Too Big To Fail

Too Big To Fail

He who Panics first, panics best. 


Financial Crises Has Begun! “Too Big To Fail” Credit Suisse Domino Effect Far More Potent Than SVB (3 min)


The BANK meltdown just got worse, entire system downgraded to NEGATIVE | Redacted w Clayton Morris(17 min)

What’s Next for Global Banking (29 min)

RED (Part 4): Money is a Gas

RED (Part 4): Money is a Gas

Here is the last part in the series.

RED (Part 4): Money is a Gas (2:16)

The others parts can be traced back here:

RED (Part 3)

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Many of the video clips are from from Unpacked

Blog of Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal

Relentless Interconnected Price Rises

Relentless Interconnected Price Rises

The American Debt Machine and Geopolitics with Kirian “Deso” van Hest (1:13)

Great interview …the one thing I disagree with is that this is due to “incompetence” it is not.  It was all planned.

Blame it on Russia

Blame it on Russia, do not blame it on QE caused by the 2007/8 GFC (The Big Short) or  more recently QE when the Fed started Repo for the banks on 18 Sept 2019 around the time of Event 201 just before the “virus” appeared. This is all down to the bankers. The hunger Games are next and it is all Russia’s fault.  Altogether now Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia,Russia.

RUSSIA – Interest Rate HIKES & Quantitative TIGHTENING Threaten GLOBAL CRASH as INFLATION Soars