Sky Heaters

Sky Heaters

A really good show by Mike. I have placed the links underneath.  At 14 mins Mike discusses an Australian document about weather modification.

Artificial Aurora and Ionospheric Heating by HAARP

Climate Global Control Trading

Enhancing the weather: Governance of weather modification activities in Australia

Mike is using Jim Lee’s website for some of his info:

Climate Viewer

Don’t forget the natural change

It is not just Geo-engineering, we are facing unprecedented natural changes as well. When two systems are competing chaos will ensue until one dominates and stability is reached.  Brace yourselves for climate mayhem. No show notes with these videos. Select watch on Youube if you want the notes.

Solar Watch, Cold Wave, Hunting Past Disasters | S0 News Mar.8.2022 (4 min)

Big Solar Storm Coming Soon? Ionosphere, Jet Shutdown | S0 News Mar.7.2022 (5 min)

Shocking Discovery, Pole Shift Hitting Ionosphere | S0 News Mar.6.2022 (5 min)