Novax saga

Novax saga

Australia is looking like an Internationale Djoke for going back on their word to Novax.  Pathetic.   I bet they let billionaires fly in all the time on private jets. This was a PR stunt that made Australia look like a banana republic WEF NWO lackey.  So many stupid people saying “it is the rules”.  Will they like the new rules that has a boot stomping in their face forever?  They are building prison planet to the loud cheers of the ignorant, frightened masses.

Australia’s Surveillance Powers

Australia’s Surveillance Powers

Looks like Russel Brand is a “white-hat” Mason (lolz).  I can’t figure it out but he is correct with his analysis.  Australia has no constitution so it is easy for the 5 eyes (and Israel) to test out their dystopian ideas here.  It is all about control.

“They’ll Stop At Nothing!!!” Australia’s Scary Surveillance Powers (14 min)

Birth Pangs

Birth Pangs

Expect intensifying  and more frequent events in the next few years. Bigger storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and electrical discharges and then boom.  A new age is brought to the birth and it will not be their NWO.

12/29/2021 — Large M7.3 Earthquake strikes W. Pacific — “It’s that time of year” -EXPECT MORE SOON (35 min)

Tahoe Shatters 50-Year December Snow Record With 16+ Feet Of Snow – Record Cold Canada -55 Windchill (18 min)

Tahoe shatters 50-year December snowfall with more than 16 feet of snow Western US states hit by record freeze and heavy snow Idaho ski resort closes due to ‘overwhelming’ snowfall Winter Storm Shuts Down 81 Miles of Interstate in the Sierra Nevada 10-hour delays possible around Tahoe as Highway 50 hits capacity Here’s when the next round of big snow is expected in Colorado Westwide SNOWTEL Snowpack Map West Remains Unsettled and Severe Storms/Heavy Rain Possible in Mid-South GFS Model Total Snowfall US Western Canada hit by winter blast, extreme cold warning VIDEO Western Canada under extreme cold warning – wind chill reaches -55 C USGS records one of the largest Frackquakes in the Permian Basin Four earthquakes hit the Columbia area over several hours Monday, USGS confirms Worldwide Volcano News… Reykjanes Microtremor Reykjanes peninsula – earthquakes Melting of the Antarctic ice sheet under current global warming trends could cause sea levels to rise by as much as 17 FEET by the end of the millennium, study warns Woolly mammoths survived on mainland North America until 5,000 years ago, DNA reveals Massive New Bird Flu Outbreak Could Be 2022’s Deadly Pandemic

Iceland Volcano Update – Bárðarbunga Seismic Swarm – Less Quakes At Fagradalsfjall – Hrómundartindur (4 min)

Fagradalsfjall volcano update: earthquakes reflect magma intrusion Iceland Whole country – earthquakes Iceland Volcanoes Map Hengill… Hrómundartindur… Bárðarbunga…

Last Disaster Synced, Super Flare Science, Sunspot Cycle | S0 News Dec.29.2021 (4 min)

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Mike is still broadcasting and has a good take on the general news (look what they are doing in China).  There are massive ongoing Geo-engineering campaigns ongoing.  They are using climate to drive people out of rural areas.  They will also use hunger.  They want people locked down before the natural changes overwhelm their control grid.


Authoritarian Laws

Authoritarian Laws

I tagged this under humor but the subject matter is not really funny  but JP does a good job holding it up to ridicule.  And people still think this is about Public Health?   Let us all just comply and follow the rules and it will all go away.  I have never seen people so frightened and dumb.  Masks do not stop tyranny and nether do vaccines.

Extreme Authoritarian Laws Proposed in New York! (11 min)


And in case you think it is just NY.  The ground is shifting as we speak. They are getting people ready to accept arbitrary detentions in the name of health. This is Marxist collectivism by means of the health system.  Do not be fooled.


On the Brink of Chaos

On the Brink of Chaos

Protests erupted all over Europe and in Australia over the prospect of renewed lockdowns, vaccinating children and other Covid measures. They’re fed up. I am fed up. You are fed up. The main problem? None of the measures have actually worked so far and are an incoherent mess. Instead of rethinking strategies and being more thoughtful in communicating the necessity and goals of the new approaches, many governments have instead become more dictatorial and authoritarian. This is creating even more friction within and among the citizenry. To avoid being a ‘rat in a cage’ your first step toward freedom rests in understand who is delivering the shocks and why.

