The trap is closing

The trap is closing

The Jewish spider-web is closing and they own both sides.  They own the left and they own the right.  The bankers always win because they bet on both sides.  Both the left and the right have their useful idiots.  The dumb masses are so easily swayed.  So easily manipulated.  To call them sheep is an insult to sheep.  This is not about aborigines, it is about Jewish power and global control.  They have murdered people and will murder more.  They don’t care about aborigines, of black people, or Chinese….   They don’t care about “gender” blah, blah.  They care about continuity of power and the “white” race (mainly Christian) with their idea of freedom and freewill stand in the way.

You are seeing different Jewish groups being unleashed to cause chaos, the groups are either in bed with intelligence agencies or with oligarchs and private corporate power.  Call them Anglo-Zionists and globalists if you will but they all want the same thing.  Power.  And they are going to fight it out with us stuck in the middle.  However, these two groups do not hold ultimate power because their is a level above them which for simplification we will call  Rothschild but they include many aristocratic bloodlines. They are happy not to get their hands dirty and to let the peasants battle it out before they impose their New World Order.  They are the real power brokers and you will never see them.

Hobby Activism for the Bourgeoisie (3 min)


This guy (Aware Australia) is heavily shadow banned. Follow his account.




They control it all.  Left and right:

They have already murdered


Global control

Lickspittles and Cowards

Lickspittles and Cowards

Daniel Andrews Says “Pandemic Isn’t Over, Get Your 5th Jab” As If We’re Still Living in 2021 (1 min)

Australian PM Is TOO SCARED to Stand Up Against Assange US Extradition (15 min)


Coles Supermarket Adelaide. Second one fully automated.


This from A Jewish girl that I follow:

Assange and the pedo

Assange and the pedo

Completely disgusting.  Tell me again who the good guys are.  Australia stand up to America?  Better watch out they might bomb your gas pipelines.

Warmongers CONFRONTED By Journalist At National Press Club Event (26 min)

Can Australia Finally STAND UP to The US? | Assange Extradition (7 min)

Death Warrant of Journalism

Death Warrant of Journalism

British Judge Just Signed a Death Warrant of Journalism (7 min)

Video has now disappeared and has been put on private probably to avoid getting a YT strike. Report on Julian Assange trial.  He faces 175 years in a US prison. Richard was at the hearing.  The people behind this are vindictive war criminals.  They are your governments,   But meh, Russia.

Breaking up the USA

Breaking up the USA

The release of Covid virus was deliberately engineered by Rothschild (Modeled on the old East India Company Anglo-Zionists) and Israel in cahoots with China and Russia (2 million Russian Jews live in Israel) to fragment the USA.  They used the same tactic in  the Middle East that was based on the Obed Yinon plan. Now they are balkanizing the USA. They no longer need the Petro dollar.   Below is a short Clip taken from (and slightly edited) Brendon O’Connell’s Brighteon  version starting at about 41 mins.   He also has a YouTube version (posted below) but the extra material shown here could not be posted on YouTube:


The big picture

I am certain that Brendon is correct with his big picture view.  They want to create a multi-polar world and connect Europe and Africa with China. In order to do this they need to suck all the technology out of the USA and fragment the country.   I came to the same conclusions independently.  I know that Rothschild and Israel had  a hand in producing and releasing the virus.  Very soon I will pull all the information together (including older material) and write another article.   Before we look at Brendon’s video first a look at one of the reports he mentioned. This is about the Exodus out of California…mainly to states like Texas.


This is obviously leading up to a succession.  There are more and more calls for states to break-off.   This was all planned.  The election was deliberately and blatantly stolen. It is almost as if Trump was the “chosen one” to accelerate such a break.  This is the Hegelian Dialectic at work.  They are all in on it.  Before we look at Brendon’s video, here is one by Brother Nathanael about Texas On Secession Road.    Brother Nathanael  is crude but funny and is called a “self-hating” Jew.  I think he is controlled opposition.  He is pushing the succession agenda and is an admirer of Putin. 


Next we have Brendon’s YouTube video (the rest can be found on Brighteon).  It comes with the usual vulgarity warnings (lol).  First a few things need mentioning or setting straight.  Brendon mentions the devastating effect that Covid is having in places like California.  This may well be the case even when we discount for the exaggeration and spin.  However, other states have a very low incidence.   Think about that for a moment.    You cannot stop the spread of a virus especially not on the same continent. Other factors seem to be at work (and I don’t mean mask wearing).  There are other physical stimuli that produce overlapping symptoms. The other issue that I have is with his remarks about Assange.  Granted that Assange has avoided exposing 9/11 on Wiki leaks.  I believe that his family were threatened. I think they jailed him before they launched the covid hoax both as a deterrent to others and because they thought that he might release more information.  Is Assange controlled?  Probably, at this point who isn’t (except me lol)?



