Azovstal Falls

Azovstal Falls

It’s over for Azov & Ukraine at Azovstal In Mariupol? (3 min)

Azov Battalion SURRENDERS in Mariupol (15 min)

Zelensky claims to have RESCUED Azov defenders – Inside Russia Report (14 min)

Azovstal Surrenders as Russia Continues Offensive in Donbass (33 min)

Azovstal, UK Media calls it an ‘evacuation’ w/Gonzalo Lira (Live)






The train wreck that is Ukraine

The train wreck that is Ukraine

Chechens & Russian Army Battle Azov & Ukraine on Mariupol frontline (18 min)


Russia asks Mariupol defenders to ‘lay down their arms,’ Ukraine vows to fight on | World News (2 min)

Last Lie & Last Chance Of Ukrainian Nationalists In Mariupol

Russian Troops ‘Storming Azovstal’ as Ukraine Says Russia Has Begun Phase 2 Donbass Offensive (30 min)

EU fast tracking Ukraine. Putin says Economic Blitzkrieg failed. ‘Z’ cheese platters. Update 1 (25 min)

The EU has gone NUTS.  I have clipped the clown world at the end of the video for tweeting out.  From now on all my cheese platters will have a cheese Z.


Do you stand with Ukraine?

Do you stand with Ukraine?

It has become fashionable to “stand with Ukraine” and wear a flag lapel or display a fag on your twitter profile.  But virtue signalling comes at a price. You will have to watch this on YouTube due to the footage.

Dozens of Murdered civilians Found in Mariupol after Ukraine retreats (Some hands bound) 18 min

Russian Ends Fire on Warship Moskva Threatens Decapitation Strikes on Kiev. Inflation Spikes in West (31 min)