Regime change

Regime change

Things are bad in the West but at we can always fall back on chaos, panic and stalemate (lolz). Keep poking the bear and keep shooting yourself in the foot. Putin is wrecking the globalist Neo-liberal world order and showing up our leaders for the incompetent, hypocritical clowns they are.  Does that make me a Putin fan?   No, there are only bad guys and worse guys. We can see a multi-polar world emerging before our eyes.

Boris, Petkov, Draghi. Regime change in the Collective West w/iEarlGrey (1:46)

Putin just told us EXACTLY what he’s about to do in, listen | Redacted with Clayton Morris (21 min)

Putin signs $40 BILLION Deal With Iran. Germany To Spend €10 BILLION To Bail Out Uniper – WalknTalk (21 min)

Nord Stream Resumes Operation. Lavrov Announces EXPANSION of Operation – Inside Russia Report (18 min)

Russian Ops in Ukraine (July 21, 2022) – Pentagon Prefers Fiction Over Facts (30 min)

Goodbye Boris

Goodbye Boris

Bye, bye Boris…don’t let the door hit your *** on the way out (lolz)

Russia Continues Advance in Donbass, Boris Johnson Falls in London (37 min)

Ukrainians Are Being Used by NATO | the Ongoing Proxy War (6 min)

London has Fallen

London has Fallen

Heavy Defeat for Ukraine

Heavy Defeat for Ukraine

Heavy Defeat for Ukraine as Russia Captures Severodonetsk, Hold East Bank of Seversky Donetsk River (23 min)

Boris Johnson loses conservative heartland. Macron faces lame duck presidency (25 min)

MEP demolishes the EU over Ukraine LIES (2 min)

Is the West BLACKBALLING Russia? (3 min)

RUSSIA DEFAULTS ON DEBT For First Time Since 1917. DISASTER For Russian Reputation & Future Debt.(22 min)

Have  not watched this yet but all of Russia’s assets placed in Western accounts were stolen.

Boris clown runs to Ukraine

Boris clown runs to Ukraine

Both videos recommended

Boris who is trying to be a Churchill Clone (clown) runs to Kiev to give Zelensky a book (lolz).  It would be funny if it were not so tragic.  

Afraid of facing UK voters, Boris Johnson runs away to Kiev (14 min)

An utter clown show.  We told you so. You cannot win a war with propaganda.  Constantly telling the world that you are winning when you are losing will eventually blow up in your face and giving Zelensky a book about the queen won’t stop it.

Ukraine Reveals “Victory Plan” (11 min)

Young And Free

Young and Free

Young and free?   You are still a prison colony and you are not girt by sea but by idiots.


Warp Speed Vaccine

Warp Speed Vaccine

The warp speed vaccine fills me with confidence.  I mean, it is based on a futuristic sci-fi Star Trek, so it must be good.

What’s not to like?  Made at breakneck speed and there are multiple types to chose from.  Shall I have the Oxford vaccine (Astra Zeneca) made from chimpanzee saliva (the warp speed monkey snot vaccine) or the Moderna  (=Mod RNA) which permanently changes my genome…or should I go with Pfizer’s Frankenstein version?   I am giddy with anticipation. We desperately need a vaccine against a deadly virus with a 99.86% survival rate.

Adverse reactions?

Adverse reactions?  bah, humbug.

All those anti-vaxxers are unscientific (lol)

Your web browser doesn’t have a PDF Plug-in. Click to download Covid articles

Evidence that the Vaccine does not work

Boris has already been in hospital with Covid (supposedly) on the brink of death (lol) now he is isolating again even though he is “bursting with antibodies”.  That is how stupid they think we are. Meanwhile Hangcock is conspiring with Blofeld.




And in case you were thinking this is all conspiracy theory, here we have blackface himself…..or should I call him greenface now?



UK Column News – 28th September 2020

UK Column News – 28th September 2020

0:00 Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill
The government passes a law that allows itself to commit crimes
They can lie and deceive with impunity
Total breakdown of law and order
5:50 Trafalgar square protest
Brutal police behavior
11:27 Police take the knee for BLM
13:00 Peaceful protest then riot police
15:00 The protest was approved
A second group of police arrived
16:00 The police were hyped…drugged? Bulging eyes.
18:00 Two different styles of policing
19:00 Mayor of London Website
Sadiq Kahn
Sophie Linden
Cressida Dick
23:00 Sir Robert Peel
Founder of the police
25:30 Emergency corona virus legislation
about to go back to parliament for renewal
25:53 Arrest of Dr Heiko Schoning
28:00 Economic reset
30:00 Police and army on the streets
Door to door to root out asymptomatic carriers
32:00 Legislation Coronavirus restrictions
34:00 Self Isolation Rules and fines
but the app does not work and is not required
36:30 Matt Hancock
More lies
36:50 Pritti Patel
More threats from another traitor
37:12 Police start Home checks
38:00 Run by psychos and criminals
Francis Hoar
False imprisonment
Infringement of human rights
39:50 They murdered the elderly
42:30 Boris video speech to the UN
donates 570m GBP to Covax for third world vaccinations
44:48 Seth Berkley CEO GAVI
46:22 Cochrane library
Vaccines don’t prevent flu
48:06 suicide COD Covid
48:31 Ipsos MORI poll
49:38 40 Tory back-benchers rebel
50:15 Northern Exposure
52:31 CDC figures correction
2nd column was a ratio therefore no %
52:45 10 NHS track and trace
10 million downloads (77 million phones)
Businesses with QR codes
54:22 Vernon Coleman and the BBC
56:00 Glasgow Uni prison
57:16 New political Parties


Would You Trust these People with Your Life?

