Israel and the Kennedy assassination

Israel and the Kennedy assasination

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Why is the assassination of the Kennedy brothers still important?  It is still important because a Kennedy is running for President again, meanwhile the records on the assassination are still sealed.  This is one of the best videos I have watched about the assassination because it links the assassination of both Kennedy brothers. I believe that the finger points firmly at Israel as the guilty party.  This takes on extra significance against the background of  RFK Jr furiously backpedaling and explaining/clarifying his stance toward Israel.

When I ran the name of the the Palestinian who assassinated Bobby – Sirhan Sirhan it reduces to 33.   So that is 33+33=66.   LBJ was evil and both Kennedy brothers were killed by Israel.

Israel and the Assassinations of the Kennedy Brothers – Laurent Guyénot

INTERVIEW: RFK Jr. on Russiagate, Israel/Roger Waters, JFK Assassination, Ukraine, & More | SYSTEM UPDATE #97

The Greenwald interview starts at 12 min if you don’t want to watch the full interview watch the summary by Richard Medhurst (below) and /or the UK Column clip (13 min).  Basically, Roger Waters from Pink Flyod has been against the Ukrainian war and in support of the Palestinians for years.  Recently he ranted about the Israel-Palestine situation before a concert and JFK Jr tweeted in support of Waters until the Israeli lobby twisted his arm and JFK  deleted his tweet. Waters was called an anti Semite and JFK was forced to disassociate himself from him.  Israel is above criticism even when they shoot 2 year olds or journalists in the face.  Apparently they did not displace anyone or make anyone homeless and did not commit a genocide in the Arab village of Deir Yassin on the western outskirts of Jerusalem in 1948.


Whether JFK genuinely feels this way or not, it demonstrates the reach of Jewish power.  You cannot become President if you are critical of Israel.  The USA is ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government).   Even if only superficially, the policies of JFK Jr and Trump are converging.  I think we are headed towards a shared platform.  I believe that there are hidden ties between JFK Jr and Trump.

Georgy Porgy






Victory Day

Victory Day

Victory day. Telegraph, Russia out of missiles. China warns EU. Ursula in Kiev, Happy Festivus. U/1 (23 min)

Ukraine vows to “keep killing Russians”, Putin responds in Victory Day speech | Redacted News (22 min) 

Ukraine trapped in narratives as Russian military system gears up (28 min)

Russia Storms Last Stronghold In Artyomovsk. WAR Has Been Unleashed Against Russia Again – Putin (6 min)

IN FULL DETAIL: Drone Attack on Kremlin | Who Is Behind It?(12 min)

Elensky shivering in bunker

Elensky shivering in bunker

Zelensky was so afraid he was hiding in a bunker says former Israeli PM.

Naftali Bennett nearly 5 hour interview in Hebrew.


Bolton Pranked

JFK Assassination

JFK Assassination

So the official records are sealed for 70 years but there is no conspiracy?  No one wants to release them.   You never lived in Democracies it is all a sham.  Like George Carlin said…”It is a big club and you ain’t in it”.

Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/15/22 FULL | BREAKING FOX NEWS December 15, 2022 (38 min)

How is the Yinon plan going?

What does the U.S. expect when it kills some 30 Iraqi security forces who were fighting ISIS 300 miles away from a minor attack on a U.S. base? Of course the Iraqi’s are going to protest and storm the embassy.

Apparently Qassem Soleimani traveled up and down to Iraq (frequent flyer?).   He was targeted for assassination at Baghdad airport.    Now let me think.   Who (which country) is known for using assassination as a military strategy?   I really can’t put my finger on it.     Qassem Soleimani defeated ISIS and for that reason was held in high regard by Iraqi Christians and Iraqis generally.   He obviously thought he was dealing with civilized people and did not feel the need to hide when visiting Iraq. Anyone remember that when Iran destroyed the  unmanned drone they did not shoot down the accompanying AWACS?   And now for some light entertainment: