NOW the Passion of Christ Begins!

NOW the Passion of Christ Begins!

I thought this was really interesting and there is definitely something going on. Here is my summary of some of the important points:

  • Elon Musk with sink (Pontius Pilate)
  • Vox Populi, Vox Dei – the voice of the people is the voice of God – Free Barabbas/Trump
  • What is truth (social)?  – What is truth
  • Evander Holy Field Vs Champion for Baal
  • MAGA – Simon Magus the sorcerer
  • Fatal head wound – Come back king -will they fake resurrection? Political/real
  • ArtemisOrion and Snoopy the dog
  • Doge coin backwards is E-God
  • Sirius -flooding of the NileDog star-Masons
  • Suffer the children-Sandy Hook-Alex Jones

🚨NOW the Passion of Christ Begins! Its Happening AGAIN!!!!! #Twitter #Artemis #worldcup (1:12)


His Disposal

His Disposal

Extremely important

Someone picked up something very creepy in Prince Charles Speech at COP26.   Now whatever you want to make of this it is unusual.  Of course it has a lot of Christians talking about the AC (antiChrist) and Satan, Lucifer etc and others talking about aliens, lizard people blah.

However, leaving aside any crazy speculation we know that something unusual is going on …..and this is very strange.

Note that Charlie uses the personal pronoun………HIS DISPOSAL

He talks about trillions (of dollars) and the inadequacy of governments to  deal with the coming problems.

One thing all Christians know for certain…..the messiah does not need trillions of dollars to fix the world.   Whoever is the subject matter of this speech is definitely not the messiah.



Whatever happens be alert and prepare  and pray always