Stream with Ryan Dawson

Stream with Ryan Dawson

Starts about 30 mins after intro and housekeeping.  Watching now.

Stinky beans

Stinky beans

Just made a fresh batch of natto using black beans instead of soy beans.  Very easy to make once you get the hang off it.   They don’t smell or look appetizing but we will probably mix some in with the next lot of stag chilli that we make.

This guy is frying soy bean natto:

Of course you can cheat and buy a supplement:

Amyloid-Degrading Ability of Nattokinase … – ACS Publications › doi › abs by RL Hsu · 2009 · Cited by 120 — In this study, we explored the amyloid-degrading ability of nattokinase, a fibrinolytic subtilisin-like serine protease, and determined the … Nattokinase Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease – InVite Health › radio › 2009/02 18 Feb 2009 — Nattokinase may also prevent the build up of amyloid plaques in the brain linked to Alzheimer’s disease according to new research. Natto enzyme may reduce Alzheimer’s risk: Study › Article › 2009/02/16 17 Feb 2009 — Nattokinase, an enzyme extracted from fermented soy, may prevent the build up of certain plaques in the brain linked to Alzheimer’s, suggests … Amyloid-Degrading Ability of Nattokinase from Bacillus subtilis … › publication › 23714604… 4 Jul 2022 — … AD is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by the presence of amyloid plaques in the form of fibrillar proteins in the brain, and …




SARS Neuroscience

SARS Neuroscience

This two and a half hour stream by Dr Kevin McCairn looks at an article that about amyloid aggregation in spinal cord.  This is exactly what Dr Kevin McCairn warned about more than two years ago.We know that a recent study showed a 69% increase in risk for Alzheimer in the elderly. He is still raising money for equipment to perform non-human primate studies in which he can induce amyloidosis.  So I appeal to readers of this blog to visit the Dojo page and leave a tip.  Dr Kevin McCairn with the help of Simon Phoenix has built an independent platform on which I am already uploading my own videos.

The stream starts at about 10 minutes. Kevin briefly comments on the subcommittee hearing where we watch a Professor squirming like a weasel and doing an impression of Manuel from Barcelona.

Kevin briefly discusses the following paper: Huaier Effects on Functional Compensation with Destructive Ribosomal RNA Structure after Anti-SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination

Huaier Granule is a type of traditional Chinese medicine (mushroom) is considered to be a promising adjuvant therapy for breast cancer.  Although this paper was study Huaier they noted that a significant destruction in ribosomal RNA structures was identified, enhanced by serial shots…the influence resulted in massive inhibition of translation and transcription, significantly in intra/inter neural signaling transfer and in lipid metabolism, related to ageing process.  This is exactly what we warned about..

It is not pneumonia or flu it has long-term consequences

The paper that Kevin spends most time discussing (starts at 01:14) is the following: SARS-CoV-2 and HSV-1 Induce Amyloid Aggregation in Human CSF and it confirms everything that Kevin warned about.

SARS Neuroscience: Amyloid Aggregation in Spinal Cord (2:31)

PRION Like Incapacitating Agent

PRION Like Incapacitating Agent

A comment under the video:

brilliant presentation; I have worked extensively in the field of research "(peptides/Geo-fencing/ bio-photonics/ amino acids ) since 2010; you have just provided us with an insightful leap into a clearer understanding of this exciting provocative multifaceted arena...thank you.

SARS CoV 2 An Engineered PRION Like Incapacitating Agent small (1:42)


Gay men infect dog with monkeypox

Gay men infect dog with monkeypox

I thought that headline would grab your attention but it is a legitimate study in  the Lancet.  You better get ready to be black pilled and you may need some honk pills as well.

Market Zoonosis Shills Astroturf Internet, Latest SARS Neuroscience, & more (2:48) – 15 Aug

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  • 00:00 Intro
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  • 20:00 JJCouey suspended from twitter can be found @GigaohmResist
  • 24:00 This is the article that Kev was looking for: Clip with Maajid Nawaz
  • 48:00 Degenerates
  • 50:00 Dog with monkeypox

  • 01:26 Edward C Holmes

Charles Rixey sub-stack

  • 01:58
Human Coronaviruses as Multigene Mucosal Vaccine Vectors for HIV Coronavirus genomes are the largest RNA genomes in nature (~30kb), and contain multiple genes that are not essential for viral replication, theoretically allowing the insertion of multiple heterologous genes into a single virus with a packaging capacity much larger than most other vector systems.


  • 02.34 Michael Burry BIG SHORT

  • 02:32 Blood Test for amyloid
  • 02:38 Pfizer CEO Bourla got covid

Amyloid fraud

Amyloid fraud

Dr Kevin McCairn already talked about this in one of his previous streams but it is important to highlight it again because I missed something important.  This is not just about fraud….one of the comments on the Raccoon server caught my attention:



Now it's all the fault of Sylvane Leslie in 2006 misleading 16 years and billions of research into amyloid treatments of course, because no one even thought of asking themselves any questions on the matter and the veracity of the paper, nobody until recently "trying" to replicate the theory, i find it "rich" and i have a hard time believing it.

Response: I think this is the kind of judo move that I'm talking about. discredit this and amyloids are NOT mad cow. Amyloids are tools that have been maligned by fraud. amyloids have tremendous economic and biomechanical potential! think of the prosthetics!? don't worry, we'll tune the amyloids from your shots to make you a better person

I find it highly suspicious that just as scientists like Dr McCairn are warning about neurodegeneration caused by the virus and by the vaccine they suddenly admit that 16 years of research is based on fraud. Very convenient.


Planet of the one-eyed monkey

Planet of the one-eyed monkey

Science Censorship With Dr Johanna Dienert

Science Censorship With Dr Johanna Dienert


Here is where we are at…

Dr Johanna who is a virologist and treats patients in her own clinic for long covid cannot get insurance cover for her patients in the German health care system.  She has been kicked of twitter and you tube.  Dr Kevin McCairn is a systems neuroscientist who warned about the neurological damage from the Covid virus and from the vaccine.   Kevin has numerous strikes on YT and was kicked off  Twitter (he is back under a pseudonym) and now he has lost his PayPal account. 

These people are totalitarian scum and they are literary killing people and censoring the truth.  I will notify when I find other platforms or payment methods. Jikki is on Telegram looks like I will need to get on that platform as well.

One thing that Kevin mentions is the reductionist view of many scientists. Nature is a machine and we are just code that can be tweaked.   Like you would change computer code with a computer virus.  That is of course utter nonsense.  Life is far more complex and there are so many unknowns.  I am pretty certain he was referring to Mark’s two minute video:

2.5min clip : Lenoir, 2008 – Nanotechnology will leverage nature’s perfect machine: the ribosome

People are getting sick from Covid but also from the vaccines (transfections) and from the way that both interact.  Everyone is genetically different and will respond differently.  It is infinitely complex and then on top they have deliberately confused the data and (I believe) used placebo batches.


Science Censorship With Dr Johanna Dienert The Jihad Science Show (2:53)

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