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:51 – Protests Erupt All Across Europe
  • 08:02 – Rats in a Cage
  • 11:06 – Rome “We are not giving you our children!”
  • 15:47 – “Othering” In Australia
  • 22:22 – Austria On The Rise
  • 23:11 – Nov 20th Worldwide Events
  • 24:18 – What Did “Follow The Experts” Actually Get Us?
  • 26:53 – The Agenda & My Predictions


Tipping Points

Tipping Points (5 min)

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End-Permian Volcanism:… Climate Tipping Points:… Lunar Eclipse: Hubble Sees Baby Star:…

Society Reset Interloopings in a Fertilizer Shortage (13 min)

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Global Wheat Sales Report… US Wheat Associates Weekly Price Report November 05, 2021… Mondelez Says Snack Prices to Rise Further as Costs Grow… Power outages, landslides, flooding and more as atmospheric river hits Western Washington… Rare Medicane South of Italy, Prompts Red Alert Warning for Sicily, Malta and Libya with Extreme Rain and Destructive Floods… Record snowstorms affect 58,000 agricultural facilities in NE China’s Liaoning… North China steels itself against record blizzard… 58 000 agricultural facilities in NE China’s Liaoning affected by record snowstorms…

This Is Happening on Three Continents (11 mins)

Vorticies in Earth’s atmosphere are affecting countries with 1.3 million lightning strikes in a storm, feet of snow two weeks before summer in the S. Hemisphere, tornadoes not seen since the 1950’s in N.E USA, fall blizzards in Beijing and HeiLong Jiang in addition to five feet of snow in Inner Mongolia paralyzing cities. These events all align to records back to the 1950’s. 

Look what is happening in Australia.

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Thailand to turn away from mass tourism, target the wealthy… Canadian Dairy Commission recommends large increase in farm gate milk prices… 1.3 million lightning strikes detected in Australia overnight, record rainfall in Northern Territory… Largest rainfall in 20 years in Australia with 1.3 million lightning strikes… Temperature models… Large weather system affecting Australia, producing massive line of thunderstorms… Phenomenal rainfall totals hit parts of Australia, residents urged to brace for more rain and potential flooding… Record-breaking late-season cold spell hits southeastern Australia… SNOWVEMBER! Mountains coated in white two weeks out from summer… snow fall across Tasmania, Victoria and NSW following rare November weather event… SNOW and FREEZING temperatures in AUSTRALIA just days away from SUMMER… Spring snow falls across 3 states in Australia following rare November weather event… Rare tornadoes hit Rhode Island and Connecticut, the first in November since at least 1950… Anomalous November storm triggers unprecedented mini-swarm of tornadoes damage parts of Long Island and Connecticut… Spring snowfall hits Tasmania, Australia with up to 30 cms of snow – Hobart shivers through coldest November night in 68 years…

Kill the Bill

Kill the Bill

Kill the Bill (not kill Bill lolz).  This is about the recent protests in Melbourne.  This website is apolitical.  I do not vote and I do not support either the right or the left. I know who runs the world and it is not the politicians…, if you are right or left you have been captured.

If you are stuck in the  right-left paradigm then they have got you. They want you fighting each other and not them.   There is no left or right only up and down and you are down.   You are the untermensch.

Have the protests been hijacked by “right-wing” elements?   Well, doh!  Obviously they have and they are also using controlled opposition.  Remember the first attack on the twin towers…the FBI provided the explosives and encouraged the attack.  Do you think this is any different?   There will be counter intelligence operations.  There will be controlled opposition. There will be false flags.

However, the anger is genuine and people know this is totalitarian, draconian and evil.  Most of the people at the protests are genuine and cannot be dismissed.  The “emergency laws” have left politicians (bankers) unaccountable.

If you are still left or right………wake the hell up.

