I call this Jonathan Couey’s “Scooby-Doo”  episode as he reckons that we have all been Scooby-Doo’d.  So I guess Jonathan is doing the great reveal.

JC is rather disparaging about Luc Montengier and his warning about HIV and prions followed by his death?? We know there has been a huge increase in neurodegenrative diseases and amyloidosis. JC throws a thrombie about humanized mice and thinks Huff mentioning them is only because they are referenced in the Defuse document. But clones are in the Defuse document as well.  What point is he trying to make?

I don’t think JC (who takes JFK’s coin) is correct. I do think GOF research is real (with or without a cloning element) and people did die from from Covid.  Was a “purified clone” being spread everywhere?  Perhaps.

There is no doubt that a psychological war was waged together with bio-warfare but it is not all an illusion as Jonathan suggests.  JC is starting to come across as unhinged and paranoid. He is in denial and wants to believe that bio-warfare is not possible.

Comments from the Discord:
Two days ago when JC was talking about how Andrew Huff is probably controlled opposition, he said that "I've been offered some weird opportunities that I've never followed through with": []
And that's again why I think we have to use the utmost scrutiny and the utmost skepticism when approaching someone who purports to be outing the entire US government and the entire US intelligence apparatus. And at the same time also, I guess, outing China or something. I don't know, it's strange and we've got to be very careful because I don't think we can take him at his word. Whatever it is, he could be mostly a good guy, just like Robert Malone might mostly be a good guy. But is the husband of your friend who occasionally cheats but is otherwise a great guy - I mean, is he really good guy? You know, I mean, that's what I think we're dealing with here - is people that are willing to lie very consistently and precisely about things in order to advance their personal position in the invisible hierarchy that is at play. And I have not - I have been offered some weird opportunities that I've never followed through with. And I wonder if some of these other people have just been offered these opportunities and followed through with them. It starts with the spike club. The people that have been really hot on the fact that the spike is a toxin. Some of them, if you think about it very clearly, have been on the spike protein for an abnormally long time. Like since the very beginning. "I'm not a virologist, but for some reason or another, I got this feather in my butt that says that the spike protein is a toxin and that it might be amyloidogenic or a prion." Somehow they got Luke Montagnier to put that out there and then he died. And we're not hearing about very many prion cases anymore, even though Luke Montagnier put out a paper in 2020 where there were like 26 cases of prion disease. So again, the truth has been obfuscated. That's for sure.
During the same stream, JC said that "If you're not calling a pandemic virus bullsh*t, if you're not calling gain-of-function through serial passage or animal passage bullsh*t, then you're not on our team." [, time 3:13:32] So did he really not follow through with the weird opportunities?

Study Hall: Andrew Huff on Highwire!? (3:26)

Vaping or Huffing?

Vaping or Huffing?

Turns out that Andrew Huff who used to work for Disease-Sack (Daszak) at Ecohealth and then became a whistleblower was himself involved with vaping.  Remember the strange “Vaping illness” causing ground glass opacity regions in the lungs and symptoms akin to Covid?  People struggled to breathe.  In fact they were huffin and puffin. Turns out Huff is connected to the vaping industry:

What I do know is this, is that it was just what, three months ago, Dr. Andrew Huff, who was a Juul vaping exec, called out my mentioning of this massive increasing vaping illnesses, misinformation. And then he asked everyone who followed him to block me. And I know that Andrew Huff was a Juul vaping exec because he said so, and he said so on an interview that was done with Robert Malone. And Dr. Robert Malone, who in 2018 or 2019, I'm not exactly sure exactly when, took several multi-hundred thousand dollar contracts for vaping companies. And we know that this vaping illness burst happened under Scott Godley, an FDA executive, who was also an ex-vaping executive. 

Ep 169.5: Channel strike on video on vaping deaths in 2019 – More Juul exec censorship? (31 min)

DOD ADM Bio-warfare

DOD ADM Bio-warfare

Important. Even if you do not watch the videos read the article especially the conclusion highlighted in blue. Is this where we are going?

For those who discount the idea of bio-warfare this Department of Defense Initiative is from 2016 -2017.    It is dual use technology.   They are not interested in your health.

DOD ADM: Advanced Development and Manufacturing Facility (4 min)


The following stream by Dr Kevin McCairn features Robert Malone and Andrew Huff talking about biowarfare and incapacitating agents.  The narrative is turning (is this deliberate?) in any case the intent to conduct biowarfare research is undeniable and more importantly this is not something that just happened recently.  Nick continues to build the historical background around AIDS supposedly caught from bush-meat. But what then of all these other diseases all caught from monkeys?

For example SV40 is an abbreviation for simian vacuolating virus 40 or simian virus 40, a polyomavirus that is found in both monkeys and humans.  They make vaccines by growing cultures in monkey tissues.  Some vaccines made in the US between 1955 and 1961 were found to be contaminated with SV40, from the growth medium and from the original seed strain.

This interview with Andrew Huff and Robert Malone starts at about 1:35.  In the video Respiratory syncytial virus is mentioned.  RSV is currently causing a lot of problems in children whose immune systems are already compromised either by the circulating covid or from the vaccine (transfection).   However RSV is also a monkey disease.    They want you to believe that someone caught a cold from a monkey.  RSV was first discovered in 1956 when researchers isolated a virus from a population of chimpanzees with respiratory illness. They named the virus CCA (Chimpanzee Coryza Agent). In 1957, this same virus was identified by Robert M. Chanock in children with respiratory illness. Three and a half decades ago Morris et al. recovered from a chimpanzee with a cold a virus that had infected the entire colony and its handler. In subsequent years this contagious chimpanzee coryza agent earned a new name, respiratory syntactical virus (RSV). Malone says it is a Silver-Springs crossover event from a chimpanzee colony into a technician. However, Nick believes it was the result of contaminated tissue culturing like the SV40 event.    And what about monkeypox (where did that go?) that (like HIV) hit the gay community hardest (a targeted group for dry running experiments?).    Are we to believe that we are constantly being infected by monkey diseases but it has nothing to do with the huge monkey colonies these “scientists” are experimenting with and whose tissue they use for culturing viruses/vaccines.   Oh, another conspiracy theory I suppose?    So, in my view we are left with the following options:

  • The viruses escaped from labs through incompetence
  • The viruses are deliberately released

It is not monkeys that are dangerous but scientists.

As for me, I am always cynical about the narratives that are being built and both Malone and Huff come across a s glowies with their extensive DoD and intelligence connections, but perhaps guilt by association is not a fair attribution.  The evidence is (in my view) inescapable that decades of bio-warfare is being conducted against civilian populations for all sorts of nefarious reasons.   Why is it all being exposed now?  Where is the Artificial Intelligence narrative nudging us?   Perhaps we all need our brains linking with neuralink to create a hive mind because it is the only way way that we can monitor each other and prevent a mad man making a GOF super deadly virus in their garage.   Is that where they are going with this? Like Noah Yuval Harari said, the bio-metrics chips will be under your skin. The ultimate surveillance state. If so you heard it here first.

Triple-Demic, Shaheed’s, Robert Malone & Andrew Huff (Bio-Warfare) – 3:21


You have no freewill nor do you have privacy or bodily autonomy.  They will own you.

Zombies in your head (5:07)