Brilliant video from Dr. Vernon Coleman…..everyone should watch… will be shocked

The Great Reset

The Great Reset

Two of the videos that follow are about 2-3 months old. They are really worth watching in full. Often these type of videos do not age well but I want you to watch what they are saying and you will see that they were right. They were already warning  back then (as was this website). Watching these videos is not a waste of time – they will really open your eyes to the evil that we are facing.  They were correct. In Victoria and even in the UK they are talking about extending the state of emergency.  In case you had not realized it your democracy is effectively over.   Pretending otherwise or ignoring it will not make it go away.  The beast system is emerging.


Israeli News Live- The Master Plan

This is a Christian website that I recently discovered. Apparently they were censored off YouTube for a while but they are back.  This is worth a view  (whether you are religious or not) because it shows the connections between Moderna and the Gates Foundation and other companies like GSK and the type of “enhancement” they want to achieve. This is the integration between man and AI. 

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a more recent video and also truly must watch. Dr Vernon says he would rather die than take their experimental vaccine.  He warns about the dangers. I have backed this video up in case it gets removed. 


Good Reads

Boris the Eugenicist

CODENAME: Operation Virus Identification 2019; the Elitist Plan to Remake Society



Slaves and souls of men

Slaves and souls of men

Slaves and souls of men is a phrase from Rev 18:13 which is about the fall of Babylon and the Great Harlot.  In our commentary on the Apocalypse (PRITA) we demonstrated that we are dealing with repeat patterns.  Babylonian Jews supported the Kochba revolt in 132-135. and it was in Babylon that the Talmud was written.  Judea was the center of a vast trading empire  with the temple acting as a Central bank and mint (before 70). Kochba attempt to restore the temple and independence.  Therefore Jerusalem metaphorically  becomes Babylon the Great.  She fell in 70 and again in 135.

Fast forward to the present.  Jerusalem (Babylon) is at the center of a vast web of criminality, extortion and seduction.  Pedophilia and child sex trafficking lie at the root of the “comprimat” obtained on the rich and powerful. It can be said that in her (Babylon) are found slaves (sex slaves) and the souls of men (whose souls=lives are owned through blackmail).  Like in the past she is supported by vast sums of money from outside the land (mostly from the US).  Thus Babylon has gone global.   The Great Whore controls the Global beast system.

Goyim Slaves

Gentiles only serve to function as Jewish slaves. They are less than human and are considered cattle. Therefore it doesn’t matter whether you lie to them, steal from them or even kill them. The next video is the kind that you find online and it reflects a growing feeling of frustration. You must judge for yourself whether it is “antisemitic” or not.

Seducing and compromising

They have seduced and compromised everyone.  Listen to this short podcast based on the work done by Whitney Webb. Rosenstiel (left) Epstein (Middle) Cohn (left).  The name Cohn suggests his ancestors were priests (lol).  What this podcast demonstrates is that the roots of sexual blackmail goes way back.  Also, although Cohn is now dead from aids he was a mentor to Trump.  These people are sick and psychopathic.  They helped completely corrupt the West which is why all your political leaders have betrayed you (warning contains course language).

The problem is that homosexuality and adultery can no longer be used for blackmail.  So effective has Jewish indoctrination (cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt school) been that people just shrug their shoulders and say…so what?   Therefore they had to up the ante. The only way to do this is to introduce the delights of pedophilia but how long before even that fails to shock?  We have become so jaded. Peak corruption has been reached.  God is about to clean house. Rest assured.

Antisemitic or just truthful?

Of course  the term “antisemitic” has been weaponized and it is best  to ignore it completely.  Let the facts speak for themselves.  There are of course good and bad Jews just as with any nation but Judaism and its nationalist counterpart Zionism has utterly corrupted the psyche of the nation.   They are both genocidal supremacist ideologies. It is true that their influence is found everywhere.

Who can make war against the beast?

Whenever Jews gained the upper-hand it has manifested itself in death and oppression.  They are attempting to build a new world based on lies and deceit. Within this paradigm they have seduced the world telling the goy elite that they can become “gods” with the application of Artificial Intelligence and data (tree of knowledge).  This is what they believe their technology will do. They always tell you in advance. It is a form of mocking to show their superiority…..but we see you (Jewish cartoon & Hollywood movie):

In the words of Richard Seed (bad seed) the physicist and cloning scientist (now 92) you better not get in his way.  He will become a “god” (if he doesn’t die first):


The Devil’s Retirement Plan

But don’t worry, the devil has a retirement plan.  The only problem is that you don’t fit in with his plan.  Watch bro Nathaniel the Jewish convert to orthodox Christianity lay into his fellow Jews:

This is Know More News. It is a long video (over 2hrs) and disturbing but it does expose the double standards  and the desire to destroy and “replace” White Europeans and their culture. They especially hate Christianity.