The lies are flowing thick and fast on both sides. The same inevitable result remains, the break up of the United States. Only the military, whether quietly or not so quietly, can stop the rot. No one bothers to speak with them. No one bothers to educate them. Instead, they talk amongst themselves on ghettoized internet forums. Share links. Never get involved in politics. Then, by some miracle of the universe, Rothschild and the corrupt politicians and Generals “see the light”. Alex Jones says to “bull horn the White House.” David Icke says to “wake up”. Brendon O’Connell says to lobby politically the military, policing and intelligence community as well as local representatives. Most people reply, “what a waste of time.” Yuri Bezmenov was right, the rot has set in and the end is in sight. In follow up video’s I’ll show you what I’ve done over the years with great success.

 *Texas Republicans endorse legislation to allow vote on secession from US*…

*Russia and Sudan – New Naval Base Agreement a Sea Change for the Region*…

*Israel and Iran both set to join Russia-led free trade zone*…

*Alexander Dugon And The Fourth Political Theory*…

*What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus?*…


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Miracle Covid Cure

Miracle Covid Cure

Scientists have discovered what can only be described as a miracle Covid cure.   It is almost instantaneous and people begin improving immediately:















My family was immediately cured, unfortunately my neighbor who was walking under the balcony died. His death certificated recorded that his demise was in all probability covid. This cure works remarkably well in other areas as well.











So you think you are not being brainwashed?


 Stop being fed by the main stream media










They get paid good wages in order to lie to you

You have every right to be angry. These people are not facing unemployment or hardship. They are getting paid good wages in order to lie to you.  In the case of the BBC you have to pay a license fee.  The tax payer is charged money in order that someone can tell you lies. Do you want to know what a real journalist looks like:


Why do they lie?

It is not as though they don’t know that they are lying. They know full well.  It is deliberate and it is meant to wear you down and demoralize you. 

This may not be communism but the same tactics are applied. This is psychological warfare.  If you accept it (just to get some peace) then they win and you become part of the lie.  Fight back with the truth. Be relentless. Poke fun at them. Get angry.

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it"  (John 8:44).





Crimes against humanity (part 2)

Crimes against humanity (part 2)

Before watching this video and perhaps dismissing it as a “conspiracy”  I would like you to watch the following short videos. Then consider the fact that by year end we will have 42,000 satellites above our heads and 5G will continue to be rolled out.  But as bad as 5G is, it is only the harbinger to 6G which is Terahertz Technology.  It is required for AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is supposedly the next step in human”evolution” (lol).  The videos are short but I recommend searching for more in depth material on YouTube.

Terahertz Technology and The Hyperterahertz Programme: An Introduction

An introduction to terahertz technology and the HyperTerahertz research programme being conducted the Universities of Leeds, Cambridge, Lancaster, and UCL, funded by EPSRC.


A plasma-based nanodevice to generate powerful terahertz waves

DARPA SBIR: Profusa Implantable Biosensors – COL Matt Hepburn

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.

Now watch the following video on BitChute. As absurd as some of the theories might sound they are all now scientifically possible and billions have been invested in these technologies. Imagine telling someone four hundred years ago about television. They would have called you a “medieval conspiracy theorist”.  The video is on BitChute click the link (Must Watch).

The Governments “Pandemic Response” Is A Crime Against Humanity


Data is the new oil

“Data is the new oil.” The quote goes back to 2006, and is credited to Mathematician Clive Humby, but has recently picked up more steam after the Economist published a 2017 report titled “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data”.  If you search for this phrase there are a number of articles on the subject and some argue the opposite and say that it is not the new oil….that it is a bad metaphor.  However, I beg to disagree. Just as cheap energy drove the industrial revolution so data will drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Here follows a video of Netanyahu boasting at a Cyber Tech 2019 event about Israel’s intelligence prowess.


In the UK the collected NHS track and trace data will go to GCHQ which has the Israeli cyber unit  (Unit 8200) embedded.  In Australia tracking data etc it will go to Amazon cloud and under the US cloud Act they could access it. As Amazon does the cloud storage etc for the CIA that means Mossad will also have access.  In NYC billionaire Paul Singer is funding an Israeli  cyber unit (based on 8200). The take-away is that they will all have access to your data. Don’t believe  a word they tell you about privacy. There is no such thing. 

