Avdeyevka losses

Avdeyevka losses

Assange. Avdeyevka losses. Gazprom TATTERS. Borrell demands investigation. Nikki X disaster (43 min)

Wikileaks Reveals Alexei Navalny’s US Funding as Washington Exploits His Death (34 min)

Ukraine’s businesses raise concerns over mobilisation legislation |… (2 min)

Russia Drops Avdiivka Bombshell; Claims ‘Ukraine Had Secret Torture… (3 min)


War in the Red Sea?

War in the Red Sea?

Yemen, Russian ships can pass. Blinken, no Magic Pot for Ukraine. Macron, D-Day invite to The Putin (24 min)

Blinken Borrell Lose Hope, Republican Opposition Hardens, Zelensky Fantasies Drones, Mass Call-Up (1:19 min)

War in the Red Sea? (11 min)

“The U.S. would LOSE a war with Iran and Yemen” Fmr. U.S. Marine Scott Ritter | Redacted News (20 min)

BOMBSHELL: Israel Intelligence Chief Says The Quiet Part Out Loud! (10 min)

Julian Assange Extradition Case: Court Date Revealed for 2024 (3 min)

The trap is closing

The trap is closing

The Jewish spider-web is closing and they own both sides.  They own the left and they own the right.  The bankers always win because they bet on both sides.  Both the left and the right have their useful idiots.  The dumb masses are so easily swayed.  So easily manipulated.  To call them sheep is an insult to sheep.  This is not about aborigines, it is about Jewish power and global control.  They have murdered people and will murder more.  They don’t care about aborigines, of black people, or Chinese….   They don’t care about “gender” blah, blah.  They care about continuity of power and the “white” race (mainly Christian) with their idea of freedom and freewill stand in the way.

You are seeing different Jewish groups being unleashed to cause chaos, the groups are either in bed with intelligence agencies or with oligarchs and private corporate power.  Call them Anglo-Zionists and globalists if you will but they all want the same thing.  Power.  And they are going to fight it out with us stuck in the middle.  However, these two groups do not hold ultimate power because their is a level above them which for simplification we will call  Rothschild but they include many aristocratic bloodlines. They are happy not to get their hands dirty and to let the peasants battle it out before they impose their New World Order.  They are the real power brokers and you will never see them.

Hobby Activism for the Bourgeoisie (3 min)


This guy (Aware Australia) is heavily shadow banned. Follow his account.





They control it all.  Left and right:

They have already murdered


Global control

Lickspittles and Cowards

Lickspittles and Cowards

Daniel Andrews Says “Pandemic Isn’t Over, Get Your 5th Jab” As If We’re Still Living in 2021 (1 min)

Australian PM Is TOO SCARED to Stand Up Against Assange US Extradition (15 min)


Coles Supermarket Adelaide. Second one fully automated.


This from A Jewish girl that I follow:

Assange and the pedo

Assange and the pedo

Completely disgusting.  Tell me again who the good guys are.  Australia stand up to America?  Better watch out they might bomb your gas pipelines.

Warmongers CONFRONTED By Journalist At National Press Club Event (26 min)

Can Australia Finally STAND UP to The US? | Assange Extradition (7 min)