecular species present in the cultures, or even the uncultured lymphocytesŠ?"(Papadopulos-Eleopulos et al., 1996) , that were "...taken from AIDS patients and AIDS risk groups", as Hodgkinson points out (Hodgkinson, 1996) . - Yes, one can exclude that. Remember the odds of coming up with even one nucleotide sequence of 9150 bp by chance are astronomically low, namely 1 in 49150 which is very very close to 0 (see my letter in the July/August Continuum, (Duesberg, 1996) ). The chance of coming up 19-times with the same HIV-DNAs, even "from cultures treated with chemical or physical oxidants" (Papadopulos-Eleopulos et al., 1996) are another 19 orders of magnitude lower than finding it once by chance. Indeed the odds are much much lower than finding 19 guys on this planet with the same phone numbers. Science offers but one rational origin for such sequences appearing "very occasionally" (Hodgkinson, 1996) in species, namely viruses or other infectious agents. Thus the virus hypothesis is not a "specious" (Hodgkinson, 1996) explanation for the origin of 9150 bp DNA that is "very occasionally" found in AIDS patients.

2) The HIV-non-existentialists also fail to realize that available isolation efforts have already adequately identified the 9150 bases as the genome of a virus. In order to "isolate" a given infectious agent, one needs no more than to isolate it from all other, possibly contaminating, infectious agents - this is in fact Koch's second postulate. Since viruses have an extracellular and intracellular existence, viruses can be isolated from two entirely different sources: > > 

(i) Viruses have been traditionally isolated from extracellular fluids. Such viruses may be contaminated by extracellular proteins, nucleic acids and possibly other microbes. Montagnier's original isolate of HIV from extracellular fluids is an example. Indeed, Montagnier's isolate appears to meet functional standards of isolation adequately, because two of the world's leading retrovirologists, Robert Gallo of the NIH and Robin Weiss of the Chester Beatty have re-isolated only HIV from Montagnier's virus stock (Weiss, 1991; Cohen, 1993) . If Montagnier's virus had been grossly contaminated by other viruses or microbes, those would have been found by Gallo and Weiss.

 (ii) Since the 1980s viruses can also be isolated as infectious nucleic acids from infected cells. Such infectious nucleic acids initiate replication of virus in uninfected cells from which new virus particles are subsequently released. In this case viral nucleic acid is contaminated by cellular nucleic acid, and possible other intracellular viruses. As I pointed out in my Missing Virus Reward claim in the July/August Continuum, infectious HIV DNA has been isolated from infected cells several times by molecular cloning (Duesberg, 1996) . This cloned, infectious HIV DNA of 9150 bases represents an almost theoretical isolation, as it is a 100,000 fold purification from all nucleic acids of the cell and its possible viruses. This is because the human cell contains 1 million kilobases of DNA and HIV only 10. Contrary to Papadopulos et al.'s slogan - "No isolation no cloning." - cloning is isolation, and is in fact the most rigorous isolation science has to offer for retroviruses. Thus the high standards of virus isolation from extracellular materials postulated by Papadopulos et al. and Hodgkinson may be relevant for crystallographers or chemists who want to analyze the structure of a virus, but are not relevant for functional isolation. In view of this I hope to liberate the minds of HIV dissidents from HIV for the cause that unites us all - the solution of AIDS. It seems tragic that over 99% of AIDS researchers study a virus that does not cause AIDS and that the few who don't are now engaged in a debate over the existence of a virus that doesn't cause AIDS.

In a paper in 1988, Duesberg said that HIV can be isolated but that it's difficult to isolate: []

Due to Extremely Low Titers, HIV Can Be Isolated Only with Great Difficulty from AIDS Patients. Koch further postulated that it must be possible to isolate and propagate the etiological agent from all cases of the disease. However, virus isolation, although possible in up to 80% of AIDS cases, is technically very difficult and is perhaps best described as  maieutic  [2] (23, 69, 70, 81-84). It depends on reactivation of dormant proviruses from one or a few latently infected lymphocytes among millions of uninfected lymphocytes from AIDS patients. This is only possible by culturing these cells for several weeks in vitro, away from the suppressive, virus-neutralizing immune system of the host (23, 48-50). Even then success sometimes comes only after 15 (!) trials (85). These difficulties and the often over 20% failure rate (84) in isolation of HIV from AIDS patients are consistent with the extremely low titers of HIV in such patients. Thus, HIV does not meet Koch's second postulate.

 AIDS pandemic at the root of the problem

We postulate then that the AIDS pandemic lies at the root of the problem and was the precursor event and the outcome of the Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP).  In other words they were messing with viruses under the guise of finding a “cure for cancer” all the while developing techniques that were dual purpose.  They could be used for good or bad. Guess which they chose (sic).

