Mind Control

Mind Control

SHORT Our Elites Have Been Tricked by Mind Control to Destroy The Country (2 min)

Biden’s Dangerous Ideologues – Peak Prosperity (31 min)




🚨 US HEGEMONY ENDS: Economic Decline, Rise of BRICS & Political Turmoil | Prof. Richard Wolff (P. 2)-32 min

President Putin of Ukraine

President Putin of Ukraine

Freudian slip or dementia?

Big Boy NATO Putin-Elensky mix up, VP Trump, Blinken reaction priceless. Borrell upset with Africa (31 min)


Biden Crisis, NATO/Democrats Panic; Zelensky Desperate, NATO No To Ukr Requests; Ukr Army Despair (1:26 min)

Obama made Biden, Obama breaks Biden (32 min)

Col. Douglas Macgregor: US Foreign Policy on the Brink (34 min)

INTEL Roundtable: Johnson & McGovern – Weekly Intel WrapUp (30 min)

The West Wants War

The West Wants War

NATO Self-Destructs Targets China Rus; Volchansk Disaster, Rus Storms Volcha River Pokrovsk Collapse (1:23 min)

Blinken, F-16s over Ukraine skies. Orban to visit Trump. Russiagate 5.0. Clooney wants Biden out (33 min)

F-16 Jets Are Headed To Ukraine! – Secretary Of State Blinken (6 min)

Prof. John Mearsheimer: Ukraine Collapsing (29 min)

Turkey-Syria talks may unlock new trade corridors (11 min)


Russians destroying Uranus

Russians destroying Uranus

In that case better keep your big boy pants on Joe (sorry, could not resist the dad joke).

NATO dark summit. NYT, time to redefine Ukraine victory. MBS, don’t touch Russian assets. Biden 2029

NATO More Ukr Support, EU Inflates Ammo Output, Patriots Fail, Rus Enter South Volchansk, Putin-Modi (1:29 min)

Scott Ritter : US Thrives on Continuous Conflict (41 min)

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: Political Upheaval and Global Security Challenges (33 min)

Pepe Escobar : SCO Summit a Geopolitical Game Changer (30 min)




Did Russia have any election problems?   Nope.  Only the West seems to have election chaos and rigging.  Only Western “democracies”  have problems.  Why is that?   I am baffled I tell ya, baffled.  Like I was with the sudden deaths and injuries. Baffled.

This is “externalization of the hierarchy” they are revealing to you that you don’t live in democracies and that democracy does not work.  France is headed for utter chaos and the UK for Anglo-Zionist authoritarianism. The United States?   Looks like they are on target for Fascism/corporatism. 

This is not organic it is all orchestrated and scripted.  In my opinion they are aiming for Governance by Artificial Intelligence because it is “unbiased” (lolz) and total state surveillance and CBDC.  They probably thought they could get their via the left (democrats etc) but realized it was not working and therefore pulled the plug. Now it is up to Trump and Musk, Thiele etc to get the NWO up and running.  Who knows? One thing is certain is that the chaos and hatefulness is deliberate and has been orchestrated because it benefits their agenda.


Shocking scenes as France falls to the far-left (7 min)


CNN’s Hair Is On Fire Over Biden’s Terrible Polling (19 min)

KJP MELTS DOWN During Heated Exchange About Biden’s Health! (7 mins)


“This is a CLASSIC case of Parkinson’s” says Top Parkinson’s Doctor | Redacted w Clayton Morris (18 min)


No Representation

No Representation

Elections are rigged both in the UK and France. In fact the system is rigged everywhere so that the establishment always wins.

What The French and UK Elections Really Mean – Peak Prosperity (20 min)


It is all coordinated and scripted.

“Biden WILL drop out in days” Top Dems Confirm Overthrow Plan | Redacted with Clayton Morris (22 min)

New Popular Front shocks world with French election win (34 min)

Biden’s Time Machine

Biden’s Time Machine

Joe is going back to 2020 so that he can beat Trump again (lolz).  Meanwhile Orban practices diplomacy and attempts to find a peaceful solution.

Stephanopoulos to rescue Biden. Orban uses diplomacy, EU shocked. Le Pen has two Ukraine red lines (34 min)

Rus Unstoppabe Offensive; Rus General: 2024 Victory Year; Orban Mediation; Starmer Backs Zelensky (1:22 min)

EU, NATO angry as Orban visits Moscow to talk peace (25 min)

West Admits Ukraine is Out of Air Defenses and Losing Ground, With No Way to Reverse it (45 min)


Orban Off the Reservation

Orban Off the Reservation

Orban wants peace and the rest of the EU is livid.  How dare he put an end to their gravy train. There are still more people to be killed and more money to be made.  How dare he.

Orban Meets Putin, Seeks Peace Terms, EU Horrified, Rus Advances Pokrovsk; Starmer UK PM Dismal Vote (1:10 min)


Orban meets Putin. Sunak out, Starmer in. Elensky; 14 brigades, no weapons. Biden wants more sleep (40 min)


Election Chaos

Election Chaos

This was very good:

Who Is Behind the Fireworks this July 4th? (5 min)

Tories crushed. Labour, declining victory. Farage triumphs (30 min)

Biden’s Family Doubles Down On Elder Abuse Of The President! (7 min)


LIVE! On stage in Vegas questioning Joe “Walter” Biden about his recent debate! | JEFF DUNHAM (12 min)

Biden Panic and Russian Rout

Biden Panic and Russian Rout

Tucker-Elensky interview, on then off. Van Jones, Biden full-scale panic. Scholz, daily Macron SMS (44 min)

Biden Support Weakens, Demand Stand Down; Macron Defies French Voters; Rus Routs Ukr Troops Toretsk (1:01 min)

Washington’s “Hellscape” Drone War vs China + its 1000 Drone Arms Deal with Taiwan Admin (40 min)