J’ accuse

J’ accuse

Extremely Important

You are test monkeys and they are coming for you.  Pay attention.

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Chemical & Biological Warfare From Ukraine

Chemical & Biological Warfare From Ukraine

This is the latest 2 hour stream embedded from the new platform (https://stream.wetalkyoulisten.com/)  which has streaming and chat.   We need to be as independent as possible.  I will probably mirror my website on the same platform.

Boxcast will soon be gone and so will all the embedded videos but they can be found on the Dojo which keeps the past episodes.  We have to be versatile and smart because they are going to clamp down on everything.

Latest Accusations Of Chemical & Biological Warfare From Ukraine

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Germ Games

Germ Games

Israel is practicing Covid Germ Games, Bill Gates is warning about the pox and the WHO is warning about Marberg virus.  They are opening Pandora’s box.   What the hell is wrong with people?  You will comply or you will die.  Everyone must worship the beast. Do you get it yet?    Well do you? 

This is what we are facing….remember this….Bill Gates is a figurehead.  It is the Bankers who are behind this. The Rothschild using Israel as their forward fire base and China and Russia as their golem.  These people are narcissistic psychopaths and they are EVIL.  You need to stand up and refuse…refuse…do not comply.  STAND UP. SPEAK TRUTH.   If you do nothing you are complicit.

Smallpox, Monkeypox and the Gates Agenda quickly explained (4 min)

Get Ready For Next ‘Pandemic’ – It Will Make The Current ‘Pandemic’ Look Like A Walk In The Park (32 min)

My video on US bioweapons lab in Georgia you get to via my playlist. I forgot an article on US bioweapons experimentation, which includes Marburg, but I have linked to it below, along with all other links. Should you want to donate, I would very much appreciate it. I have a PayPal account under smilinrocks@gmail.com Thank you very much, and please know your donation not only helps me, it helps me help others.

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Smallpox Vials “Accidently” Found In Big Pharma Lab After Bill Gates Threat (9 min)

This video comes with a language warning…but…at this point even a saint would swear

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