Emerging viruses : AIDS and Ebola : nature, accident, or intentional?

Charles Rixey

This brings us back to the live-stream and the fact that Charles Rixey has highlighted that when they tried to make a vaccine for HIV they removed the FCS.  Why then did they include it in the “vaccine”  And why does the Spike Protein contain the GP120HIV-1 epitope?

Why did they keep the FCS in the Covid Vaccine? (7 min)

Partial transcript:

In every study that I have found from 2006 to 2019 from the WIV or the NIH or whoever they have always taken out that Furin Cleavage site. ALWAYS. So why? What they are trying to say now is that it is natural which is bullshit. It is obviously from HIV. They don't keep it in the HIV vaccine, so why would...why would.. (they leave it in the vaccine spike)

J.C. We need...we need... and independent molecular biologist to confirm this (good luck finding one)we need somebody who is not naive but say, could be asked to do this alignment without being told why it is being done...Oh, that is interesting ...I am not being a shithead..just saying that if this is true and I can over the weekend...over this week teach myself how to verify this somehow using BLAST. That would be a stark revelation that up until now no one knows...if this unique insert

We are getting to the heart of it. I said from the beginning that they are making us focus on these four amino acids, because those four amino acids are what they want us to attention to ..when in reality what you have identified is a larger fragment that other people have identified different parts of as well and a lot of different searches have cued off as an alarm bell and if you have made this connection where the various designs of these HIV vaccines have omitted a sequence of HIV which contains a FCS...

Plasmids and cloning (it gets worse)

There is also the question of Plasmid which we looked at previously:


In my view the presence of plasmid demonstrates that they  used E. Coli to clone the Spike Protein.  Is it contamination or is something else going on? There is also a SV40 promoter present. Many of these viruses originated  in chimpanzees including HIV and RSV and SV40 among other viruses. So something untoward is going on.

To complete this article on Bio-warfare we need to mention Mycoplasmas  (a form of bacteria) which according to Dr. Garth Nicolson have also been used.

Dr. Garth L. Nicolson : Weaponized Mycoplasmas (Non-lethal Biological Warfare) -58 min

Last but not Least

Last but not least, they have been doing this for decades. Aids started when the SVCP (Special Virus Cancer Program) ended at the start of the 80s.  The Israel Cancer Research Fund was already using recombinant DNA in 1979 [3]   The AIDS pandemic was followed quickly by BSE (mad Cow) a prion disease.  The earliest suspicions of BSE in the UK were on a farm in Sussex in December 1984. The farm was 66 km distance away from the renowned bio-lab at Portondown. Before that they were looking at scrapie in sheep (also a prion disease) also at the relationship between bovine viruses and and human immunodeficiency virus. So this has been ongoing for decades.


[1] COVID-19 News: Study Shows That SARS-CoV-2 Infections Can Cause Acute Phrenic Neuropathy and Diaphragmatic Dysfunction! – Thailand Medical News

[2] The meaning of MAIEUTIC is relating to or resembling the Socratic method of eliciting new ideas from another. Maieutics ( Template:Pron-en) is a procedure of pedagogy. It is based on the idea that the truth is latent in the mind of every human being due to his innate reason but has to be “given birth” by answering questions (or problems) intelligently proposed. The word is derived from the Greek “μαιευτικός”, pertaining to midwifery .

[3] For the ICRF Annual Report, 1979: II. Retroviruses as Mutagens: Isolation of Revertants with Deletions and/or Insertions in the ASV Provirus in B31 Cells after Superinfection with MuLV, 1979 For the ICRF Annual Report, 1979: III. Co-Transfection with Papovavirus and Retrovirus DNA Using Recombinant DNA Prepared In vitro, 1979 Language: English
















The AIDS Controversy

The AIDS Controversy

After reporting on Dr Kevin McCairn’s and Nick’s previous stream a number of questions come to mind. I disagree with Johnathan Couey’s approach and I believe that hitching his wagon to RFK and denying the possibility of GOF and bio-warfare is shutting down legitimate avenues of investigation….however…we are dealing with complex issues. I was thinking all last night (my head hurts) and I have a number of questions because I believe the roots of the SARS pandemic lie in the AIDS pandemic and fortunately we have a resident expert on the topic in Nick so here are my thoughts and questions. Please be patient with me because some points are a bit woo-woo, but nothing is off limits when searching for the truth. Firstly, the parallels between AIDS and Covid are striking. It seems to me that AIDS was a dry run. Not only were the same people in charge (Fauci et al) but the same institutions (WHO et al) and the same problems occurred, namely there were dissident scientists who claimed that:

