Planned Destruction

Planned Destruction

UK double digit inflation, long and sharp recession (12 min)

Real world consequences of economic and social collapse

Note how Alexander mentions street fights and fights in restaurants in London….   The long term effects of covid and the vaccines can induce aggression and impulse control as it crosses the blood brain barrier. Dr Kevin McCairn warned about “Covid Zombies” nearly a year and a half ago. Add to this mix economic stress and media propaganda promoting division,drugs etc and you have the perfect powder keg. The bankers are behind this. It will get worse. A lot worse. Be careful out there and stay away from that jab.

The Mercedes coupe literally went straight through the Jag as it was going so fast, Sadly a whole family including an 8 1/2 month pregnant woman and 1 yr old baby died at that moment.


‘I See the Future and It’s Hell on Earth,’ Warns Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente (30 min)

"This time, there will be no getaway plan [for investors]," warns trends forecaster and publisher of the popular Trends Journal, Gerald Celente. The crisis that we are facing now is unprecedented and he believes, " we are in a "new world disorder." he tells our Daniela Cambone. Gerald warns, "When all else fails they take you to war, and this economy has failed." He says, "Gold prices should have been skyrocketing the last three years," but financial institutions are stifling the price. "Gold prices should be $2,500 an ounce, they're rigging the precious metals market," he concludes.
  • 00:00 Have we reached the peak of inflation?
  • 03:59 Why stop the money printing?
  • 7:41 Nancy Pelosi’s husband accused of insider trading
  • 8:58 Repercussions of Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan
  • 17:03 How is Gerald protecting himself in this environment?
  • 18:59 Why isn’t the price of gold much higher?
  • 24:30 Threat of nuclear war has been raised

The Road to Ruin

The Road to Ruin

Inflation in Turkey SKYROCKETS. Bank Of England RAISES Interest Rates. ANOTHER Conflict Flares Up (5 min)

MELT-DOWN Or MELT-UP? The Economy Continues To Crater FASTER! Expect Stocks To Gain. Mannarino (11 min)


Bank of England increase rates

Bank of England increase rates

I often  feature Joe Blogs’ economic  reports and he has recently taken to reporting the collapse and de-industrialization of the Russian economy.  It seems to me that he is probably pushing propaganda as he is from the city and probably an intelligence asset.  He says nothing about the industrialization of the US.

Common sense tells me that a commodities backed (gold/oil)  Rouble from a country that grows its own food, has fertilizer, its own banking system and abundant energy is going to do OK eventually.  Me thinks that Blogs is projecting.  Do a report on the real economy and real inflation in the US and UK.

Bank of England increase interest rates after warning of recession (8 min)

UK Column News – 25th September 2020

UK Column News – 25th September 2020

0:44 Conflict of interests
Patrick Vallance has 6k shareholding in vaccines
4:20 Big Pharma advising government
They are all compromised
Imperial college and Welcome Trust
funded (or connected) to the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation
Sir Patrick Vallance CSO former head of GSK
Chris Whitty CMO board member of Gates funded CEPI vaccine coalition
Kate Bingham on board of DDF investment
9:02 T Cells Immunity
We already have herd immunity
11:52 Matt Hancock- THEY ADMIT
Government strategy all about vaccines
12:59 Conversation in the United States
Dr Scott Atlas head of CoronaVirus task force
There is T Cell immunity
15:05 Believe the science
16:52 Nest of Vipers….Chris Whitty
18:15 NHS app -track and trace
21:46 The contact tracing app is not mandated (yet)
mixed messages
23:17 Rishi Sunak
Chancellor of the exchequer
Job support scheme from November
Only 22% paid by gov
Institute for Government
Only save some jobs
27:29 Mark Carney former Governor BOE
If you are on the wrong side you will go bankrupt
No credit extended
29:42 2 Trillion debt
100% of GDP
33:00 Students lockdown for Xmas
37:33 Updated infection fatality -survial rates for Covid19.
39:42 90% of Coronavirus tests are not fale positives
41:40 false Positives
Prof Carl Heneghan – false positives could be as high as 50%
42:45 Are they right? Yes…but…(ha, ha)
Being disingenuous
47:39 Hospital admissions
51:27 When is covid Covid?
54:24 Boris Johnson

Two minute out takes for Twitter

UK Column News – 7th August 2020

UK Column News – 7th August 2020


Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s UK Column News.

START – BBC: this is what CoronaVirus will do to our offices and homes
BBC article – a distopian view of the future that has been planned for us…?
Covid-19: the forever bug – a bug with no end…
H.G.Wells (and the BBC) – The Shape of Things to Come
11:02 – Australian authoritarian lockdown: Victoria declares ‘state of disaster’
Mandatory curfew and muzzles (masks), 1 hour daily exercise, no visits to friends…
Australian Defence Force door-knocking anyone supposed to be isolating
Pre-crime: Victoria police arrest rally organisers ahead of protest
Sky News Australia: Covid-19 ‘denier’ arrested in Melbourne
Show me your papers…Australia has moved into full-tilt fascism
The psychological operation continues on the public – fear is driving this
26:12 – T-cell immunity testing is far more important than the antibody measure
Cases and testing: faith in quick test leads to epidemic that wasn’t…
Valneva vaccine: Britain to invest £10 million and agrees to buy 60 million doses
Vaccine approval: does it matter…?
Meet Dr Amir Khan – ‘medical expert’
Khan: men can take women’s birth control pill to protect against Covid
Video was almost immediately pulled from the internet…
40:30 – UK Column summer break details
Economy: Bank of England releases Monetary Policy Report
Consumer confidence has picked up slightly…but remains very subdued
BoE: important that we move forward and not keep people in unproductive jobs
The real agenda: non carbon-neutral companies will be bankrupted
Twitter: new labels for government and state-affiliated media accounts
The double-standard: Twitter’s new labels only apply to some accounts…
Twitter: the new arbiter of ‘truth’…? The real targets are China and Russia
The greatest producers of world propaganda are the UK and the USA
54:36 – PlymouthLive: TV licence bailiffs threat for pensioners who don’t pay up
56:03 – Christopher Steele: ex-spy says more must be done to stop Russian interference
Steele’s hypocrisy: he was doing the very thing he accuses Russia of…



Global Reset

A speech from BOE governor Mark Carney









Analysis of a very important speech by the governor of the bank of England Mark Carney and an introduction to Dear Leader.


















New World OrderPDF download


Three  analytical articles on the China trade war: