Limited Hangout

Limited Hangout

Listen to these right-hand Masons.  They are the good guys (lolz).   At least David Martin has lost the bow-tie and has some chin stubble.  Must have changed his PR firm.  Is Rand Paul a limited hangout?   Probably….as in look over there….Chyna and Fauci.   Do you honestly think that the military Industrial Complex is going to stop using bio-weapons?  Poking around in bat shit for deadly viruses.  Releasing ticks?  Jabbing people?  It is too profitable and too much fun. Look at the dumb sheep lining up because we made them afraid….look at the standing on dots and fighting about toilet paper.  We are doing the useless mouth breathers a favor putting them out of their misery.

Got to admit though that they are damn good.  They give you the bad guys and they give you the heroes.  Some of those heroes even promoted the vaccine.  Trump still thinks it is his gift to the world (lolz).

MUST WATCH: Dr. David Martin Interview — U.S. Gov. Is Coordinating A Depopulation Program Against The World (1:41)


Gates foundation funding (11 min)

CAUGHT: Pentagon Was Biggest Spreader Of Anti-Vaxx Disinformation! (30 min)

The Worst News Possible For Big Pharma! (7 min)

Tip of the Spear

Tip of the Spear

Over the last few years we have gradually accumulated a number of critical thinkers, researchers and specialists and weeded out the grifters and those who are compromised. This is a sifting process and the ones who are left have weathered the greatest psychological and biological onslaught in history.  Doctor McCairn has built a lab and is almost ready to start testing and gathering data including testing therapeutics and counter measures. The cages and telemetry are all wired up for running the experiments.



Hamsters have already been employed for Covid modelling but this allows complete independence in the testing of the vaccines and the therapeutics and live-time feed back to the community,

The video starts with our very own chemical and bio-warfare expert a former marine and military WMD instructor and Drastic member Charles Rixey, MA MBA (c) 🐭 and his substack Promethius shrugged and Critical thinker Iggy Semz with his substack Very Slow Thinking discussing Geopolitics and Putin’s ceasefire and peace proposal which were dismissed out of hand by NATO. Later they discuss the political and psychological motivation behind the desire to reintroduce military conscription. They are joined by DocKek at about @1:40 who has been atctive with medical and legal measures and has a DocKek Rumble channel and last but not least at about @ 1:57 Nick Petosky with his extraordinary research and archive on non-human primate disease and biowarfare, HIV and the Special Virus Cancer Program. Of course we must not forget to mention Dr Kevin McCairn the System Neuroscientist and his Dojo which has links to all his other platforms including WTYL. Dr McCairn discusses his lab work at about@ 2:13. We have a decent crew in the racoon bunker (even if they drive me crazy with their sperging) with varied life experiences and they provide a good aggregation of the data.

NATO Says Nyet With Charles Rixey, of Hamsters & Men (PRIONS From SARS)

During the stream Bette Korber is mentioned and the huge amount of computational force that has been thrown at understanding toxic epitopes.

Adam Finnegan is also mentioned, Adam streamed previously with Kevin on Stealth bio-warfare. Adam has also streamed with Nick:

“Understanding Biowarfare,” with AW Finnegan and Nick Petosky, april 11, 2024 (56 min)

This is fifth generation warfare and it is about to go hot. Your job is to inform as many people as you can. I have noticed that my reach on twitter has gone drastically down. We are talking to each other in self contained echo chambers.  Talk to people in real life. Let them know what is happening.  It is going to get worse. Prepare.

Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious

Now they tell you what we pointed out over three years ago.  However, this is an exercise in damage control and “cooling the mark” a term used by confidence tricksters to allow the victim to blow off steam and dissipate the anger at being conned.  Don’t let them. 

They are just throwing the dog a bone. Distracting you.  I am the science Fauci and Disease-Sack will not suffer any real consequences.  They participated in the murder and injury of millions as well as the destruction of the economy.  They will not be punished but will retire with fat pensions for a job well done.

This is not about two people (however despicable they are). This is about systemic corruption and failure.  It is about the medical industry being coopted by the military for bio-warfare purposes. It is about society being re-engineered by the corporations with their communitarian fascism.   Complete non-compliance and non-engagement is now essential.  Let it burn.


Former CDC Director Finally Admits Covid Vax Truth in 2024! (13 min)

Mainstream Media FINALLY Acknowledging The Obvious! (10 min)

Bio-warfare: WHO pulled the trigger?

Bio-warfare: WHO pulled the trigger?

Was it the USA or China or perhaps a supra-national entity operating within both countries.  Will we ever know?   Probably not.


