A House Divided

A House Divided

Biden White House divided on Ukraine (29 min)

Siemens GASLIGHTS Gazprom. More Mercs ‘Kalibr’d. Rouble DEFLATION Continues (30 min)

Russia Traps Ukraine Troops in Lysychansk, Turkey Drops Veto on Sweden Finland-NATO, Russia Unfazed (1:00)

Civilian Found Executed In “Lysychansk Cauldron” (UKRAINE WAR CRIME)-18 min

TURKEY Drops VETO Against FINLAND & SWEDEN JOINING NATO. What Will Putin & Russia Do Now? (11 min)



What Is Ukraine Really About?

What Is Ukraine Really About?

Another video by Brendon O’Connell.  He  makes some interesting points and is right about many of the internet operations but he has become disillusioned and somewhat repetitive and has made unnecessary enemies. Nevertheless some very good material but Brendon does not have all the answers.  I don’t think anyone has all the answers…some players have gone of script and the situation is complex and evolving.

Two important issues need some deep thinking.  First is the withdrawal from Afghanistan during the Biden admin and the abandonment of weapons.  That was extremely hasty and uncoordinated. Are we to believe that this was done to stop the Belt and Road because if anything it had the opposite effect. The Chinese were quick to come to agreements with the Taliban.

Beijing is unlikely to step in militarily; it considers Afghanistan a strategic trap. Instead, China’s weapon of choice for gaining leverage, which it has honed with the multi-continent Belt and Road Initiative, is to become an indispensable economic partner.

The end goal of China’s Eurasia strategy, reasons Nadège Rolland, a senior fellow at the National Bureau of Asian Research, is a situation “where the multiplication of dependencies to China have created enough positive incentives and coercive leverage to ultimately compel regional countries to defer to Beijing’s wishes, and constrict their ability and willingness to defy and resist against China’s power.”


China prefers the soft-power option and is increasing its influence in the area by recently extended a 2.3$ billion loan to Pakistan turning them into a client state. See this website for more articles on China and Afghanistan.

Did the US anticipate a bio-weapon threat in Afghanistan?  Is that why they withdrew so hastily?  They certainly did not withdraw to make life difficult for China. Perhaps the troops were needed elsewhere?  At about this time Biden was sealing off the White House and Washington.  Did he feel threatened internally or was he drawing down troops for a possible move in the Ukrainian theater?   Who knows?  Whatever happened Putin anticipated the Ukrainian operation and took decisive action.

As far as air defense are concerned Russia’s are layered and provide in depth cover for the grinding artillery war they are fighting.  And they are winning and I believe the West did not anticipate this.  Of course, NATO could have provided air cover but that would have led to full on war.

The fact that Kissinger wanted to sue for peace while other elements want to use Lithuania to escalate by using  Kaliningrad as a wedge speaks of disarray and different camps. This is a complex and shifting situation. Putin is not a good guy and neither is the West. I believe that Putin has gone off script and is the fly in the ointment, the monkey in the wrench and the pain in the ass of the globalist planners.  The US policy was always to keep Germany down and keep Russia out of the EU.  They are terrified of the Mackinder World Island forming and the policies they are perusing are bringing about the very result they fear.  The next step is probably all out war.  Expect an uptick in bio-warfare and more social unrest.  I believe that we are dealing with supra-national entities who have penetrated the Deep State. The Central Banks and the Rothschild are at the heart of this and they released Covid.  They are panicking.  It s not going according to plan. Good.

139. What Is Ukraine Really About Simple Question…Simple Answer (1:33)

Medhurst Shorts

Medhurst Shorts

War in Ukraine Proves Biden IS NOT the “Adult in the Room” (1 min)

Disinformation Around Ukraine Has Reached a New Level | Max Blumenthal (4 min)

Oil Has Changed Biden’s Tune on Saudi Arabia (4 min)

No Ursula, Russia IS NOT Blackmailing the EU (4 min)

“We’re Experiencing a NATO PRICE HIKE” | Ft. Max Blumenthal (3 min)

Ukraine debacle

Ukraine debacle

Biden White House in search of an off-ramp in Ukraine (24 min)

Russia Has “Almost Ceased To Suffer Losses” as Major General Dies in UA – Inside Russia Report (15 min)

Germany’s clown leadership’s crash dive into LUNACY (4 min)

Left or right?

Left or right?

Guess I am stuck in the middle with you.

Dark Money & Big Tech’s Subversion of Democracy (33 min)

In this video Jon Swinn presents background information on figures involved in a post 2020 election phonecall discussing key strategies to overturn the Presidential election results in favor of Donald Trump. Firstly, information regarding the background of Jay Sekulow is explored and his connections to the religious right, dubious charity activities and dark money are exposed. This leads to how dark money have shaped the Supreme Court and how these forces are trying to control it. We show how the Supreme Court has been pressured by Donald Trump and his side show of kook lawyers, and Mike Lindell. The relationship between Donald Trump and Larry Ellison is explored, as well how Elon Musk fits into all of this. Oracle Corp’s long time relationship with government and reliance on government contracts throughout its existence. Then the revelations of how Oracle and the Chinese State have collaborated and how their technology is being used to assist in the oppression of Uygurs in the country. Sources https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z…

Ep 29.4: Guest John Brisson chat – Choosing between WHO terror and “Light-wing” conservatism saviors (2:10)

The interview between Mark and John has been re-posted with notes etc see below:

1984 vs. Brave New World

Another Nice Mess

Another Nice Mess

Biden Admin Says Expect Power Blackouts this Summer (7 min)

JP Morgan CEO Warns of LOOMING RECESSION As Russia Restricts Exports of Neon, Helium and Argon (17 min)

The worst economic crash of all time (Everything Bubble) -10 min

Trends in the News (28 min)

Language warning (lolz). Gerald Celente is salty but the gentleman is a New Yorker and has been correctly predicting economic trends etc for decades.

(Must Watch!) THE “DEMONIC GHOUL” OF THE FED SPEAKS! Very Important Updates. Mannarino (14 min)

You have got to laugh.  Pay at 2x speed (lolz)

Ukraine Retreats

Ukraine Retreats

Ukraine Retreats from Severodonetsk, Biden Confirms Kiev Fighting to Improve Negotiating Position (56 min)

US to Send “Game-Changer” HIMARS to Ukraine: The Rest of the Story (15 min)

Harald Marer warns of “ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON” – Inside Russia Report (17 min)

Russia halts gas supply to Netherland, Germany, Denmark | EU reels under rising fuel prices | WION (3 min)