This is the first episode by Matt Ehret and his wife Cynthia exploring the subject of UFOs and seeing it as a continuation of the occult and the mystery religions.  Matt is obviously Christian and has previously argued that Christianity saved civilization from occult dystopia.   I will be posting the remaining episodes as they become available.

Green Fireball and Green men

Green Fireball and Green men

Tagged this under Psyop, woo-woo and conspiracy.  I feel that I have to report on this simply because it is so prominent in the news.  When the senate holds a hearing and we have “disclosure” from the CIA you know something is up. Especially when the previous Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper attends. He was DNI under Obama (the current DNI is Avril Haines) and was exposed as a liar in 2013 with the leak of documents detailing the NSA practice of illegally collecting telephone metadata on millions of Americans’ telephone calls. The fact that all these agencies are pushing the little Green men stuff so hard demonstrates that it is important to them.

Something is definitely going on and it connects back to the Kennedy assassination, billions in missing money (a trillion now?), new technologies and Operation Paperclip. Paperclip was the recruitment of Nazi scientists and the projects that they were working on (including rockets and the atom bomb etc). The UFO story is a coverall which can be used to introduce new technologies and emergency laws to ensure Continuity of Government (COG).  After all, if the little Green men are coming to get us we will need the Government to save us (lolz). They are very keen for us to believe this, therefore it is important to them.  Will they pull off a huge hoax?  Who knows?   Perhaps “The War of the Worlds” scare by Orson Welles  (an adaptation of H. G. Wells’s novel) in 1938 was a dry run?  But people are much more sophisticated nowadays (sic).  They would not line up for an experimental treatment and believe a bunch of lies (lolz).

Why do UFO sightings happen mostly in the USA and the UK?  Granted that those countries have advanced radar but it is rather suspicious don’t you think.  And people reporting abduction etc…is that the CIA doing MK Ultra (mind control) experiments?

So I place here the latest Dark Journalist video knowing full well that some of this stuff is misdirection but DJ seems on point with a lot of his connections.  I think  that UFOs is cover for new technologies that they have kept hidden from the public view.  But first “green fireballs”:

Mysterious Green Fireball Triggers UFO Invasion Fears (8 min)

Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell JFK Assassination & UFO File Revealed! (1:38 min)



Alien PsyOp

Alien PsyOp

All your Woo-Woo in one place.

The report below looks pretty good….


Below we have a video by Christopher Jon Bjerknes (CJB) who I debated in the past. He does a hatchet job on the Old Testament and on Christianity equating it all as a hoax.   Here he is correct in calling UFOs a cult but he uses it to push his biases.  I left this comment on the Discord (and a similar one under his video):

The aliens are Jews😂 I knew it! The problem with CJB (as usual) is that he is partially right and he conflates everything in one big mess. Gnosticism is not Judaism it is more akin to Kabbalah (which is different to orthodox Judaism and has Gnostic elements). Christianity rejected Gnosticism and Judaism. UFO is a cult linked with Gnosticism and technocracy. CJB throws everything together in one big mix without differentiation. Some of what he says is true mixed with garbage.

Exposing the UFO Scam and the Dangerous Religious Agendas of the UFO Industry


Obviously all the PsyOps are the Jews fault 😂… (there might be some truth in that 😂)

And here is the Dark Journalist who is always worth watching for the connections that he brings up (not watched this yet).  The UFO program has connections with the technocrats and theosophy.  I think it has been used by the MIC as a cover for introducing new technologies  or experimenting on the public going as far back as operation paperclip and the recruitment of Nazi scientists.  Many of those scientists were occultists.

The Cosmos Club: UFO Bilderberg Revealed! (2:44)

Very Weird

Very Weird

Version 1.1  Highly Recommended

Not watched this yet but I will.  A video stream from Dayz of Noah.  I put a couple of tweets underneath that will probably be appropriate.


I have watched the stream and it is truly excellent.  After the first hour or so we are shown the advert for the Apple vision pro immersive technology which mimics the movie Ready Player One.  This immersive technology is about creating a different world which your avatar (alter ego) inhabits. It is  the meta self.  The self no longer exists (they say the  same thing about God not existing).   They want you to see the physical, material self as a prison (the Gnostic idea) and the adoption of an avatar as liberating and convenient. When this is introduced from a very young age (and this technology will become more and more realistic) the line between reality and simulacrum will become blurred and young developing kids will suffer split personalities or a distributed identity disorder as they inhabit many roles and many worlds.

This is why they are pushing so hard for the non-existence of free will  and for so called fluid (trans) identity.  They do not want individuals with a strong sense of self , sovereignty and free will.  However, it gets worse because with AI they can now outsource your executive function. You become a node in the machine.  We are talking cognitive distribution -human machine distribution which at @2:18 becomes human digital twins.  These can act independently from you in the metaverse.    They have gleaned that much data and even the voice printing has (very recently) become that good that you can’t tell the difference.  So your avatar could with the help of AI act like you, sound like you and look like you.  It can even cross the boundary into the real world and with AI make phone calls and act on your behalf.  This is all already possible. We are talking about @2:22 autonomous social systems not NPC bots but avatars that have agency. This is an ontological change and a dehumanization of man who is made in the image of God.  The education system is going to be at the forefront of introducing  pedagogic methodology that will acclimatize children @2:40 we are entering the age of Web 3.0 where even drones will be AI guided to monitor farms for ESG targets (He mentions Alison McDowell @ 3:55).  Overal a very informative and frightening show.

They are reshaping reality and reforming humanity. They are attempting to wrestle God to a halt.  We all know how that will end.

VERY WEIRD | LIARS, FIRES, AND ALIENS OH MY, Agent Orange, Tucker, Virtual LSD, Zeen-Age Wasteland (4:36)

ALIEN craft in our possession

ALIEN craft in our possession

Tagged under Woo-Woo.  The little green men are coming (lolz).  I needed a good belly laugh.  

“We have ALIEN craft in our possession” – Govt. UFO whistleblower admits BOMBSHELL | Redacted News (14 min)

UFO invasion

UFO invasion

Is it time for the aliens yet?  I was looking forward to that bit.

Former FBI agent EXPOSES the truth of the UFO invasion | Redacted Conversation (58 min)

Gigi Young: The Alien UFO Deception & Atlantis Automatons Revealed! (1:13)