Aleksandr Dugin

Aleksandr Dugin

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This from Reddit;

Aleksandr Dugin is a Russian political philosopher. He co-founded the National Bolshevik party in Russia. This map illustrates his geopolitical preferences as he laid out in his 1997 book Foundations of Geopolitics. He has close ties to the General Staff Academy, where his work serves as a textbook.

The declared purpose in his book is the rule of ethnic Russians “from Dublin to Vladisvostok.” In Dugin’s words, the basis of this Empire is “A negation of Atlanticism, a repudiation of the strategic control of the United States, and the rejection of the supremacy of economic, liberal market values…which will prepare the way for a strong political and strategic union.”

These ends are not to be sought by militaristic means, but by a complex mix of subversion, destabilization and disinformation spearheaded by special services and supported by tough use of gas, oil and other natural resource riches to pressure other countries to bend to Russia’s will. They are three axises which are to be established in this quest. One with Germany, one with Japan and one with Iran.

According to Dugin, “The task of Moscow is to tear Europe away from the control of the U.S. (NATO), to assist European unification, and to strengthen ties with Central Europe under the aegis of the fundamental external axis Moscow-Berlin. Eurasia needs a united, friendly Europe.” With the Berlin-Moscow axis, Dugin advocates giving the Kaliningrad oblast back to Germany. Germany and Russia are then to divvy up de facto spheres of dominance across Europe and thus mutually decide issues facing the region. A strong Franco-German axis is to be encouraged, allowing Germany’s sphere to extend beyond central and southern Europe to Iberian countries and Italy. France and Germany are considered to be bastons of anti-Atlanticism. Only the United Kingdom is to cut off and shunned from this Europe-Eurasia, it being an Atlantist ‘floating base’ of the US. Finland will be annexed directly into Russia. The countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland are to be granted ‘special status’ in the Eurasian sphere. ‘Belorussia’ and the eastern regions of Ukraine will be direct parts of Russia. Catholic regions of Ukraine are to be a separate federation. Finally, Dugin expects the ‘Russian South’ (orthodox Balkans) will be constituent parts of the Eurasian Empire.

In regards to Asia and the Japanese-Russian axis: The Kuriles are to be given to Japan, and Japan will being constructing its ‘new order’. A security belt will be established between Russia and China from separatist regions of China and China given a sphere of dominance to its south, excluding Vietnam. Mongolia will be absorbed directly into the Empire.

Moving westward, Dugin argues a Russian-Islamic alliance is to the detriment of Atlanticism. Russia will get naval bases on the Indian ocean in the Iranian Empire’s territory. Russia will have all eastern access to the Caspian, and the Central Asian and Caucasian states are to be Russia’s again, at least for awhile. Armenia is an exception and will be a Russian partner, getting Armenian-populated regions. Georgia goes to Iran as booty in return for being a prickly problem for Russia. Azerbaijan goes as well in return for its ‘pro-Turkish orientation’. Any minorities in Turkey will be stirred up to rebellion. Turkey will be allowed southward expansion only.

India, the two Koreas and Vietnam will be allowed to join in efforts to constrain China’s threat to Dugin’s Russia.

Aleksandr Dugin Admits To Whom He is Working For As a World Order Puppet Master – Brzezinski (1:40)