This is just one of the banks.  Almost all of them are Jewish banks and they fall into insignificance alongside funds like Black Rock (Jewish owned). But at least they are balanced out by the govt Federal Reserve (lolz).  Oops…..that is a private Jewish bank as well.

Why the economy really sucks (blame Goldman Sachs)-11 min

Deconstruction of Our World

Deconstruction of Our World

Deconstruction of Our World | What’s Next (Bob Kudla 1/2)-21min

FAKEOUT. Debt Market Instability RETURNS! MMRI Hits ANOTHER RECORD. Important Updates. Mannarino (13 min)

Monkeys And Aliens!

Monkeys And Aliens!

Monkeys And Aliens! Fed THREATENS A BIG Slowdown In The Economy And HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT. Mannarino (11 min)

Walmart Currency and Payment App Launched as US Dollar Collapses (4 min)

Not Enough On The Planet (15 min)

Rolling Blackouts. EU LNG lies come back to haunt Collective West (23 min)

Would We Know If Society Was About To Collapse? MIT Predicted Society Would Collapse By 2040 (9 min)

The USA is broke

The USA is broke

Not just the USA but the global economy is running on fumes. Read the following thread by Kim dot com (only posted the first two):

MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD. By Gregory Mannarino (14 min)


Can the Fed fix inflation? (26 min)

Just listening to this now. He thinks Covid is not real (its just a flu) and that the Chinese sent it to the USA so that they can take over the world (lolz).  Does he not see the contradiction in what he is saying?   For starters he should look closer to home.  People have become a lot dumber (or were they always this dumb?).


Lebanese Woman Holds up a Bank to Withdraw Own Savings & Help Sister (5 min)

China’s local governments “Out of cash”

China’s local governments “Out of cash”…

Watch the first 10 minutes or so of WION news…

Gravitas LIVE | China’s local governments “Out of cash” | funding gap of nearly $1 trillion | WION (47 min)

China asks US to halt Taiwan military ties | International News | Latest English News | WION (3 min)

Pelosi to visit Taiwan. Neocons push escalation with China (11 min)

China doesn’t need us anymore… (first 5 mins or so)



Big Short, Biggest Ponzi

Big Short, Biggest Ponzi

The movie the Big Short was based on the housing collapse predicted by Michael Burry. He is now predicting that the global economy will crash before the end of 2022.  I believe that he is correct.  The “Big Short” was caused because they weaponized greed using fraudulent banking practices.  The heart of the 2008 crisis was nearly $5 trillion worth of basically worthless mortgage loans, among other factors. The losses were socialized and ultimately picked up the taxpayer. No one was ever punished and moral hazard ceased to exist.   They papered over the cracks by money printing (QE) and thus began the biggest wealth transfer in history.  At the time I pondered how they would ever be able to end QE because they had effectively painted themselves into a corner.  Now we know that they never intended to end QE but had the intention of stealing as much as they could before collapsing the system.  They deliberately repealed the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 allowing banks to grow huge and to mix commercial and investment (gambling) banking.   As far as I am concerned this was planned by certain elements. 

The question is why?  The answer is that they needed trillions of $$  to pump into Artificial Intelligence, robotics, bio-engineering and space.  They are building a control grid (matrix)  because they know that we have reached peak oil and they also know that cyclical cosmic destruction us coming.  They intend to emerge afterwards as gods of a New World Order and they will Build Back Better using their new technologies and new energy sources (not renewables). They exploited human weakness; greed (=financial crisis), fear (=pandemics), moral turpitude (=porn etc) and idolatry (worship of science and tech) so that we would destroy ourselves.  They want to de-carbonize the world (kill more people) and cap and trade carbon (the bodies and souls of men). The total commoditization of human behavior. Full spectrum dominance in which they intend to destroy what it means to be human.  To be human is to be weak, failable, fragile and fallen but being human also carries the dignity and honor of being made in the image and the potential and prospect of a redemptive act that allows the in-working  of the mystery of godliness to complete  its transformative act. We cannot transcend our humanity through an act of self-will but only through surrender to the ground of all being. 

A terrifying financial warning for 2022 (from Michael Burry)- 9min

I recommend watching the Big Short here are a few of my favorite scenes:

The Big Short (2015) – Dr Michael Burry analyzes Subprime MBSs (Feat. Margot Robbie) [HD 1080p] – (5 min)

The Big Short (2015) – Jared Vennett’s Pitch to Front Point Partners (Jenga Blocks Scene) [HD 1080p] (8 min)