Turkey and Azerbaijan

Turkey and Azerbaijan



The Hidden Agenda: How Turkey and Azerbaijan Rewrite History to Conquer Armenia (8 min)

Zaluzhny returns

Zaluzhny returns

Zaluzhny returns. NATO Ukraine West Germany plan. Hungary EU Presidency panic. Vampire Baerbock. U/1 (28 min)

How the U.S. “LOST” billions of dollars in Ukraine | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (16 min)

“We are getting closer to him” – Ukraine says it’s trying to kill Putin | Redacted w Clayton Morris (13 min)

Minsk Agreement model for Armenia and Azerbaijan (18 min)



Armenia Azerbaijan Peace

Armenia Azerbaijan Peace

Bakhmut now has the Russian name Artemovsk….this it what it looks like after the conquest.

Artemovsk. Video by war correspondent Alexander Kharchenko (2 min)


Rus Advances North Central Donbass, Ukr Attack Recon Ship TurkStream Fails; Armenia Azerbaijan Peace (1:10)

Armenia-Azerbaijan peace talks. Germany chooses recession. F-16 not a magic weapon. Diia app. U/1 (26 min)

Israel and Azerbaijan

Israel and Azerbaijan

I have debated CJB online regarding his religious deconstructionism and his tendency to conflate mythology with scant regard to historical development and syncretism. However, this video (first one below the tweets) on the history of Azerbaijan and Armenia and the relationship with Iran is pretty good. Unfortunately,towards the end of the video,  he oversimplifies the complexities of the geopolitical ramifications . Nevertheless a good introduction to the subject. 

It looks like Israel (and the West) is trying to open up another front against Iran and Russia by causing more trouble between Azerbaijan and Armenia.  Israel has been supplying weapons to Azerbaijan and they have always hated Christian Armenia (called Amalek in their world view).  I believe that it was Russia that brokered the peace between the warring parties and as far as I know Putin’s “reward” was that Azerbaijan recently came out and said they would arrest Putin and hand him over to the ICC if he ever came to their country.  No good deed goes unpunished (lolz).

War Is Brewing Between Iran and Azerbaijan (CJB)

Azerbaijan again advances troops in Karabakh, spelling fears of renewed conflict (4 min)

US rebukes Israeli government, urges compromise; Azerbaijan-Israel ties bolster TV7 Israel News 29.3 (12 min)

CSTO: There is ongoing tensions between Armenia, Azerbaijan (2 min)



Game Changer?

Game Changer?

Game Changer? Immediate Referendums, Ukraine’s Spent Reserves – Russian Ops in Ukraine 09/21/2022 (34 min)

Russia Referendums in Donbass, Ukraine Regions, Union with Russia; Mulls Major Military Escalation (42 min)

Donbass Referendums MUST HAPPEN – Medvedev. Children KILLED By Ukrainian Shelling. (9 min)


“Akhmat” Destroys 200 Ukrainian Soldiers. Slovenia To Send 28 M-55S Tanks. Abortions Decrease. (18 min)


CRUCIAL! Iran to join SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation)

Why Israel Supports Azerbaijan (19 min)

Calm in the Kremlin

Calm in the Kremlin

Calm in the Kremlin, SMO plan for now. ATO remains on the table (28 min)

Conflict between Armenia & Azerbaijan tests CSTO security alliance(12 min)

Russia ‘Encircling’ Bakhmut, Putin Sticks with SMO, Rebuffs Scholz, Macron (53 min)

Serbia faces DIFFICULT threat from the E.U. and Vucic knows it | Redacted with Clayton Morris (9 min)