Massive Brownout

Massive Brownout

Brownout in Ukraine (and we are not talking the color of Zelensky’s underpants as he sharts himself).

Putin Ultimatum: West Accepts No NATO, No Ukr Army, 4 Regions/Crimea Or Rus Imposes Kiev Surrender (1:21 min)

Nebenzya, prepare for Ukraine surrender. Elensky demands EU, NATO entry. IOC/EU prays to Saint Vovan (32 min)

Kharkov blackout. Russian military stretching the front lines (19 min)

Biden has destroyed Ukraine

Biden has destroyed Ukraine

Biden is a busy man.  It is a wonder that he finds time to destroy Ukraine between announcing Trans -visibility day and hunting for Oyster eggs.  I don’t know how he even finds time to lick his ice cream cones

Jeffrey Sachs: Biden Has DESTROYED Ukraine, More Funding Would Be INSANE (14 min)

The Bloom | Ukrainian Line is Collapsing | Encirclement Of Bilohorivka | Military Summary 2024.04.02 (27 min)


Israel Strikes Iran Generals; Kharkov Empties No Power; Rus Reaches Chasov Yar, Tonenka Breakthrough (1:20 min)

Airstrike Iran consulate, WCKitchen. Drone reaches Tatarstan. Kharkov exodus. Siege of Crimea begins (32 min)

Israel and America Are at War with Iran, Russia and China (7 min)

Russia issues ultimatum to Ukraine (26 min)

USA doing business in China while stopping its Allies from Trading with China (12 min)

Cyber Pandemic

Cyber Pandemic

As promised the interview with Jim Lee on the Quite Frankly show.  Frank writes:

"Jim Lee is our guest, a network security specialist, hacker, and a top tier researcher/archivist on the topics of Geo-Engineering and Technocratic Full Spectrum Dominance. Tonight the subject is Cyber Pandemics, as we have recently been warned by the same old cast of characters that a Cyber Pandemic will hit and it will be so catastrophic that COVID-19 will be made to look like a minor inconvenience. Is it an empty threat or is it already in the works? This one was heavy, but good to the last drop!"

Jim Lee talks about the 5 eyes and the 14 eyes but he does not mention Israel which is probably the second “eye” in the world (with Bibi mentioning that they are a cyber power or more probably THE cyber power).   Microsoft Intel is now in Israel and they have back-doors into every chip.  At about 33 minutes the video refers to hacking by China …….but (obviously) not (never) hacking by Israel.  China is a front, a Golem creation just like Russia. As we said before, Israel is the Rothschild forward fire base.  Everything goes from and through  Israel-Rothschild.  I find it curious that Jim Lee does not mention Israel in the discussion about the “eyes” although he does mention (at about 55 mins) the Stuxnet virus which was an Israeli creation (covid is also their real world virus creation).   Interestingly, Jim Lee mentions China calling the West; The five eyes and axis of white supremacy. That seems like a very “woke” (Jewish Cultural Marxist) thing for China to say (lol).



I have skipped straight to Frank’s introduction just before the interview with Jim Lee.



Solar Storm

Solar Storm

It seems that solar storms are cyclical and the next one is due in 2022-23.  We have these storms about every 30-40 years and have managed to survive them but this time we have a weakened magnetic field. Our protective magnetic shield continues to diminish. This allows much more cosmic radiation to fall on earth and if we get a CME or micro-nova it will make the damage much worse.  So many things seem to be converging in the next few years.  Interesting. I think I may have already posted this video. No matter…it is very important.

Major Solar Storm Due This Cycle | S0 News Mar.14.2021


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