This is fascinating -especially in the light of the strength of Jupiter’s magnetic field which is interesting because we know that the Gas giants are going to  form a square with the sun with the earth being the middle-point pulled on both sides (in 2024).

Scientists Reveal That Jupiter Is Not What We’re Being Told (18 min)

Max Manipulation

Max Manipulation

They are geoengineering like crazy -bunker fuel and aerosols as well as EMF.  China made sure it snowed for the Olympics.   On top of the crazy manipulation we are rapidly loosing our magnetism as the sun is intensifying. Perhaps the big flares on the far side of the sun are a reaction to the approaching Parker Spiral?   In any case they are using the weather weapon to drive people off the land. They want the rural areas and farm land cleared.  Food will be made in factories and you will live in the SMART city.  Between 47-50 minutes Mike looks at Europe and then Oz.  I have skipped the intro so it is about 40 min.



Earth’s Weakening Magnetic Field & Pole Shift Effects | S0 News Feb.21.2022 (3 min)

Galactic Disaster, Atmosphere, Space Weather | S0 News Feb.20.2022 (5min)

Space Junk

Spake Junk

We really do live in a mental asylum.  I think we are going to see some people go nuts as we get closer to the end.

All the Satellites in Space Could Crack Open the Ozone Layer! Elon Musk Could Be To Blame!

All the Satellites in Space Could Crack Open the Ozone Layer https://bit.ly/2SRAZwt Satellite mega-constellations create risks in Low Earth Orbit, the atmosphere and on Earth https://go.nature.com/3qomSv2