If this is what winning looks like, I would hate to see loosing.

US trip for Elensky. ATACMS, $24B for Ukraine. Biden Cafe Milano. Kim Jong Un, peacemaker list. U/1 (33 min)


Blinken Hints Wants Ukr Conflict Freeze, Focus China; Shoigu: Victory Only Option; Attrition War (1:23min)

Syria’s Warning to America: Get Out Immediately and Cease Oil Robbery! (22 min)

Collective west refuses to admit Ukraine offensive has failed (30 min)

The Fall | General Armageddon Is Back And Ready For Action. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.09.15 (19 min)

Ukr Offensive Huge Losses

Ukr Offensive Huge Losses

Ursula, China cars in TATTERS. Russia NOT running out of weapons. Penn, melt Oscars for Elensky. U/1 (34 min)


Ukr Offensive Huge Losses, No Gains; Putin, Lukashenko Discuss Offensive; Demands in US Biden to Go (1:18 min)

The Fall | North Korean 300-600mm MLRS Game-Enders Are Coming In October. Military Summary 2023.9.14 (19 min)

Putin rejects negotiations

Putin rejects negotiations

Woody Harrelson DESTROYS Ukraine War Narrative! (7 min)

The Fall | Bloody Mess And Insane Carnage On Robotyne-Verbove Line. Military Summary For 2023.09.12

Putin Rejects Negotiations, Says Ukr 71K Casualties Failed Offensive; Vietnam Deal, Armenia Tilts US (1:11 min)

Ukraine’s Provocative Move: Demanding a ‘Game-Changing’ Weapon From Baerbock (20 min)

German deindustrialization accelerates (18 min)

Medvedev, EU spit in the face. Politico, Ukraine very corrupt. Biden kisses McCain memorial. U/1


China Story

China Story

So much for technocrats and long term planning.  Trump was right when he said everything woke turns to shit, but so does long term technocratic centralized planning. The law of unforeseen consequences or is it Murphy’s law?   Do you think AI will be any better.  It is the carnal mind on steroids. 

China miscounted its population, now the economy is in crisis | If You’re Listening (16 min)

Xi Jinping avoids Biden meeting. BRICS more important than G20 (16 min)

Shokin returns

Shokin returns

Drone hits Russia, Pskov airbase. 30km from Estonia. Tucker & Orban. Gabon coup? Macron panics. U/1 (43 min)

Shokin returns. Biden impeachment inquiry gains momentum (33 min)

Summer operation| The Ukrainians Need Another Army Corps To Take Verbove. Military Summary 2023.8.30 (21 min)


Killing Fields of Ukraine

Killing Fields of Ukraine

Greece, Tor-M1 to Ukraine. Niger, France leave. Putin, no G20. Annalena, washing machines chips. U/1 (42 min)

Col. MacGregor: “Ukraine has been turned into a CEMETARY, there’s no one left to fight” | Redacted (18 min)

Oil, food, trade and people; BRICS play long game (17 min)


George Soros Behind MASSIVE Ukrainian Propaganda Campaign! (32 min)

Biden Straight Up LYING To You About The Ukraine War! W/ Judge Napolitano (17 min)

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising


Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival


INSULTED! Biden Said THIS at Maui Massacre Site?!(28 min)


This is what I discovered:

Maui Fire: Governor Green signed a document 2 weeks prior in regards to removing historical building codes!!????
What was the purpose? Water turned off, schools closed, bills signed in advance…


From 17 July 2023 to Sept 15 2023
There are 60 days between these dates
Fire started on 8/ 8 /2023
22 days from 17 July 2023 to the start of the fire
17/ 7/ 2023 (digit sum =22) to 9 /15/ 2023 (digit sum=22)
The evening of Friday 15 September is Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and the release from all personal vows made in the name of God (Hatarat Nedarim).

BlackRock would like to thank you all and wish you a happy New Year and remind you that they are not bound by anything they promised.


Twenty-Two esrim v’shtayim (f) esrim v’shnayim (m) There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet; hence this encompasses the whole of the Word of God, the beginning and the end, the aleph and the tav, and the alpha and the omega. It also represents the LaShon HaKodesh (Holy Tongue). On the negative side, it can picture something wholly wicked as the doubling of eleven (disorganization, doing what is right in your own eyes, anti-christ). Likewise, 22 can picture something highly prophetic or something divined by sorcery. Either way, positive or negative, sacred or profane, it involves WORDS. Other positive meanings: totality, creation, life, and order. Other negative meanings: disorder, destruction or break down, missing components, distress, banishment.

Hebrew Numbers 11-30