The Future of Ukraine

The Future of Ukraine

Scott Ritter : Russia’s Next Move: Unpacking the Future of the Ukraine Conflict (28 min)

Ammo to Israel frozen. French Foreign Legion in Ukraine. Macron meets Xi. Elensky changes shirts (39 min)

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: The War Parties and the November Election (29 min)

Very good Recommended

Aaron Maté : Kharkiv Under Fire. Russia Increases Attacks (30 min)

Larry Johnson: US Supplied ATACMS Target Troops Inside Russia (33 min)

West Panic: French Troops, NATO Advisers Ukr, Rus Warns West War, Nuke Drills; China, US Ties Ending (1:20 min)

US follows France out of Africa (13 min)


Ukraine Disaster

Ukraine Disaster

You know who to thank.

Ukr Disaster: Ocheretino; Krasnogorovka Falling, Politico: War Lost, Xi Scolds Scholz, Make Peace (1:30 min)

Mike Johnson, wartime Speaker. Elensky; No money, game over. Scholz wants Xi to stop Ukraine war (36 min)

What Zelensky is doing now should TERRIFY all Ukrainians, this is madness | Redacted News (18 min)

Ukraine and Biden Juiced up

Ukraine and Biden Juiced up

US way behind Russia in shell production. Graham, loan $61B. Burns, hit Crimea. Boeing whistleblower (33 min)

Matthew Hoh: PRESTO – New Found Money for Ukraine (2 min)


CNN admits; Gas station Russia crushing US & Europe in ammo production (32 min)

Rus Repels Ukr Attack Belgorod; Captures Nevelskoye; CNN Admits Rus Outbuilds West Shells; No Taurus (1:18 min)

🔴 Confidential Documents: Ukraine’s Military Victory Seems Impossible | Syriana Analysis (1 hour)



Putin crazy SOB says Biden

Putin crazy SOB says Biden

So many jokes come to mind….

Biden; Putin crazy SOB, meets Yolanda. Ten lawyers endorse asset theft. Armenia suspends CSTO (36 min)

Ukr Defence West Avdeyevka, Rus Outflanks, Ukr Troops Despair; US/EU Escalate Failed Sanctions (1:15 min)

Legal experts green light Russian asset seizure. Medvedev, F16 warning (30 min)

The Fatal Flaw Undermining America’s Defense Industrial Base (42 min)

US Sanctions 500+ Russian Entities Over Navalny’s Death and Avdiivk… (4 min)

Russia-Ukraine war LIVE: US warns Iran against providing ballistic …


Running out of time,money and ammo

Running out of time,money and ammo

Trump; No money, no NATO protection. EU leaders threatened Orban. Boris, don’t believe Tucker (19 min)

Zelensky Sacks Generals, Fighting Avdeyevka, Chasov Yar Evacuated; US Confirms Shell Output Crisis (1:18 min)

German political obsession with Ukraine reaches dangerous levels (29 min)

Why US Artillery Shell Production Isn’t Enough & Why Other Munitions Will Fall Far Shorter Still (27 min)


Russia wanted peace

Russia wanted peace

REPORT finds Russia, Ukraine wanted peace. US, UK, Germany pushed war (49 min)


World Ahead 2024. Xi in SF. Oil price cap fails. Pompeo, Kiev Telco job. Kallas, YES NATO. U/1 (38 min)


MSM: Avdeyevka Ukr Faces Defeat, Ammo Shortages; Kherson Blocked; $60 Oil Price Cap Total Fail (1:32 min)


The Fall | Another HQ destroyed. Krynky TOSed To Ashes. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.11.15 (31 min)

Give us a job guvnor

Give us a job guvnor

Lolz, lolz,lolz  maybe Sean Penn can give him another Oscar.  I hope they tell him to put a suit on for his next job interview. Not going to get a job in that stupid green T-shirt (lolz).




Zelensky panics as attention and resources shift to Israel (21 min)

Elensky solidarity tour. IMF, UKR raise taxes. NYT, Russian economy beats US/EU. Gaza corridor. U/1 (40 min)

US Out of Ammo Israel, Ukr; Israel Delays, Blockade continues; Saudi Iran Talks, BRICS Peace Plan (1;22)


Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell

I think he could be right.  Pedal to the metal no left turns. Are we there yet?

Summer Operation | The Russians Destroyed Another Bridge In Kupiansk. Military Summary For 2023.8.31 (18 min)

Tucker, US-Russia war. Borrell, 40K troops ready. Pskov, Kremlin silent. Kishida, safe & delicious (44 min)

Rus Advances Kupiansk, Bakhmut; Ukr Gives Up Rabotino, Fails Verbove, Mobilisation; Xi Skips G20 (1:19)

Ukraine’s Western Sponsors Running Out of Ammo & Out of Time (37 min)


BREAKING! Ukraine launches DEVASTATING attack on Donetsk, civilians killed | Redacted News (12 min)