Banksta’s Paradise 2.0

Banksta’s Paradise 2.0

Banks and Mega Corporations Rule. They are your government and they are in the hands of a small dynastic, aristocratic cabal of psychopaths.
















O.D.D TV Banksta’s Paradise (Gangsta’s Paradise Remake) Truth Music (4 min)

“I Found Out The Banks Run Everything!” – Fmr U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss (8 min)

Coming Clean: Snap Out of the Big Bank and Big Tech Trance with Carolyn Betts (2 min)

PREPARE YOURSELVES! BE READY! Things Are Going From VERY BAD To MUCH WORSE Rapidly… Mannarino (11 min)

EU war economy utopia, Eurobonds and direct taxes

Dollar Death

Dollar Death

More  merde…


Jim Rickards: Put on Your Crash Helmets – New Banking Meltdown Coul…(41 min)

Charles Schwab Just Dropped a Bombshell (21 min)

It Started: Huge Lay Offs, Banks In Trouble, & Interest Rates Are High (14 min)

Be Ready- THEY WILL KILL MILLIONS… On The EVE Of Yet Another War. CRITICAL UPDATES. Mannarino (11 min)

Food and Money

Food and Money

U.S. Faces ‘Significant Risk’ of Running Out of Cash in June (13 min)

Aldi Products Are Getting 200% More Expensive As Grocery Shortages Spark Chaos At Stores (16 min)

This Is Why New York Will Ultimately Collapse: Steve Forbes (4 min)

Dollar changes

Dollar Changes

In 55 days EVERYTHING changes for the U.S. Dollar | Redacted with Clayton Morris (15 min)


Warren Buffet Say “Worrying” About Your Bank Deposits is “Dangerous, Invests in Nuclear Plants (18 min)



Oh SH*T, the small bank collapse is real and it’s here | Redacted with Clayton Morris (14 min)


American Bank Run – BRICS News Equation (13 min)

BE READY! Expect To See One Or Two MAJOR BANKS FAIL. This Thing Is Just Getting Started. Mannarino (13 min)

Take Your “Safe Money” Out of the Banks, We’re Facing Crisis Greater Than 1930s (16 mins)

The Fed Raised Rates, Recession Is Coming! (11 min)

Saudi Arabia & Russia JUST SHUTDOWN All Oil To The US With Oil Sanctions Collapsing The US Economy! (12 min)

From Maastricht to CBDC

From Maastricht to CBDC

And to think that I used to live in Maastricht.  It is actually a beautiful, historic city an ancient Roman town that borders Belgium and Germany. Very cosmopolitan.  The belly of the beast (lolz). The interview is with Catharine Austin Fitts.

From the Maastricht Treaty to CBDCs with Arno Wellens (1:16)

With a degree in business administration, Wellens first worked as a banker and accountant before branching off into investigative financial journalism. His journalistic beat covers the EU, international real estate and investment fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering through the banking system, among other “financial quandaries.” His 2014 book, The Euro Evangelism, traced the history of the European monetary union, the banking crisis, and unsustainable debt levels. In this interview, we discuss how Wellens came to understand CBDC risks and the dangers of central financial control, as well as what the EU and European Central Bank (ECB) are doing to roll out CBDCs, despite significant resistance from both the public and some leaders. Both of us agreed that our conversation barely scratched the surface—stay tuned for a “Part II” later this year. Arno Wellens’ website: The Euro Bible by Arno Wellens:… available at Blue Tiger: Full Report:…