American Exceptionalism

American Exceptionalism

This is funny….

Joe Biden on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (4 min)

Senate; $61B to Ukraine, damage Trump. Syrsky, elite units to Avdiivka. Orban, Ukraine buffer zone (28 min)

Ukr To Defend Avdeyevka, Rushes Best Ukr Brigade, West Warns 2nd Bakhmut; NATO Reels Trump Comments (43 min)

Putin and China are watching Biden make a DEVASTATING mistake, this is bad! | Redacted News

Col Doug Macgregor – The Deadly Myth of U.S. Invincibility (38 min)


Russia Demilitarizing NATO

Russia Demilitarizing NATO

Tucker at Bolshoi. Timoshenko smells Elensky weakness. US/UK strike Yemen. Farmers protests grow (37 min)

Ukr Crisis Deepens, Rus 3rd Attack Line Avdeyevka, Zaluzhny Defies Zelensky; West Seizing Rus Assets (1:25min)

Russia will expand demilitarized zone – Putin (17 min)

SnowStorm | Russian Special Forces Entered Central Avdiivka. Military Summary And Analysis 2024.02.4 (24 min)

Scott Ritter: Ukraine will be DESTROYED and NATO Just Made a Huge Mistake (25 min)

Russia Demilitarizing NATO | Larry C. Johnson (56 min)


Crisis in Kiev

Crisis in Kiev


Lloyd Austin, Empire Strikes Back. Ivanovet hit. €EU 50B to Ukraine. Farmers protest at EU HQ (26 min)


Shoigu Kiev Throws Last Reserves, Rus Splitting Avdeyevka in Half, Ukr Troops Trapped; Kiev Crisis (1:19 min)

As Ukraine War Collapses, Zelensky Feuds With His Top General (10 min)

Political crisis in Kiev (20 min)

SnowStorm | Collapse of Avdiivka | The Crisis In Kyiv Is Worsening. Military Summary For 2024.02.02 (20 min)


Hang on! NATO is building an E.U. Army to attack Russia? | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (11 min)

Zelensky Break-dance

Zelensky Break-dance

Putin, 2M Russian army. Elensky breakdance. Russia-Ukraine secret NATO deal. Netanyahu long war. U/1 (42 min)

The Fall | The Russians Are Tightening Avdiivka Noose | Political Crisis. Military Summary 2023.12.2 (20 min)

NATO/EU leaders fear US-Russia negotiations (39 min)

Rus Capturing Marinka, Avdeyevka Supply Routes, Rumours Zaluzhny Talking to Russia; Gaza War Resumes (1:18 min)


Dagestan PsyOP

Dagestan PsyOp

IDF scales back operation. Dagestan airport PSYOP. Kiev ends gas transit. Scholz Nigeria stream. U/1 (45 min)

Col. Macgregor Shares BOMBSHELL Intel on UKRAINE and ISRAEL! (38 min)

very good analysis

Morning Dagestan Telegram brings angry mob to airport (28 min)

“Israel is committing SUICIDE if they do this in Egypt” Scott Ritter | Redacted with Clayton Morris (10 min)

The Fall | Ukraine Sends Last Leopard Tanks To Avdiivka Cauldron. Military Summary For 2023.10.30 (24 min)

Why the United States bombed Syria? Clayton Morris interviews Kevork Almassian (18 min)

The Looming Danger: Crusades 2.0 on the Horizon (43 min)

What a lovely mess

What a lovely mess

Please don’t be impatient they are doing their best to start WW3 (lolz).  As they distract and poison you with jabs, cause division and destroy your health and your wealth.  It is all the fault of Russia (and white people, don’t forget white people).



Biden Speech Worsens Gaza Crisis; US outplayed At UN; Putin Visits Army HQ, Avdeyevka Intensifies (1:12 min)

Biden wants multiple wars, $60B to Ukraine. Middle East shuns POTUS. Brazil ceasefire. (33 min)

The Ground Offensive – SITREP 10.20.23 (51 min)

Syria under ATTACK by Israel as the West stays SILENT | Redacted with Clayton Morris (13 min)

The Fall | Avdiivka Round 2. Ukrainian Anti-Retreat Forces. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.10.20 (24 min)

The Fall

The Fall

Biden; the other team, not you. ATACMS in Ukraine, prolongs agony. Putin and Orban in China. U/1 (40 min)

“Prove it or it didn’t happen!” Putin tells Israel show us the proof | Redacted News (10 min)

Biden Backs Israel; Jordan Cancels Summit; Global South Turns Against West; Kinzhal vs. ATACMS (1:26min)

The Fall | Drowning Has Started In Dnieper. Russian Success At Avdiivka. Military Summary 2023.10.18 (20 min)


All the ducks lined up

All the ducks lined up


Even “Outsider” Politicians Fall In Line To Defend Israel (9 min)

Professor and author Norman Finkelstein:


Israel Traps Itself, Fighting War on Three Fronts | Syria Joins Gaza (29 min)


Critical: Israel Pledges to Crush Hamas, Hostage Update, and Global Reactions (13 min)

The Fall | Avdiivka Operational Encirclement. Insane Pressure. Military Summary For 2023.10.11 (24 min)

Avdiivka now ‘second Bakhmut’

Avdiivka now ‘second Bakhmut’

Ukraine Russia conflict: Ukraine’s Avdiivka now ‘second Bakhmut’ | English News | WION (4 min)


No More Effective Lines of Defense Against The Russians (35 min)