Checkmate Move

Checkmate Move

Putin’s EU-Eurasia checkmate move, connecting Caspian Sea and Black Sea (36 min)

Replacing Ukraine’s Dwindling Air Defenses & Kiev’s “Managed Retrogrades” in Donbass (19 min)

JP Morgan Predicts Oil at $380 A BARREL. Lithuania “Defeated”. EU loses 20 BILLION Euros in 2022 (24 min)

Ukraine Strikes Belgorod & Kursk Killing 5 CIVILIANS. Shoigu Declares LPR FULLY Liberated (7 min)

Ukraine update

Ukraine update

Russia focuses on Donbas ‘liberation’, troops move towards eastern region | WION (1:50)

Russia Fires Kalibr Missiles At Ukraine From Its Military Ship In Black Sea As War Intensifies (3 min)

Russian Military and Separatists Help Ukrainians To Evacuate From Besieged City of Mariupol (3 min)

Ukraine Russia War April 8th The Battle For Mariupol Is Heating Up SouthFront



Britannia waives the rules (McCairn2)

Britannia waives the rules (McCairn2)

Does Britannia rule the waves or does she waive the rules?  What happened to the rules based order?  Whose “rules”?   What about Internationale law?

One thing is certain and that is tensions are building up. Is it real or is it some grand political game to bring about their NWO?   I just can’t help but feel that we are being played all the time.  I keep an open mind.

What were the Brits thinking. Un-escorted ship trying to provoke Russia? A BBC reporter on the ship? Secret plans left at a bus stop? If this was a secret plan to make themselves look like incompetent idiots they succeed. Note the tensions ramping up with India….all provoked by the virus bio-weapon. See General Bakshi’s comments at the end.

Britannia waives the rules (22 mins)

General Bakshi is based

Here is the full interview with General Bakshi. General Bakshi is based -there is no guile WYSIWYG old school British military willing to give the Chinese a “bloody nose” he has been adopted by the raccoons as a mascot. Obviously loves his country (probably a Sikh) and hates all the virus “Jiggery Jaggery”. At one point he shouts “fight like men”. He rightly points out they have all been at it and calls for a global inspection regime. 

This is about 50 mins long. The video is funny but at the same time disturbing to find out what has been happening at the India-China border. Bakshi is a gent and a warrior of the old fashioned kind.  A dying breed. Calls it like he sees it.  Based.