Another cohencidence?

Another cohencidence?

Every. Single. Time.

Is becoming a meme (because it is true).


If you can stomach it (I couldn’t) you can watch nearly three hours of the Jewish Lex Fridman interview the Jewish Yuval Noah Harari on the Jewish owned YouTube funded by the Jewish Blackrock tell you why you are an antisemitic conspiracy theorist (lolz).  Dayz of Noah did a good deconstruction of the highlights.

Yuval Noah Harari: Human Nature, Intelligence, Power, and Conspiracies | Lex Fridman Podcast #390 (2:44 min)

Harari better have a word with his fellow Jew Brother Nathaniel.    Is this just a set-up to get the Jews to flee back to Israel?  Who knows?  Whether we are being duped or not, whatever happens it is God’s will.

Brother Nathanael: There are NO good Jews

NATO Child Soldiers?

NATO Child Soldiers?

Another nearly four hour stream covering geopolitics and the ongoing bio-warfare. Make no mistake you are at war and it is going to get worse.  In fact they need to escalate in Ukraine in order to cover their crimes.  Ukraine is now dragging 16 year old children onto the front line. Dr McCairn analyzes the conversation between colonel MacGregor and  Judge Napolitano. At one point MacGregor  says that the war has made Russia stronger.  It is having the opposite effect that the neocons envisaged…or perhaps not…perhaps the Jewish neocons want failure. Kevin also plays this video by Brother Nathanael. Now we know he is Jewish and probably controlled opposition but what he says is true.

America’s Ukraine Screwup by Brother Nathanael

Kevin also shows a clip which looks like chemical warfare (sarin?) or is it Russian Agitprop?

Drone ‘EXPLODES IN THE AIR’ Near Moscow. Russia Moves On Seversk. Ukraine Using CHEMICAL Weapons(18 min)

Kevin invites Charles Rixey the ex-marine onto the show to discuss the chemical warfare clip and the direction where this is all headed. This is not over, they are about to escalate on all fronts to cover their misdeeds. Jonathan Couey has abandoned Charles. Personally I have no reason to doubt Charles’ integrity and commitment.  He lost family members and lost his home and is determined to take the fight to their door.   He is obsessed with getting justice and does not want to see evil triumph. I can respect that.

NATO Child Soldiers? Shaheeds, WEF Pandemic Accounting (3:42)

Brother Nathaniel Predictions

Brother Nathanael Predictions

I know that he is controlled opposition ex-Chabad, ex-Jew, Putin lover…but he is funny. Classic lines such as (Lolz, lolz…) Gomorrah-Lago and Jew butt congress Trump the fag lover and his anal fudgers (lolz)….   Do you like your Jew World Order?


Zelensky Clown

Zelensky Clown

The guy is a clown but not a funny one. Probably Penny the clown out of Stephen King’s IT. Ukraine is a mess and people are being lied to.  The Brother Nathanael video is funny. Always remember that he is ex-Chabad(?) ex-Jew(?) Orthodox priest(?) who loves Putin and wants succession.  But what he says is true.  We are being monumentally played by both sides. Are ye not entertained?

The Zelensky Show

Antisemite Of The Year

Antisemite Of The Year

I thought we could do with a laugh.  Nothing like ex(?)-Chabad, (ex?)-Jew, converted (?) to Christian Orthodoxy Putin lover and succession pushing self-hating Jew.  I would like to think he is genuine but I doubt it….however…what he says is often true (and funny).


Brother Nathanael – Antisemite Of The Year! DEC.17.2022

They all expose themselves

They all expose themselves

Brother Nathanael is a Jew who is now a “Greek Orthodox Priest” (supposedly) but he was formerly Chabad.  He has been kicked off YouTube for being antisemitic (a self hating Jew).

I think he is funny but I also think he is controlled opposition. His agenda is getting more obvious.  He is a big Putin supporter and he wants America to split with the succession of the Red States.  A great game is being played by the bankers.

Christian Zionist Jews vs. Globo homo Jews.  Both sides funded by the bankers.  Highly connected Chabad Jews in Russia (to Putin) and highly connected Chabad Jews connected to both Biden and Trump.  I need more popcorn. Are ye not entertained?

The American Boob

The Riddle Of Jewish Success…Spiked! by Brother Nathanael


And here is another highly connected (right-wing) Chabad Jew who recently apologized for his vaccine stance but as Kev pointed out you can almost see him smirking.


And now he has teamed up with Jordan Peterson and they have talked to the corrupt Nutty Yahoo.  I would really like to watch this but no way am I paying money to do so.  In the end they all expose themselves.  These are the “right-wing”  Christian Zionists who are going to save us from globo homo and usher in Noahide Laws.  A pox on both your houses. Do not trust any of them.

The State of the World with Benjamin Netanyahu, Ben Shapiro, and @Jordan B Peterson (2 min)

Full program:

Ben Shapiro Anoints Himself Pope Of The Jews (12 min)



An anti-Semitic rant by  “brother” Nathanael a “self-hating” Jew who used to be Chabad before he “converted”….he is a big Putin fan and wants conservative states to split from the USA.   Enjoy the theater Lolz).

Have a laugh

Have a laugh

We have to end the year with a laugh and I thought this was funny.  I put this article under the tag “anti-Semite”  because Brother Nathanael is a Jewish convert to the Greek Orthodox church.  His channel was removed from YouTube because he is a “self-hating” Jew.

I simply put this video up because it makes me laugh. I  do not think that Trump is going to save the world and I can definitely tell you that Biden is utterly corrupt. Once again it is choosing the lesser of two evils.   We are being massively played. We have been sent a strong delusion.

America Without Trump