Geopolitical failure

Geopolitical failure

The USA and its allies are failing.  They are failing in Ukraine and failing in Israel. That makes them very dangerous.

Blinken Summit Fails, Arabs Demand Gaza Ceasefire; Kiev Crisis Grows, Zelensky Sacks Generals (1:23 min)

Ursula in Kiev, Ukraine to enter EU. Protests DC, anger at Biden. Arestovich, I lied about war. U/1 (35 min)

Russian economy surges. Full employment, labor challenge (12 min)

The Fall | The Russians Destroyed The Officers Of The 128th Brigade. Military Summary For 2023.11.05 (20 min)

(Video) Police Brutally Attack Anti-Zionist Jews IN ISRAEL! (10 min)

The Illustrated War Prayer (2 min)