Australia Biosecurity Surveillance State

Australia Biosecurity Surveillance State


This is from Aware Australia formerly Awake Australia banned from twitter but now on telegram I believe.  Does very good investigative work exposing all the connections and also the “controlled opposition”.  This is the biggest psyop in history.

Jane Halton

Let me introduce you to Jane Halton one half of a “Canberra power couple” with her husband Trevor Sutton being Deputy Chief of the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics). She is well connected this snippet from Wikipedia:

She is a former senior Australian public servant. She was the head of the Department of Health between January 2002 and June 2014, and the head of the Department of Finance from 2014 to 2016. She joined the board of ANZ Bank in October 2016. She will commence as the Independent Chair of COTA Australia (Council on the Ageing) in December 2017. 


Her interest in banking, health and aging make her the ideal globalist and her degree in psychology the ideal manipulator.  She was the Australian representative at Event 201.


Connecting the Dots

These people are unaccountable and have numerous conflicts of interest.  For example Halton was appointed by Morrison to investigate the Quarantine Fiasco in Victoria Hotels which are owned by Crown Resorts of which she is a board member. Moreover the Chief Health Officer of Victoria is Brett Sutton. It is speculated that Trevor Sutton (the Husband of Jane) is his uncle. It seems that personal online information on Brett Sutton  has been sanitized but from what he said in an interview about the death of his father at 55 (death record searches etc) the possibility remains open that Brett and Trevor Sutton are related. If that is the case how can “Aunty Jane” offer an uncompromising verdict on the quarantine fiasco?  This is one big swamp.   

And what of her connection to Vault and Bio-security etc including ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation).  Strange how health links to banking and Intelligence agencies isn’t it?

If you still think this is about “health” and “vaccines” you better wake up damn quick. These people could not care less about your health.  They are an evil cabal.  So, after that quick introduction now to the video:

Quarantine Camps – Biosecurity Surveillance State

Take a look at the circus in parliament today. Welcome to the Biosecurity Surveillance State. No one is talking about Jane Halton affiliation with Vault.




UK Column News – 13th May 2020

UK Column News – 13th May 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

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Government able to label regular winter flu as CoronaVirus in future as it pleases…
New Joint Biosecurity Centre – meet centre head Tom Hurd (son of Douglas Hurd)
JBC has a vested interest in keeping the threat level high to maintain its existence
Douglas Hurd: fluent in Chinese & (along with Francis Maud) signed Maastricht Treaty
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Plymouth MP Johnny Mercer echoes government CV advice: advice becomes threat
Where is evidence for the benefit of social distancing and the two metre rule…?
Twitter: covert censorship on social media – Behavioural Insights team hard at work
The Lancet: monitoring BI related to CV – report links to World Health Organisation
32:57 – UK Column gets email from Australia on MainStream Media CV propaganda
China inspiring Italy…? Welcome to the New World Order…
Vanessa Beeley: children should not be deprived of censory contact
The minds of children are being damaged and depressed
Dutch dining alone…distancing in Germany with plastic head bubble
Mail Online: ‘bubble’ socialising could start from next month…
Public identify the danger of an unsubstantiated science label
40:35 – Genomics England commissioned to sequence whole genomes of CV patients
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