This is scary…
Dr. Meryl Nass, a biowarfare expert, says Covid was likely made in a lab
“You know, maybe it was deliberate. That’s one thing you have to consider. But the other thing is you just look at the genome. There are so many different things that have been changed. There’s at least a dozen things in that genome that are very odd and that cause specific medical problems. So there are things in that genome that are there to impact your immune system and make it harder for you to fight off the infection. People knew when they created the vaccine, for instance, that the spike was very toxic. Why would you take the most toxic part of this virus and make a vaccine out of that part? You’d need to decrease the toxicity before you made the vaccine. But they didn’t. When Fauci had his phone call on February 1 with about a dozen virologists. It was mentioned that there were six different weird things in the genome. So on February one, 2020 these spooky virologists who have worked on biological warfare issues before, as well as other things, were aware of six things in the genome that had probably been added in a laboratory, and we’ve discovered more since then…If you acknowledge that to be true, and it’s been very well documented, there’s no question but that this was designed in the lab. And I’d posit that there’s a good chance that different parts of it were designed in different labs, and then those parts were put together. And since Ralph Baric and Shi Zhengli were sharing their, the humanized mouse model, they were sharing other things. It’s certainly possible that bits from both labs and there are other labs around the world. There are coronavirus labs in Australia, in Singapore and Taiwan, you know, and in Europe. I mean, they’re all over. So other ones in the United States as well. So there are many possibilities from where it could have come from. We know it’s been created in a lab. Did it leak or it was deliberately spread? And people say at first, well, it had to have been the Wuhan lab, because that’s where it showed up. But me having a background in biological warfare can tell you that you always are going to pick an organism so that it appears to be natural. So you’re going to if you’re want to spread it, you spread it in a place where the lab leak would appear. And you , if you are able, you use a strain that looks like a natural strain. But the people who made this were looking for a highly, highly virulent organism. And so they couldn’t make it look natural. They must have know that once scientists really got a hold of it, they’d figure out, you know.”
Source: Kim Iversen (YouTube)


Sub-stacks Galore

Sub-stacks Galore

I decided to add another tag called sub-stacks to promote the ones that are informative.

Yon Solitary Reaper



I have followed Yon Solitary who is an Indian lady living in Melbourne Australia through three nuked twitter accounts and found out that she now has a sub-stack which you can support. Not only is she razor sharp but her passion (and especially her compassion) shines through everything she does. The city of Melbourne in the State of Victoria suffered the longest lockdown in the world. It is utterly corrupt and the institutions including the universities are bought and paid for by Pharma. BioNTech and Moderna are the only companies in the world to deliver mRNA products to market and soon they will both call Victoria home (oh, joy). This is part of a 10-year partnership with the Australian government to produce mRNA vaccines locally. Do you understand now why all the deaths and injuries are hidden? Do you see it now? We are talking about billions of dollars investments in dual use technology. It is dual use technology because like nuclear power it can be used for good or bad. This is not just the start of a “medical revolution” (sic) but also of a bio-weapons arms race. Perhaps now you understand why the intelligence services are so busy gas-lighting you. You are in a war. This is fifth generation warfare.

The state of Victoria literally had a captive population on which to experiment. They could not care less if you bled out of every orifice. Look at the little girl who died of a vaginal hemorrhage. This is also the fifth industrial revolution. I told you three years ago that there were 230 “vaccines” (or better said gene therapies) in the development pipeline. The data that has been gleaned from this “pandemic” when processed by machine learning and A.I. will supposedly deliver cures and longevity (for some), at least that is what the techno-Gnostic (tanshumanists) suppose….but they are WRONG. Not only are they scientifically and medically mistaken, they are ethically retarded because the end NEVER justifies the means. Every tyrant and psychopath that ever existed used the same reasoning and the end was always a disaster and a living nightmare. And for all the medical staff and professors etc who aided and abetted this monstrous assault against humanity I say this… You are just useful idiots. When A.I. becomes fully functional, you and your children will be expendable and all your jobs will disappear along with any freedoms you had.  You are pathetic creatures who contributed to your own demise and to the untold misery of thousands. May you be cursed and consigned to everlasting darkness. Here are some links to the sub-stack and some important articles and interviews.

Visible Trouble


And here we have another sub-stack from a deep-thinker and Philosopher (no name, no pack drill) who offers us a glance beyond the veil into the “magic” that forms the alchemy of Gnostic-Hermeticism. Alchemy is about transformation turning base material into gold (metaphorically speaking) and these people are Wizards. They use spells (propaganda incessantly repeated) and sorcery (in the original Greek the word is Pharmakeia (which covers anything from medicine to poison). Notice that he has superimposed the Kabbalistic dialectic over the Seal of Truth or Seal of Solomon which is affiliated with John Dee. John Dee was an English mathematician, astronomer, teacher, astrologer, occultist, and alchemist. He was the court astronomer for, and advisor to, Elizabeth I, and spent much of his time on alchemy, divination, and Hermetic philosophy.


They are creating a new reality. “Reality no longer has anything to do with facts, logic, and Reason, reality is simply Power and the wielding of power…. The Great Man with the Will to Power, literally creates reality. The rest of us all just follow along”. Before you create a new reality you have to deconstruct the old one, as they believe that Order will emerge out of Chaos (Ordo ab Chao). The occultist are conjuring up the demiurge the letter Q (trust the plan) being the 17th letter and the basis of the intersectional space of the Vesica Piscus the shape that represented the “mega fish” of the 17th triangular number (153) and that became the symbol of Christianity (John 21:11). However, their “intersectionality” is based on an occultist application of the Critical Marxist dialectic to help our own personal demiurge emerge, thus creating a Vesica Piscus in our very own Gnostic Cosmos that encapsulates the female Sophia (wisdom) the illumination (knowledge) promised by the serpent that is the result of science and compliance.