“We’ve Had ENOUGH!!” Australia’s SCARY New Pandemic Powers (11 min)

I am a bit wary of Russel with his 33 tattoo on his wrist and his recent 33 tour (lolz) but here he is spot on:


Australia’s most useful Idiot is back (5 min)

This from below the video:

Ana put this together on this stooge. Steve Booth - Melbourne Freedom Rally organiser along with Harrison McLean and Anthony Levchenko Hardly surprising this ones been rolled out again to flame the right wing rhetoric. Working along the Cossack. 😂😂😂 This one - 💯 FILMED staged arrests last year. With a little help from his friends - Rukshan - Focker How’s this - he vandalised Andrews office twice which was used by the media to sell us as right wing loons and the kicker is he walked away with zero charges. Some might allege that’s called an informer or useful idiot. And the video of the kid hurling abuse at Sutton the other day. Came from Anthony Burge which went to the MSM. Burge was Booths accomplice in the Andrews vandalism. Funny how it works. The oldest tricks in the book. For the record his no Freemason just taking the piss. Just a very naughty boy 😂 Tell us about Paradise Gelato Steve? Highly recommend watching this



Teetering on Disaster

Teetering on Disaster

Australia is about to  get colder (see 5.50 min)

Tripling inflation rates, logistics rates unaffordable or unavailable, vegetable & grain losses and 100% of economists say brace for the most inflation in the last 70 years at the minimum. This is as early cold fronts will damage fruits and vegetables across the southern US.

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What You Need to Know About Paper Shortages… Paper shortage, delays cause disruption in printing of wine labels… Food prices are going up ‘three times what we’re used to in the last decade… Texas loses ranking as top grapefruit producer due to brutal cold snap back in February… Some cities, including Chicago and Milwaukee, will get their first flakes of the year… Polar air to send temperatures plummeting across eastern US… Tropical Tidbits Forecast Models…

Australian Spring

Went and had a look myself. Last week we had a hailstorm that damaged our veg garden.


These are the models that you can chose from at the Tropical Tidbits website

ECMWF= European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
GFS= Global Forecast System (GFS) United States’ National Weather Service (NWS).
CMC= The Canadian Meteorological Center
NAVGEM= The Navy Global Environmental Model
ICON= Icosahedral Nonhydrostatic German Weather Service
JMA= Japan Meteorological Agency

Chose your model, your region and then if you want temperature chose thermodynamics. You can make a GIF animation (see above).

They are lying

I just had my local councilor on the door (Labor) asking for my vote because she can improve my area.  I am afraid she and her companion got the full blast from me.  These people are supposed to represent me?   I don’t vote anyway….but these people are so dumb…they know NOTHING…nothing…    Nothing about immunology or climate change or science or history or ANYTHING.   I think I need to lie down in a dark room.   People like this will be freezing to death and still voting to shut down power stations.  They have done a great job at gaslighting people.  They are ready to submit and/or die. 

India shook this morning! Half of the city has gone underwater! Flood in Kanyakumari (2 min)

Dozens of buildings are collapsed and roads turned into rivers after the flood in Sicily, Italy (2 min)


Then the cold came (1:20)

This is actually about 50 minutes because I skip the intro and you can stop at the 55 min mark.    A good summary of the weather related news etc and geoengineering.  Mike tends to put everything in the human geoengineering basket.  He is correct in noting the huge interventions that they are making but they are clearly loosing control. They cannot change what is coming….it will simply overwhelm them. Here are rough time stamps:

16 Australia then GSM
19 Comet 13,000 years ago (close but no cigar…it is a micro nova)
20 Holland and cow farts
23 Norway wind farms
26 Delhi smog
27 Cloud seeding South Korea
29 Sheep firefighters
31 Moon oxygen
34 Turkey earthquake
36 Sneaking across the border from SA to Vic
37 White Tailed deer with covid – how did the deer catch it?  (Not from humans…spraying?)
39 Israeli aerospace electronic beams and giant centrifuge
41 Helka volcano Iceland
42 Green fireball US & atmospheric rivers and decarbonization
43 Israel synthetic meat (always the first with dystopia)
44 1.3 million lightening bolts strike Australia



Nurses protest SA

Nurses protest SA

Four Thousand Health care workers face the sack in Queensland and in Perth Nurses laid down their uniforms in protest. In South Australia nurses are protesting. Meanwhile I am appealing a twitter suspension on one of my accounts.   In Israel they have gone full Hitler with imposing laws and even prison sentences.  They are going to vaccinate you till you drop. You brought it on yourselves.

A recap of the events in Adelaide, South Australia on Nov 2, 2021, where healthcare workers stood together to show their opposition to the vaccine mandates imposed by the Government of South Australia, forcing them to choose between their jobs and medical rights as of Nov 1st.