Fall guy-Patsy

Fall-guy Patsy

Why its almost as if they chose an unlikable geeky type to become the fall guy so that they can regulate crypto.   I almost feel sorry for him but then I remember that he swindled millions and some people will be killed (in Ukraine) and others will lose pensions because of him. I warned you not to touch crypto.  Now comes the  regulation to firmly shut the barn door (and trap all the crypto users) after the horse has bolted.  You didn’t think they would let you become your own banker did you?  Seriously?


The FTX corruption is even worse than we thought | Redacted with Clayton Morris (28 min)



The Fall of Sam Bankman Fried and Rise of CBDC (52 min)



Democrazy and freedumb

Democrazy and freedumb

The Democrats swung the election on abortion let that sink in. Apparently it is “my body my choice” except when it comes to vaccines then you have no rights. The baby never had any rights except the right to die. We are truly living in a death cult.

A pox on both their houses. Trump is a big fat LIAR. The unvaccinated are not dying otherwise I would not be typing this. Trump has also shown himself vindictive and petty towards other Republican candidates. I can say this because I have no horse in the race. I give Trump full marks for trolling and shaking up the system but he is not your saviour. He is just a naughty boy. As to the Democrast it seems that they are possesd by demons….pyscopathic hypocrites.

Scott Ritter talks about the Election (33 min)

Art thou come to take oil?

Art thou come to take oil?

Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil? (Ezekiel 38:13)

Some take the prophecy in Ezekiel as literal and believe that Gog (Russia) has come to take the oil (spoil).   However, Russia has plenty of oil and gas and it was the USA (the ships of Tarshish-lolz) that was occupying a third of Syria and stealing oil and blowing up gas pipelines in the Baltic.  Not only is such a view a massive failure of scriptural interpretation it also manages to ignore reality.

Gravitas: Saudi Arabia slams Biden for releasing fuel reserves (5 min)

Oil Spat: Saudi Arabia blasts US | Is OPEC aligning with Russia? | World English News | WION (8 min)




Zelensky Curse

Zelensky Curse

It seems that all govts that support Zelensky are doomed to fail.

US inflation numbers are really bad. Biden says everything is under control (20 min)

Major shift in Putin’s stance on Ukraine (22 min)

Russian Drones ‘Outplayed’ Ukraine Air Defense. SU-34 Crashes in Yeysk (11 min)


Ukraine and Game Theory

Ukraine and Game Theory

Here is the latest video by the husband and wife team from Redacted, very slick as they used to be mainstream journalists. However, call me cynical…just because their reporting confirms my confirmation bias does not mean that we are not being manipulated.  Here are the subjects covered:

  • US forces in Ukraine
  • CDC Vaccine Adverse Effects
  • Stella Assange Vs. John Bolton
  • Trans backlash
  • Superchats

Here is what you need to consider. We are in the matrix.  Do you think for one moment that they have not game played this?   John Nash earned a PhD in 1950 with a 28-page dissertation on non-cooperative games. He was the genius that suffered from schizophrenia (portrayed in the movie a Beautiful Mind).  He developed the Nash equilibrium, a crucial concept in non-cooperative games. It won Nash the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1994. 

They are game-playing the geopolitics and using psychological warfare and Hegelian dialectic on their own populations.  There are no good guys only bad guys and worse guys.  So do I trust Redacted?  I think their info is mostly correct but that does not mean that they are not playing a role in a wider agenda.  I also think it is a bit naff that they use Oh, SH*T in every video title (lolz). A bit like the nerd at school trying to be hip.  Always be aware of hidden agendas. I started the video at 30 mins to avoid the intro:

Oh SH*T, it’s starting. Putin LAUNCHES massive military move | Redacted with Clayton Morris (1:45)

Ukraine Forces Build Up. PENSIONERS Can Be MOBILIZED. USS Ronald Reagan Docks in South Korea (17 min)


Biden Admin Rages as Saudi-Russia OPEC+ Oil Alliance Slashes Production; Ukraine Front Lines Stable (47 min)

Does Russia Have “Imperial Ambitions”? (2 min)

Here’s Why The U.S. Blew Up Nord Stream Pipeline! (13 min)

Bio-war foiled by 911

Bio-war foiled by 911

Another great find by Mark Kulacz from Housatonic.  This is the speech that Biden gave about the threat of bio-warfare on Sept 10 and then he kept going on about anthrax while the twin towers were burning.  It seems like the neocons thwarted his plans with the 911 event.  The bio-warfare is not just Covid because the USA has been flooded with fentanyl   pressed into tablets and made to look like other recreational drugs. Thousands upon thousands have died from this deliberate epidemic….especially the youth.  Mark’s son died from an overdose. If you look at the previous stream by Dr McCairn he interviews mark at 2:06 and Mark lets fly about what is happening.

Never forget that letters were sent out (to congress I think) containing anthrax spores post 911 and those letters (purportedly from terrorists linked to Saddam) were traced back to an American lab where a scientist  (=fall guy)  “committed suicide”.      These people are disgusting.

Ep 168.2: September 10, 2001: Senator Biden on bioweapons, nukes, homeland security (10min edit)


Why is this important now?   It is important because they will do everything they can to distract you from the truth.  Russia’s accusations are correct.  They were engaged in bio-warfare along Russian borders.  They will do anything to stop you realizing that they are behind covid and they were engaged in bio-warfare.  That is why there will be an escalation of the Ukraine war besides which it is the ideal way to launder money and crash the economy.

The 911 double-cross conspiracy theory

See this 911 link and watch the video:




In your face lies

In your face lies

IN YOUR FACE LIES! Economic Whistleblowers Say: “The Data Doesn’t Add Up” (Its FAKE). Mannarino (11 min)

What Biden just said about Crypto should scare all of us | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (18 min)