Knowledge is power

This new technology will give absolute power to the elite. They will sell it to the public as a health measure….and convenient….etc.  Machine learning algorithms will constantly feed data into the system until it becomes “self aware” (not necessarily conscious).  It sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie.  We are facing a whole new level of inter-connectivity where people connect to the “borg” and become “tanshuman”.  The World Economic Forum also promotes transhumanism as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What we are seeing is the wish to create a hive mind.  Be careful what you wish for.  To sum up – our planet is run by moral imbeciles and psychopaths who think they can play at being God. In their grasping after power they are willing to destroy themselves and everything on the planet. Giving these people any kind of knowledge is like giving a monkey a gun. With a bit of luck they might end up shooting themselves before they do too much harm.

REFEED: Assange last video before communications cut at Ecuadorian Embassy in London

I recommend watching his last interview in full if you have 55 minutes.  He talks about AI throughout his last interview and right at the end at about 50 minutes he talks about evil “smart dust” nano-particles that can be powered by RF and used for spying.  Most people have no idea how advanced many of the systems already are. Then there is the new science of quantum dots the new generations of quantum dots have far-reaching potential for the study of intracellular processes at the single-molecule level, high-resolution cellular imaging, long-term in vivo observation of cell trafficking, tumor targeting, and diagnostics. 




Mowing the lawn

Mowing the lawn

Mowing the lawn is a phrase that is used by Zionists  to describe their need to keep the Palestinians subdued.  Every now and then they have to “mow the lawn”. The reason I chose this phrase as my heading is because I heard it during a lecture (more on this anon) but also in the following interview.

I attended a lecture  at Adelaide University (on 13 Nov 2019) by Boaz Ganor and Ehud Yaari. They are both movers and shakers in the fields of journalism and counter-terrorism. A report was produced on the lecture which can be found here: Vision 2020. During the lecture Yaari spoke of mowing the lawn and and holding the Palestinians in a  tight embrace (lockdown?). It seemed apparent to me that they were preparing to annex the remaining Palestinian land. The same meme was used in the above interview….it is not the Palestinian people it is their corrupt leaders (quite funny when you consider Bibi is facing corruption charges) who don’t want to surrender peace.  Obviously that is not true. Ordinary Palestinians want a fair peace not a surrender. Their leaders may sometimes be corrupt but they are united in wanting a fair peace.

Yaari also said that he would like to see a rotating (shared) Prime Minster-ship between Bibi and Gantz which is now happening. Very prescient. His colleague Ganor predicted war with Iran. I honestly think the Jews can read the future. A Trump supporting Jew (who blocked me) wrote on his blog that “gentiles fear death” and according to Frued this was because of Christianity. It is almost as if he knew a major fear propaganda campaign was coming to the West.  Another anonymous Jewish commentator said that soon white gentiles would be snapping at the heels of the Jews but would be completely helpless.  It is almost as if they knewbecause they did. Just like Bibi when he tweeted that other nations would soon feel Israeli power and the need to keep Israel onside if they wanted to be safe (I am paraphrasing) see here; A Power to Contend with.

Annexation of Palestinian territory

While the world is distracted with the covid crisis Israel is taking advantage of the situation.


Annexation of the United States

The Armageddon play book

The war drums are beating all over the West. China is being blamed for everything.  However, it was all planned. The last century and a half has been headed in that direction. Since the Communist Revolution in Russia.









Click here for large image

Then China was opened up and all the manufacturing exported.  The people in the West were enslaved with debt meanwhile the mega crony corporations and banks profited. The large technology companies experimented with their surveillance theories in China. Thousands of satellites were launched along with 5G. Your prison is almost ready. They are robbing the last wealth before they reset the monetary system.  The Jewish Kingdom and the third temple has almost arrived.




Trump is part of the Cabal

That last headline has been put here to warn Trump fans (especially Q followers) that Trump is not going to save them. He is in with them up to his elbows. The left-right show is to keep the masses distracted and locked up until the big reveal.  The Jews truly run the show across the Anglo Saxon world and beyond.





















It really is not anti-Semitic to say that they run the world it is just the truth. The Jewish “Kingdom” is about to be established but any kingdom built on lies, deception, blackmail and oppression is bound to fail. No wonder they want to pass more laws against antisemitism and command people to love them.  Thou shalt love the Jew your over-Lord with all you heart soul and mind?  Some Christians still do not realize what is going on. They will most certainly become beast worshipers.