Armageddon reality check

Armageddon reality check

I have seen the word Armageddon in a couple of video titles.  Is it a prelude to Armageddon or people following a certain script. Only time will tell.   A lot of people seem to have a death wish.

“We are watching ARMAGEDDON unfolding before our eyes” Col. Douglas MacGregor | Redacted News (17 min)

The Fall | Infrastructure Collapse. Blackout Is Coming. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.10.27 (19 min)

US Iran War Fears, US Strikes IRGC; Netanyahu Generals Argue; Ukr Crises; Avdeyevka Encirclement (1:27 min)

US targets Iran by launching airstrikes on Syria (34 mins)

Orban, peace strategy. US airstrikes Syria. Canada at war Russia & China. Boris think tank job. U/1 (38 mins)

Jihad on the 13th

Jihad on the 13th


Just watching this now.  I know this much…  don’t believe anything they tell you.  It is war propaganda. Atrocity propaganda.  The worse it is the better.  They want you enraged.  They want more war and genocide.  Don’t encourage them. Do the Mohammedans commit atrocities?  Yes, and so do the Israelis.  An eye for an eye.  They are busy making each other blind (as if they were not blind enough).  Much of what you are seeing is pure BS.

Oh, by the way whatever happened to Ukraine?  I told you they would lose. Most people have completely forgotten. The News cycle has moved on.  The goy are very dumb. The burnt baby was generated by AI (AI can make wonderful images in seconds) and the crucified child the electric socket in the picture is not Israeli.  This image comes from somewhere else.  Don’t believe anything.


Latest Armageddon Glow-Op Goy-Slop #Jihad13th, And SARS Bioweapon Neuroscience/Virology Latest (2:45 min)

Game on

Game on

It is game on for the Armageddon cage match of the millennium with in the left corner the psychopathic transhumanist technocratic Jew and in the right corner the East India Company Anglo-Zionist Jew. Let the entertainment begin. Tip: Always place your bet on the banker.







Not watched these yet……

Occupation can’t last forever (1:06 min)

Just started listening to  salty cracker.  His language is very salty (language warning) but he is funny.  We are living in cray cray crayzee times.

Biden Gets Another War ReeEEeE Stream 10-08-23 (2:39  min)

Itching for a fight

Itching for a fight

2022.10.29 The Americans Are ITCHING To Fight The Russians (17 min)

Dirty Bomb Accusations Fly Between Russia & Ukraine (9min)

The Days Of U.S. Hegemony Are OVER Says Putin (7 min)

Biden quietly moves world closer towards armageddon. Finland ready to host nukes (25 min)

US Sends Fewer Arms to Ukraine as Russia Prepares its Next Big Move (22 min)

“BRITISH SPECIALISTS” Behind Sevastopol Attack. Russian Central Bank Releases New Statement (33 min)

Buy Canadian sovereignty bonds for Ukraine (4 min)

Russia Completes Mobilisation, Prepares Offensive, Ukraine Stopped, Putin Hints Will Take Odessa (1:08)











Be very afraid

Be very afraid

They want you very afraid.  They want you terrified and traumatized.   They are conditioning learned helplessness.  They want you to turn to them for help.  The fearful will not enter the kingdom of God.

As Mike Morales says on his videos….Armour up (and he does not just mean grab your guns) he means put on the Whole Armour of God.

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil (Ephesians 6:11)

We are in the battle of our lives and facing an unprecedented psychological assault as well as disease, war, shortages and extreme wickedness and psychopathy. However we are and will continue to be victorious in Christ and nothing will separate us from the love of God.

The US Is the Only Country That Has Ever Used Nukes, Not Russia (3 min)

Zelensky Demands That NATO Preemptively Strike Russia With Nukes (7 min)

Mowing the lawn

Mowing the lawn

Mowing the lawn is a phrase that is used by Zionists  to describe their need to keep the Palestinians subdued.  Every now and then they have to “mow the lawn”. The reason I chose this phrase as my heading is because I heard it during a lecture (more on this anon) but also in the following interview.

I attended a lecture  at Adelaide University (on 13 Nov 2019) by Boaz Ganor and Ehud Yaari. They are both movers and shakers in the fields of journalism and counter-terrorism. A report was produced on the lecture which can be found here: Vision 2020. During the lecture Yaari spoke of mowing the lawn and and holding the Palestinians in a  tight embrace (lockdown?). It seemed apparent to me that they were preparing to annex the remaining Palestinian land. The same meme was used in the above interview….it is not the Palestinian people it is their corrupt leaders (quite funny when you consider Bibi is facing corruption charges) who don’t want to surrender peace.  Obviously that is not true. Ordinary Palestinians want a fair peace not a surrender. Their leaders may sometimes be corrupt but they are united in wanting a fair peace.

Yaari also said that he would like to see a rotating (shared) Prime Minster-ship between Bibi and Gantz which is now happening. Very prescient. His colleague Ganor predicted war with Iran. I honestly think the Jews can read the future. A Trump supporting Jew (who blocked me) wrote on his blog that “gentiles fear death” and according to Frued this was because of Christianity. It is almost as if he knew a major fear propaganda campaign was coming to the West.  Another anonymous Jewish commentator said that soon white gentiles would be snapping at the heels of the Jews but would be completely helpless.  It is almost as if they knewbecause they did. Just like Bibi when he tweeted that other nations would soon feel Israeli power and the need to keep Israel onside if they wanted to be safe (I am paraphrasing) see here; A Power to Contend with.

Annexation of Palestinian territory

While the world is distracted with the covid crisis Israel is taking advantage of the situation.


Annexation of the United States

The Armageddon play book

The war drums are beating all over the West. China is being blamed for everything.  However, it was all planned. The last century and a half has been headed in that direction. Since the Communist Revolution in Russia.









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Then China was opened up and all the manufacturing exported.  The people in the West were enslaved with debt meanwhile the mega crony corporations and banks profited. The large technology companies experimented with their surveillance theories in China. Thousands of satellites were launched along with 5G. Your prison is almost ready. They are robbing the last wealth before they reset the monetary system.  The Jewish Kingdom and the third temple has almost arrived.




Trump is part of the Cabal

That last headline has been put here to warn Trump fans (especially Q followers) that Trump is not going to save them. He is in with them up to his elbows. The left-right show is to keep the masses distracted and locked up until the big reveal.  The Jews truly run the show across the Anglo Saxon world and beyond.





















It really is not anti-Semitic to say that they run the world it is just the truth. The Jewish “Kingdom” is about to be established but any kingdom built on lies, deception, blackmail and oppression is bound to fail. No wonder they want to pass more laws against antisemitism and command people to love them.  Thou shalt love the Jew your over-Lord with all you heart soul and mind?  Some Christians still do not realize what is going on. They will most certainly become beast worshipers.