  1. The HIV virus was not the cause of AIDS (correlation is not causation)
  2. The HIV virus was never isolated


The most famous story is that of Dr. Kary Mullis (the Nobel prize winner and inventor of PCR) not being able to find a reference for the statement “HIV is the probable cause of AIDS” and at one point he even asked another famous Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute (who had identified the HIV virus). This was (according to Mullis) the response:

With a look of condescending puzzlement, Montagnier said, "Why don't you quote the report from the Centers for Disease Control?" I replied, "It doesn't really address the issue of whether or not HIV is the probable cause of AIDS does it?" "No," he admitted, no doubt wondering when I would just go away. He looked for support to the little circle of people around him, but they were all awaiting a more definitive response, like I was. "Why don't you quote the work on SIV [Simian Immunodeficiency Virus]?" the good doctor offered. "I read that too, Dr. Montagnier," I responded. "What happened to those monkeys didn't remind me of AIDS. Besides, that paper was just published only a couple of months ago. I'm looking for the original paper where somebody showed that HIV caused AIDS." This time, Dr. Montagnier's response was to walk quickly away to greet an acquaintance across the room. "


Now, in my view Luc adjusted his  hypothesis over time. In a talk he gave to the European Parliament, 8th December 2004, Montagnier said that the cause of the,

 “clinical phase of opportunist infections and cancers which result in death [AIDS] " is principally due to a decline in the numbers of T4 cells. The decline in T4 cells is due to their “propensity to die from apoptosis". In turn apoptosis is due to “potent oxidative stress”.

Significantly, with the exception of African patients, Montagnier did not address the cause of the oxidation in the AIDS risk groups. In regard to African patients he said that the oxidative stress “exists even in the non- infected individuals because of malnutrition”. That is, the cause of AIDS is oxidation, not an infectious retrovirus. Significantly, Montagnier cited none of his own research or that of any other scientist to support his claim. A dissident group of Australian scientists called the “Perth Group” headed by Dr Valendar Turner and bio-Physicst Eleni Eloeopulos from the Royal Perth Hospital (was this Brendon O’Connells hospital where he worked as a nurse??) contacted Luc with their concerns and Luc responded to the “Perth Group” and even created a Post Doctoral Fellowship to examine Oxidative Stress and HIV infection. At one stage the Perth Group got involved with The South African President Mbeki AIDS controversy.

The Perth Group – Problems With ‘HIV” Blood Tests (1:10)

My take away form this is that Luc had an open mind and was willing to examine other possibilities.

It seems that Luc advocated that good nutrition and pure water (among other things) would hold AIDS in check which makes sense if it is caused by oxidative stress. Interestingly one of the suggested supplements against AIDS is NAC, which also recommended for Covid. All this makes me question the role of the GP-120HIV-1 epitope in the spike. Why is it there? Asking if HIV is the cause of AIDS is a bit like asking if amyloid is the cause of dementia. Perhaps these are “markers” or symptoms of malfunction rather than the cause? I believe that we are dealing with very complex systems and the people behind this have developed ways to create pandemics through vaccination.

HIV and race

The official story is that HIV appeared “suddenly” in Africa in the 1980s although they managed to find a case in the 50s (sic) the NYT was the first to report on HIV in the USA just like they were the first to display the full covid19 genome in their online publication. It seems that AIDS more or less erupted in the jungles of Africa by blacks eating monkeys and having (gay?) jungle sex as well as in the urban gay jungles of NY more or less simultaneously.

I could not find much info on HIV and racial binding affinity etc but it is know that circumcision reduces HIV susceptibility (by up to 60%). I don’t know why GP120 HIV-1 epitope is in the spike but HIV-1 was consider as a vaccine candidate at one point but it initiates a virus-antibody “arms race” (think escape variants??) and can mediate binding to TAR RNA. What does it all mean? I don’t know but it does not sound good to me.

Serendipity woo-woo

Two plane crashes occurred both involving AIDS researchers. The first occurred on 2 Sept 1998 involving a seven-year-old McDonnell Douglas MD-11, serial number 48448, registration HB-IWF (Swiss air). Jonathan Mann, former head of the World Health Organization’s AIDS program, and his wife, AIDS researcher Mary Lou Clements-Mann, died in the crash (229 people died), two valuable Picasso paintings were also “lost forever” (lolz, they are hanging in Jacob Rothschild’s toilet). Pissed off ex -M16 spy Richard Tomlinson claimed a bomb had been planted on the plane.

Fast forward to July 17, 2014 and Flight MH17 the world-famous doctor Joep Lange was flying onboard MH-17 to an international AIDS conference in Melbourne via Kuala Lumpur when it was shot down by “Russians” over Ukraine. Apparently there were 6 other AIDS scientists aboard (Australian?).

