Mileikowsky the War Criminal

Mileikowsky the War Criminal

Perhaps a bit reductionist but hey…all is fair in war (lolz)…

How Israeli Prime Ministers Changed Their Names to Sound More Middle Eastern (5 min)

Iran stands strong, Netanyahu’s dystopian plans for Gaza – New Rules Podcast (37 min)

Israeli Leaders FUME That World Is Leaving Them Behind (5 min)
These are “leftists” but hey….   what they say is true…

Netenyahu Doesn’t Realize How Dumb This Sounds! (7 min)

This was a threat…we will take you all down with us in a political Sampson option if you don’t back us…

Back us or else… we expose everything…..




Everyone can see You

Everyone can see You

The mask has slipped and everyone can see the Beast now.    Whatever happens Israel has been weighed in the balance and found wanting but not only Israel also all her lovers who have been busy fornicating with her.   The Beast system will collapse….it is what comes after that is dangerous (the image of the Beast).


Piers Morgan gets OWNED! (30 min)

The general consensus amongst normal people is that Morgan is a POS.  Just look at his journalistic history.  Definitely Epsteinised.  

Netanyahu REVEALS his Gaza 2035 Plan, Israel’s new Dubai (19 min)

Unhinged Israeli MP Threatens US Over Arms Shipment (9 min)

Jewish Yale Student STABBED in the Eye! | #GrandTheftWorld 182 (Clip)-11 min

The Lobby

The Lobby

‘Why Are We Still So Supportive Of Israel?’: Reporter Confronts Kirby About Gaza’s Starving (3 min)

If you want to know “Why” then watch the four part documentary below:

Here is a classic example of someone who is bought and paid for by the Zionist lobby.  He will never tell you the truth.  He is not paid to tell you the truth.

Ogles Repeats Bibi’s Tropes | Kids Toys As Israeli War Trophies | #GrandTheftWorld 172 (clip) -16 min

Hezbollah Fire Rockets at Israeli Forces Illegally Occupying Syria’s Golan Heights (22 min)


How Herzl Inspired Hitler | #GrandTheftWorld 172 (clip)-14 min

Arafat Assassinated | US Vetoes UN Ceasefire | #GrandTheftWorld 172 (clip)-20 min





Neocons want war

Neocons want war

They all so badly want the Gog-Magog war and the rebuilding of the Temple because it fits their geopolitical ideology.  So many Christians will be fooled. 

EU/UK swap out Ukraine flag. Haaretz blames Bibi. Iran denies involvement. Neocons want war. U/1 (44 min)


Hamas Attack Will Lead to WW3 (52 min)

Hamas attacks Israel

Hamas attacks Israel

FULL ANALYSIS: Hamas’ Unprecedented Attack on Israel (59 min)

UNPRECEDENTED! What you need to know about the Israel-Gaza clashes (10 min)

Hamas Attacks Israel and Netanyahu Declares War || Peter Zeihan (4 min)

Surprise Attack Stuns Israel; WaPo: Ukraine Despair War Unwinnable; EU Granada Summit Shambles (1:19 min)