Putin crazy SOB says Biden

Putin crazy SOB says Biden

So many jokes come to mind….

Biden; Putin crazy SOB, meets Yolanda. Ten lawyers endorse asset theft. Armenia suspends CSTO (36 min)

Ukr Defence West Avdeyevka, Rus Outflanks, Ukr Troops Despair; US/EU Escalate Failed Sanctions (1:15 min)

Legal experts green light Russian asset seizure. Medvedev, F16 warning (30 min)

The Fatal Flaw Undermining America’s Defense Industrial Base (42 min)

US Sanctions 500+ Russian Entities Over Navalny’s Death and Avdiivk… (4 min)

Russia-Ukraine war LIVE: US warns Iran against providing ballistic …


Russian Retaliation

Russian Retaliation

Russia retaliates for Black Sea. Canada MPs blame Putin. France leaves Niger. Armenian exodus. U/1 (42 min)

The Fall | Russia’s Missile Superiority. The Ukrainian HQ Was Destroyed. Military Summary 2023.09.25 (24 min)

Ukrainian Intel Head Admits Failures, Canada Exposes West as on Wrong Side of History (38 min)

Chechnya: Russia’s Influence and a Volatile Future || Peter Zeihan (8 min)

France Leaves Niger, Humiliated (4 min)

Straight Talk

Straight Talk

Straight Talk with Hungarian FM Peter Szijjarto | Ukraine-Russia Conflict | India-Hungary | WION (14 min)

Trudeau, $650M to Elensky. Black Sea HQ strike. Bakhmut, Tokmak on foot. Lavrov-Szijjarto meet. U/1 (45 min)

“They will have to leave or be killed” Armenia REVOLUTION unfolds, calls for new government (17 min)

Trudeau’s Skripal moment, ruins relations with India (20 min)

Drowning Man

Drowning Man

Poland; No more weapons, Ukraine drowning man. Elensky refuses freeze. Assad in China. U/1 (34 min)

Putin Talks Aliyev, Pashinyan; Zelensky UN Falls Flat, Ukr Aid Dwindles Rejects Talks, Rus Offensive (1:18 min)

Russian civilians are being PREPPED for war | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (10 min)

The Fall | Russian Massive Missile Strikes 2.0 | Robotyne Kill Zone. Military Summary For 2023.09.21 (25 min)


The Tragedy of Artsakh: Armenians Seek Answers (9 min)


F35 Missing

F35 Missing

Find my F35. Elensky, why does Russia vote Putin? Long, limited war. Is a pencil strong or weak? U/1 (32 min)


US MSM: US Risks Geostrategic Disaster, Milley Budanov Long War, Failure; Rus Denies Kleshcheevka (1:22 min)

The Fall | Russian ULTIMATUM – Deadline 4.10. Or TOTAL WAR. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.9.18 (1 min)

Leading Armenia down the primrose path (13 min)