This all sounds absurdly esoteric and it is, because only a small handful of initiates understand that this is a psychological experiment bending consciousness and reality to the will of the creature. This is a spiritual war couched in philosophical terms within an occult Gnostic framework that is ancient as “that old serpent the devil”. To paraphrase Yuval Harrari man can direct his own evolution now.

"Reality no longer has anything to do with facts, logic, and Reason, reality is simply Power and the wielding of power. The Great Man with the Will to Power, literally creates reality. The rest of us all just follow along..... Hegel and Nietzsche had a funny sort of morality and ethics. History has only and always been Master and Slave and the Great Man is Willed to Power over the weak sheep of Humanity. Allowing weak humans to choose, live in peace and harmony is weak assed Classical Liberal shit that holds humanity back from Becoming a Species-Being".

You make your own reality. The illusion of the binary opposites of communism and fascism is just that…an illusion because eventually they morph into the same monster.

The black seal is that of René Descartes who was a French philosopher that connected the previously separate fields of geometry and algebra into analytic geometry. “I think therefore I am” analyzing conscious and reality the teleos being singularity of thought. The second or red seal of Karl Marx who expresses the Dialectical Materialism and Socioeconomic Structure which is the alchemical Magnum Opus of Ideological capture. Basically kabbalistic-hermeticism disguised as class war to achieve the singularity of action (expressed as a collective will). The seal of Kant and his critique of pure reason expresses transcendental philosophy where man rises above his physical limitations in a singularity of purpose (pure will to power) man becomes a transhumanist ideal of a Species-Being achieving his destiny of becoming God. This is heavy stuff and I apologize if I have summed it up incorrectly. I did not understand what motte and bailey was (see the first and second seal legend) until it was pointed out to me to investigate the motte and bailey fallacy. The seals also have different colors for the left and right hand path (two wings of the same bird) and a clockwise orientation. I highly recommend that you start with some of the earlier posts and I also need to take time to red them all again and contemplate them again to absorb it properly. It is important to know your enemy and this is how they think.

Mycoplasma pneumoniae Bio-Warfare

Mycoplasma pneumoniae Bio-Warfare


Just watched this. Very good.  It will make your blood boil.  Did you know that they used genetic material from bacteria found around hot sea vents at 6,000 feet depth to make virons more heat resistant.  Or that Gulf War syndrome was linked to microplasma and vaccines.  The surge of Pneumonia in China….due to immune compromise? Towards the end of the video Kevin McKernan contributes.    Very informative and Rixey is a subject matter expert as well.

Mycoplasma pneumoniae For Bio-Warfare (With Charles Rixey) -3:01min

Convergent Bio-Warfare

Convergent Bio-Warfare

Highly Recommended

Charles Rixey is now in Japan and together with Kevin they are streaming from a Hotel room.  The video starts at about 25 minutes because after the intro and some audio difficulties (in fact  sporadic audio problems  throughout but I still recommended listening).  They knew that there would be protein misfolding. Protein misfolding and aggregation is the common cause and pathological mechanism of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), PD, and Huntington’s disease (HD) but it can also manifest in heart disease, kidney etc and as a cause of cancer.  This is why we have an increase in all cause mortality.  They are getting away with it because the symptoms are so varied and no one is connecting all the dots. Charles Rixey wrote a “meta survey” which was placed on Zenodo but then they removed it and cancelled his account but it is now back and I have also embedded it on my website here.

Greater than the Sum of its Parts – Aggregated Wuhan COVID-19 case data points to the wrong side of the Yangtze River
Charles H Rixey

More than 3 years have passed by since the COVID-19 pandemic was sparked by an outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the city of Wuhan, China sometime in late 2019; despite the scientific and geopolitical importance of understanding how the pandemic began, the question remains unanswered, in stark contrast to the earlier SARS & MERS outbreaks. Most of the focus in the origin debate has been centered upon the Huanan Seafood Market in Jianghan District, where the earliest known major cluster of cases emerged in early December 2020. As a result, a vast amount of published epidemiological research has been ignored and an inordinate amount of attention and weight has been given to the pre-2020 set of 174 COVID-19 cases described within the China Annex2 of the World Health Organization’s origin report published on March 31st, 2021. A careful analysis of the extant literature shows that the “official” final case statistics differ in their geospatial distribution by approximately 10,710 – a massive shift that artificially exaggerated the Huanan Market side of the Yangtze River, which separates the western side of Wuhan from the east, where the Wuhan Institute of Virology resides.


Your web browser doesn’t have a PDF Plug-in. Click to download Covid articles

Kevin and Charles discussed gathering all the material together and writing a book which I think is an excellent idea.

Streaming With Charles Rixey – War Escalation, Convergent Bio-Warfare (Protein Misfolding) -2:22 min