Now comes the Gematria Woo-Woo

R=reverse O=ordinal RR=reverse reduction

Swiss Air flight 111

  • McDonnell (=92 O/38 R =11)
  • Douglas (RR=38/R=110 =11)
  • MD-11 (MD R=1) 1-11 flight 111 48 4 48 48 [HB-IWF=48] 48 (R =3)
  • Jonathan= 133 (R)[133 = (3 x 33.3333333) +33]
  • Mann=66 (R)[=2×33]
  • Mary Lou=33 (R)
  • Clements-Mann =133 (O) [133 = (3 x 33.3333333) +33]


Flight MH-17

  • July 17, 2014
  • MH17 MH (R)=33
  • 7 17 7 33 17 or (22)33(17)
  • AIDS=33 (O)
  • Joep =17 (RR)
  • J.Lange=22(R)



I am going to lie down in dark room as I have a headache. Someone needs to do some digging. The situation is very complex but it seems to me that they know how to create and maintain pandemics. The attack is multi-vector and they will eliminate anyone who gets in the way

Bad Monkey

Bad Monkey


DOD ADM Bio-warfare

DOD ADM Bio-warfare

Important. Even if you do not watch the videos read the article especially the conclusion highlighted in blue. Is this where we are going?

For those who discount the idea of bio-warfare this Department of Defense Initiative is from 2016 -2017.    It is dual use technology.   They are not interested in your health.

DOD ADM: Advanced Development and Manufacturing Facility (4 min)


The following stream by Dr Kevin McCairn features Robert Malone and Andrew Huff talking about biowarfare and incapacitating agents.  The narrative is turning (is this deliberate?) in any case the intent to conduct biowarfare research is undeniable and more importantly this is not something that just happened recently.  Nick continues to build the historical background around AIDS supposedly caught from bush-meat. But what then of all these other diseases all caught from monkeys?

For example SV40 is an abbreviation for simian vacuolating virus 40 or simian virus 40, a polyomavirus that is found in both monkeys and humans.  They make vaccines by growing cultures in monkey tissues.  Some vaccines made in the US between 1955 and 1961 were found to be contaminated with SV40, from the growth medium and from the original seed strain.

This interview with Andrew Huff and Robert Malone starts at about 1:35.  In the video Respiratory syncytial virus is mentioned.  RSV is currently causing a lot of problems in children whose immune systems are already compromised either by the circulating covid or from the vaccine (transfection).   However RSV is also a monkey disease.    They want you to believe that someone caught a cold from a monkey.  RSV was first discovered in 1956 when researchers isolated a virus from a population of chimpanzees with respiratory illness. They named the virus CCA (Chimpanzee Coryza Agent). In 1957, this same virus was identified by Robert M. Chanock in children with respiratory illness. Three and a half decades ago Morris et al. recovered from a chimpanzee with a cold a virus that had infected the entire colony and its handler. In subsequent years this contagious chimpanzee coryza agent earned a new name, respiratory syntactical virus (RSV). Malone says it is a Silver-Springs crossover event from a chimpanzee colony into a technician. However, Nick believes it was the result of contaminated tissue culturing like the SV40 event.    And what about monkeypox (where did that go?) that (like HIV) hit the gay community hardest (a targeted group for dry running experiments?).    Are we to believe that we are constantly being infected by monkey diseases but it has nothing to do with the huge monkey colonies these “scientists” are experimenting with and whose tissue they use for culturing viruses/vaccines.   Oh, another conspiracy theory I suppose?    So, in my view we are left with the following options:

  • The viruses escaped from labs through incompetence
  • The viruses are deliberately released

It is not monkeys that are dangerous but scientists.

As for me, I am always cynical about the narratives that are being built and both Malone and Huff come across a s glowies with their extensive DoD and intelligence connections, but perhaps guilt by association is not a fair attribution.  The evidence is (in my view) inescapable that decades of bio-warfare is being conducted against civilian populations for all sorts of nefarious reasons.   Why is it all being exposed now?  Where is the Artificial Intelligence narrative nudging us?   Perhaps we all need our brains linking with neuralink to create a hive mind because it is the only way way that we can monitor each other and prevent a mad man making a GOF super deadly virus in their garage.   Is that where they are going with this? Like Noah Yuval Harari said, the bio-metrics chips will be under your skin. The ultimate surveillance state. If so you heard it here first.

Triple-Demic, Shaheed’s, Robert Malone & Andrew Huff (Bio-Warfare) – 3:21


You have no freewill nor do you have privacy or bodily autonomy.  They will own you.

Zombies in your head (5:07)